Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Cross Train at the Y

Went to the Y a bit late because of work, but had a good workout. Did some weights, abs, stretching and the bike for some cardio. Felt good on the bike and really stretched out my legs.

When I was on the bike, Deena, one of the trainers at the Y came by and we chatted. She broke her wrist really bad last year in a mt. bike accident. She was training for the X-terra triathalon. She says she is just now ready to start running again and is forbidden from biking till her wrist is stronger. Anyway I talked to her about maybe running with the group and training for Bolder Boulder in 8 weeks. She seemed interested but needs to get in shape to stay up with our group. We talked about my calf problems and my history. She suggested stretching the plantar faciatis more with tennis ball rolling and picking up stuff with your toes.

Calf feels good, it's healing quick. I think I'm ready for 7 easy tomorrow. No middle 3 for sure. Weather should be better.

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