Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Yo Yo Yoga

Ran to middle of Cheesman Park and back (3.3 Miles) and then went straight into Yoga class for an hour right after.

I took the last 3 days off running mainly to recover from my cold but also to rest my legs from the slacker half on Saturday. Also had a massage yesterday. Cold hit me hard for a couple of days but I'm on the mend now and I never got to that deep cough stage so should bounce back quick.

I ran with Tom and Bob today, it was hot and sunny, they went on as I turned back, a pretty good pace. On the way back on the downhill I could feel it in my quads from slacker downhills, tight and tired.

Went straight to yoga class, class had just started, the room was full and I was sweating like a dog, so I grabbed a spot up front away from everyone. I was sweating pretty good, dripping and sure I didn't smell to good either. That room is warm anyway. Should have grabbed a towel and had a water bottle though. Good class, we did a lot of leg poses and bends and detox poses. Susan just came back from a "wild vacation" with her "crazy" sister, so we detoxed a lot. Which I figured was good for my cold too. I imagined sweating away the cold toxins and medication I've been taking. My legs were trembling in a few poses where the hips and quads were stressed, but good for me.

3.3 Miles and 1 hour of Sweat Yoga.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Slacker Half Marathon - 1:36:19

Ran the Slacker Half Marathon today 1:36:19. Nowhere near my sub 1:30 goal for Slacker this year.

What I thought were allergies on Friday turned out to be a cold, it got worse as the day went on with a sore throat and a lot of congestion. Woke up Saturday for the race and I was sick. If not for Zach I would have just bagged the race and gone back to bed. So I decided to run with Zach at his pace and see how long I could go. We were thinking 8 min miles but ended up closer to 7:20, he's in good shape and did not fade like I thought he might. He kicked it at 12.5 and I couldn't keep up so he beat me by about 30 seconds. I was fatigued.

But it was a fun experience with Zach, great weather and he loved the course and the post race activities. I'm disappointed I missed my chance for sub 1:30 half, and probably no chance of it again this year, but happy to have another race with Zach and the fun day running and hanging out together.

Garmin Watch Data for Race

Slacker 1/2 Marathon Results

As I said above, I woke up sick, forced myself out and got Zach up for the race. We left the house about 5:45 - Race started at 8 with a bus ride to the start from Georgetown. For future reference, should have left earlier because it took a while to park at Georgetown and the bus lines were long about a 15 Minute wait. We saw Belvin and his wife, one of Zach's coaches in the bus line. Then saw Survil and his friend as we waited for the buses. We had about a 15 minute wait. The race organizer got on our bus before it left and said the porta-pottis were delivered to the wrong location and it was a "50 yard" walk from the start, closer to 500 yards. Took 10 minutes to walk to the bathroom from the start area. Other than that, well organized with a bag drop. Blue Skies and temps around 60, so we dropped everything in our bag drop and run in singlets. Good thing cause it got hot later.
We got in line for the race about 50 rows back. The sun was hot on us waiting for the start, they had a 15 mintue delay to get everyone there with the buses.

Start - Mile 5
Slow Start and rough with the parking lot and road there at Loveland, narrow in spots. We had to pick our way around a bit to get up to an 8 minute mile. Ran that first little hill easy, Zach too despite the altitude for him, we harldy noticed a bit. When we got to the top I told him it rolls from here. I was having trouble breathing a bit when we picked up the pace as we started downhill. The road was smooth and easy to navigate around runners. We got into a good pace.
Ran the first Mile in 8:10 with the slow start and the hill, then around 7:30 for the rest of the dirt section of the first 5 miles. Zach really liked this section. Pine Trees, Mountain Smell, Sunshine and shade, streams. We passed Blevin and his wife about mile 3. They started ahead of us and were going just a bit slower. They are training for St. George and running her pace, Blevin was just getting over a cold, I told him I just caught one.

We got to the flat part of the trail and the sun was out and it was getting hot. I told Zach the hill was coming up on the road and it would be hot.

Silver Plume Miles 5-10
We started up the frontage road on the only major hill, about a 1/2 mile easy climb but at 9,800 feet. It's a grind hill, the sun was beating on us. But we ran it pretty well, we passed quite a few runners and there were some walkers. When we got to the top, it was a nice relief to be running down again. We got into a good pace, closer to 7 minute miles. I was feeling some fatigue from my cold and not breathing right, but Zach was running strong and showed no signs of fading and I wanted to stay with him. We had a Gu at mile 6 and a good hydration there, that gave us a boost. I was telling Zach about running the apex of the curves and how Georgetown to Idaho Springs was a lot of this. It was hot, but there was an occasional cloud that cooled things off quick. A beautiful morning for a run in the Rockies, Zach and I were eating it up.
You cross under I-70 and there you are headed toward Silver Plume. This section if flat, sunny and seems to last forever. A relay exchange at mile 9 just as you get there. Finally you get to the bike path which is next to the railroad, a bit of uphill and then fast downhill. The bike path always gives me a home stretch boost.

Georgetown Miles 11-Finish
Great views on the Bike Path of Clear Creek crashing down the canyon and the railroad, some clouds to cool us off and fast downhill. We took another GU at the water stop just past mile 10 in the rest area parking lot. Hydrated well here and then picked it up for then next 2 miles down to Georgetown. Ran sub-7 Pace. My cold induced fatigue and short breathing were gone, we felt good on this section and passed a lot of runners that were fading. Ran through the switchbacks fast and then onto the road by the railroad station. Very nice. Then we got to the flat part of Georgetown with a mile to go. I told Zach we might be able to shave a few seconds off his PR of 1:36 but we'd have to push it. The flats hit me hard, fatigue came back and my legs were dead, reminded me of Boston the last 6 miles. At mile 12, Zach poured water on his head and started to pull away from me, I wanted to stay with him but didn't have it. He kicked hard the last half mile and really pulled away. He finished in 1:35:48 (a PR by 13 seconds) and I finished in 1:36:18. 6 Places behind him. We hugged at the finish and had a Popsicle.

Post Race
Slacker has one of the best and my favorite post race activities. Popcicles, hot dogs, soda's, Gatorade, goody bags, finishers medals, tech shirts with a cool logo, Beer Garden, raffles, puppies, all in the middle of downtown Georgetown a cool little mountain town. Zach really enjoyed it too, he didn't want to leave. Saw Susan C there, she ran the 4 mile and won a loaf of bread from the Silverplume bakery. I had a beer with Blevin and his wife and talked about the race and their training for St. George. Zach was eating it up, he did not want to leave. We dipped our feet in the cold mountain stream that runs through Georgetown, hung around for the raffle and post race awards. Zach got 5th in his age group, no award, but he did really well considering he did not really train for a half marathon and did no distance work.

We caught the shuttle back to the car and drove home and got home around 1:30. I hit the shower and the bed. I was sick as a dog but glad I had done the race. Disappointed in that I did not hit my sub 1:30 goal or did not even get a shot at it, but happy that I could push through and run what I did with Zach.
Thanks Zach for a great day running and a fun race.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Congress Park 5

Ran the congress park route at lunch today.

Ran with Bob, Jeff and Craig M.

Easy pace, it was hot. Nobody really wanted to push the pace or go more than 5 miles. The pool was busy, it was hot, upper 80's.

My allergies really flared up today, I am so congested in my sinuses.

5 Miles 42 Minutes

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

EHS Track 4X400, 3X300

Ran a lighter interval workout at the EHS track today.

4X400 79,8179,79 with a 200 recovery

3X300 61,59,60 with a 200 recovery

We had a big group at the track today. Even Caprera, Jeff and Carlos were out there today. Caprera did his first real track work in a while. Matt showed up as a warm up for his night time track group. Scott did a lap tapering for his big race. Craig and Tom running 400's pushing each other. Not bad for a hot day (85). The new track inspired more people to show up I'm sure. Craig C was the key keeper today. Most of the group left early after a symbolic lap or two or 4 400's.

Pete C was the iron man today doing 7 400's. Chipman did some fast 400's after getting there late.

The 300's came from Alicia she got there late and had 6 300's on her schedule, so I did 3 with her at her pace which is pretty close to my 400 pace.

I wanted to get some speed work in but not to many miles or longer distance (800) so this was about right, I think.

Bob joined us at the track late and ran a few laps as part of his long run, then we locked up the track and ran back (Alicia, Pete, Chipman, Bob and myself).

I got woken up last night by a phone call from Michelle, we were doing a production migration load for our Texas client. So I was up from midnight till 2 am. I was really tired at work and after the track workout but for the track I didn't feel any effects.

6 Miles Total 48 Minutes with 1.6 Miles of Speed Work

Monday, June 21, 2010

Congress Park 5 Miles

Ran the Congress Park 5 Mile route today. After yesterdays workout I decided to taper down my mileage and intensity this week for fresh legs on Saturday. So I did the 5 mile vs the 7 mile Wash Park route, plus I had not done a pool run since it opened in 2010 for the summer.

Ran with Tim, Tom, and Pete. Andre was the only Wash Park 7 guy today. Everyone else did Cheeseman (jeff, matt, dave).

It was hot, 85 degrees with sun. We ran an easy pace and walked the pool as is our tradition, then picked it up from the end of Cheeseman to the Y with a burst from Pete about a 1/2 mile out, we all followed for a strong finish in the heat to the Y.

5 Miles 41:20.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bakerville to Loveland Ski Area - 11 Miles

Ran from the I-70 Bakerville exit up to Loveland Ski Area and back and then added on another mile on the frontage road to give me 11 miles today. Matt ran with me.

I picked up Matt at 7:30 and we got out to Bakerville Exit parking area around 8:30 and were running by 8:38. It was a crytal clear blue sky day in the mountains. Beautiful day. Temperature was 65 degrees and no wind when we started.

The 5 mile run up on dirt road trail has 1000 feet of elevation gain over some rolling hills. This was my first relay leg of last year and the 3rd time I've run it in that direction. It took me 52 Minutes today. I ran it in the relay in 43 minutes. I had to stop and walk quite a few times today, I took my time going up. Matt ran ahead of me and finished going up a few minutes ahead. We stopped at the ski area and talked about the relay legs and I had a Gu.

Running back down is the first 5 miles of Slacker 1/2 Marathon which is next week. I wanted to go at a 7 minute pace all the way down, but I didn't even come close. Matt did though as he ran ahead. I took a couple of water breaks on the way down at a couple of the uphill peaks. I ran down in 43 Minutes. They've improved the road quite a bit, only about 1 mile of it is rocky and trail like now, but they are still working on it.

When we got back to the parking lot, I dropped off my shirt and water pack and Matt and I ran the hill up the frontage road. The only real hill on the Slacker Half Marathon. We ran up to the hill peak about a 1/2 mile and then back down. Gave us 11 total. Matt hasn't run that many miles in a while, but he did great, kicked my butt on all 4 legs and finished about 9 minutes faster on his watch than me. Thanks for the run Matt, it was fun. Nice Work.

I was pretty disappointed with this workout. I thought I'd do better in the altitude and really crush the downhills but I struggled with the uphills and had no gas or leg push for the downhill. This doesn't give me a lot of confidence for a sub 1:30 at slacker on Saturday. It was good to go over the top part of the course though, so I'm familiar with it for next week. I think my best strategy would be to get some rest days in next week and show up on Saturday with fresh legs and a positive attitude.

When we were at the car break, we talked to a guy who was training for 4 100 mile races coming up. He was running from the parking lot up to Grey's / Torre's peaks (14ers) and then back down for a training run. He had done a lot of ultra distances and had stickers all over his car.

Garmin Watch Data for Run

Friday, June 18, 2010

City Park Golf Course 7

Ran the Golf Course 7 Mile route at lunch today. Just Matt and I started today at the Y, Chipman caught us about a mile up 16th at the light on Park Avenue. We ran the 7 miles in 53:44. Matt and Chipman talked about the NCAA conferences Big 12, Pac 12, Mountain West, BYU, Utah pretty much the whole way. I just ran and listened. My only comment was about not seeing as many OU games because CU is no longer in the conference.

Sunny Day, Beautiful views of downtown running from City Park in. Lot's of Cafe People on 17th. Good Pace, a bit sore from yesterday. Hamstring and Heel. Still breaking in those new shoes.

Rest Day Tomorrow and then a mountain run on Sunday. Looks like a good weekend for Denver weatherwise.

7 Miles 53:44

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Middle 3 - 18:29

Ran the middle 3 at lunch today. 18:29. Made my goal of under 18:30. It was hot, 80 degrees with sun, no wind.

I was the only full middle 3 runner today, Matt ran 2/3 of it at my pace and Tom ran about 3/4 of it at a slower pace. They started out easy and picked it up as I passed them from the start.

I had plenty of traffic stops, especially at Speer on the way back, very long light. Matt helped keep me on pace up the country club hill to Alameda and then back down to Speer. I did the downhill half mile in 2:44. The sun was really hot on the pavement in sections and everyone was sweating pretty good.

Craig C, Scott and Craig M just did Cheeseman, they are tapering for races. Mt. Evans and Scott for his 1/2 Iron Man in Lubbock next week.

7 Miles 52 Minutes with 3 Mile at Tempo 6:10.

Garmin Watch Data for Middle 3

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

On Track Again - 6X800, 1X400

We did intervals at the East High School Track today. Yes. After a 5 year lock out we are back on the track at EHS. According to my running logs, March of 2005 was the last time I ran there.

It is such a nice rubberized track, flat with artificial turf infield, very clean, no step off on the inside like at many tracks. Even a porta potti . It's also kind of private, with a big fence and the locked gate. We saw other runners run past looking at us with envy.

Good group for the inaugural event. Chris, Pete C, Bob, Alicia, Craig M, myself. Later joined by Scott and Chipman. It's a fast track and very spongy. Some of the guys said it would be great to run with spikes.

I did 6X800 from 2:55 to 2:58. Did the last 2 800's with Chipman and then a 400 at 78.

I'm loving the new track and am spoiled already. Sun was out today too, but not too hot. A bit of a breeze on the track. A perfect start to a summer of track work.

7.5 Miles with 3.25 of speed work.

After work, when I got home. I ran 5 miles out and back from the Old Library to CC Park. It was flat and some trail so that helped make the second run easy. I went at an easy pace out and a bit faster coming back. Nice summer evening for a run. Temp around 70 with a breeze and a nice sunset.

5 Miles 42 Minutes.

12.5 for the day

Monday, June 14, 2010

Wash Park 7

Ran the Wash Park route with the group today. Good size group at the start.

Matt, Craig M, Andre, Bob and myself ran to wash park and back. Matt's run 5 miles in 3 weeks but pretty much set the pace for the group. We got faster each mile and finished the last mile at a 7:15 pace.

I'm breaking in new shoes on this run. Hopefully no blisters with 7 miles at that pace for the first run, usually like to run a couple of shorter slower runs in them to start the break in, I could feel the heat in the soles from the run. Same model and color as the last pair. My last pair had some good memories. Started with Boston Training, Moab, Boston, Boulder, Mickelson and ended with yesterdays epic Guanella pass trail run. So long old shoes I will miss you, you served me well for 435 Miles.

My shoes on their last day in the running rotation.
Now they will be set out to pasture for leisurely walking.

7 Miles 54 Minutes.

Georgetown Silverplume Loop - 12 Miles

Ran the Georgetown Silverplume Loop run today. I've run this run or a similar one every summer for about 6 years now, since I trained on it for my first Colorado Relay. Today was different though. It was cold, rainy and snow about 9000 feet.

I woke up this morning to rain and stayed in bed an extra hour, so I didn't get to Georgetown till 10:00. It was raining all the way there, with some ice pelts along the way. When I got to Georgetown it was more of a light drizzle, temperature was right at 32 degrees. I think the elevation helped, above 8000 feet it wasn't raining as hard. It's 8500 feet at Georgetown. I wore shorts, two long sleeve tech shirts, gloves and a waterproof shell.

I knew Guanella pass was under construction from last year, but did not realize it was so close to Georgetown. Right away I hit construction, although on a Saturday only a couple of workers. Water was pouring down the road in little streams all over with mud and rock. I had to pick my way across water as I ran uphill. It is a steep start and I felt it with no altitude running in several months. I took off my shell at the mile point, I was hot from the steep climb. I only saw two cars on the way up. Normally the views are great, but with the clouds and fog, not so much this year. A nice view of Georgetown at the mile mark and another one on the trail looking down the valley as the train chugged it's way up are two that I remember this run.

At the Jeep Road around the 3 mile mark, it was really snowing and the roads were snow packed. The jeep trail is rough and tough to run normally but the snow made it very hard to run any distance without stopping to walk and pick your way around. There were some recent tire tracks most of the way which helped.

The stream was really roaring from the rain and snow. Pretty intense. I was concerned the jeep road was washed out where it crosses with a little bridge over a drain pipe, but it was fine. A lot of water was pumping through there but it was good. I had to walk a lot on the trail. I lost my tire tracks near the top and it was really tough to find a good path to run on. Finally making it to the trail at the 4 mile mark and peak elevation of 10,050 feet. It was cold and wet so I put my shell back on. Easy to run on though as it is flat and some downhill for a while, then slight uphill to the Chimney on the SilverPlume Side.

I stopped at the Chimney for some Gu and then headed on the trail. Usually I fly on the trail, but with 3 inches of fresh snow and steep cliffs, I took it cautious. There were footprints and paw prints which helped some. Some huge puddles on the lower part slowed me down also. It was pretty though and the sun even came out for brief periods. As I got lower the snow decreased and it became more wet trail. I passed the guy and his dog about half way down.

I had originally planned a 14 mile out and back today, but due to the conditions and the fatigue of running in the snow, I decided to do the loop and add a couple of extra miles in Silverplume. I took the long way down to the dirt road which adds about a 1/2 mile to the route also. When I got to the road it was drizzling rain but warmer, I took off my shell again. I tried to pick up the pace but it was tough. I did pick it up some on the downhill into Georgetown on the Bike Path. Good views here of the trains with people and the roaring river going down the mountain back to Georgetown. I was trying to mimic Slacker which is in two weeks, my pace was way off where it needs to be for that though around 7:30 here.

I ran back to the car and dropped off a couple of layers of wet clothes and then did an out and back into Georgetown for 2 miles to give me 12 for the day. Again trying to mimic the last mile of Slacker that is tough on the flat streets of Georgetown after all the downhill. My pace was slow here too but I hit a couple of hills.

Overall Good Endurance Run with 2:15 minutes of running at altitude and some pretty good elevation.
12 Miles 2:13:57

Garmin Watch Data for Run

Friday, June 11, 2010

City Park Golf Course - 7

Ran the City Park Golf Course route today at lunch. Ran with Jay, Scott,Chipman, Bob and Craig M.

We started out kina fast for a Friday easy day run, with Scott and Chipman setting the pace as they casually chatted. My legs were a tired from yesterday's middle 3 and the miles this week, also tired because I had to work late. Anyway I was kinda relieved when I turned to do the golf course and nobody was with me so I could slow down from they 7:15 pace we were running to a more normal 8 minute pace.

As I ran down the North side of the Golf Course, I met Bob about half way up and we ran back to the Y together. We talked about Garden of the Gods 10 mile race, he's doing this Sunday a week after his steamboat marathon. He was describing the course and telling me how challenging it is and how competitive the field is. I ran it probably about 10 years ago when I was more casual about my running.

7 Miles 54 Minutes

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Middle 3

Ran the Middle 3 in 18:50 today. My first Middle 3 in a month. Also my first middle 3 or tempo run in the heat. 77 Today with sun, no wind.

I thought my streak of sub 19 Middle 3's going back to 2008 was in danger of being broken. I started off slow, 3:15 first half mile and was at 9:48 at the turn around. But I kicked it in gear and had a negative split. I ran a 2:38 for the downhill 1/2 mile split with a nice traffic stop at speer on the way. I also had a decent kick at the finish, but I was gassed. The heat and the negative split hit me hard. My legs were still tight also, which made for the slow start.

Ran with Jeff, Tom and Alicia today. Jeff did a Cheeseman tempo. Alicia turned around and the hill and then Tom took it up tempo from there back to the middle 3. The 3 of us ran back together. Nice easy recovery run back.

On the way out on our run, we saw Doug talking to a policeman near Emerson street. I saw him in the locker room later and turns out he had a bad encounter with a driver in a white pickup who ran through the cross walk and clipped him. The driver got mad after Doug banged on his window and ended up threatening him, swinging at him and spitting on Doug before he drove off. Doug got his license and filed a police report. Feel bad for Doug and other runners with idiot motorists like that out there.

7 Miles 50:50 with 18:50 on the middle 3.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rest Day and a Key to the Track

I took a rest day today, from running anyway. I needed one. I had a really good massage last night 80 minutes, worked a lot of sore areas, mainly from my Half Marathon on Sunday. Calfs, left hamstring, left heel, hips, right more than left. Then went home and got a really good nights sleep as it rained through the night.

Went to the Y today, did some light biking and rowing and then went to Susan's Yoga Class. It had been about a month since I last went to Yoga. Susan gave me a little friendly lecture about not coming. I told her I had been busy with work mainly. She said she saw me running on a Wednesday once instead of Yoga and she was hurt. Oops Busted. All in fun though. She's great. Good class, I needed it, I'm out of Yoga shape already.

We got a key and a Permit to the East High School track for our group. Yes! Thanks to Craig and others and Alicia and the power of the post. I put a couple of links up on the prostates about it, but here's the articles here.

Original Article where I was interviewed but not quoted...

Editorial by Alicia after we got access

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cheeseman Intervals - 6 X 1/2 Mile

Ran Cheeseman Intervals at lunch with the group. Did 6 X 1/2 Mile under 3 minutes. 2:48 for the fastest. With a 3 to 4 minute recovery between them.

Tom, Craig C, Craig M, Pete, Alicia and Charles (back from China) all did intervals today but I was the only one to do 6.

Alicia and Charles did 4, then ran back to the Y the others left after 2. Hadn't seen Charles in over a year, he went to China for work and is now back in Boulder. Is still fast although he says he's out of shape, he was the fastest on the Intervals, 2:35 on the first one. Craig M hung with him on the first 2 before he left.

On the last 2 I slowed down some, but was still within my range. I am still sore and lucky that I have a massage scheduled tonight. My calfs are tight.

Garmin Watch Data for Intervals

Ran back with Pete who was still hanging around the park, I think he did 5 Intervals with some stretching.

7 Miles 55:29

Looks like we are getting a key to the East High School Track maybe this week so intervals there next week maybe...

Monday, June 7, 2010

Wash Park 7 Mile - Recovery Run

Ran the Wash Park 7 mile route today. I was really sore from the half yesterday, it was also hot and humid overcast, rare for Denver.

We ran easy. I ran with Andre and Bob. Bob had run Steamboat in 3:26 the day before so he was sore also. We had an easy pace and did the run in 55:25. Bob and I talked about our races.

I was sore the rest of the day so I did some stretching and trigger point massage. First time my calf's have been sore in a while. Also my hips, memories from last year.

I have speed work on the schedule for tomorow and then an 80 minute massage that night with a rest day on Wednesday, so hopefully that will snap me back into training shape.

7 Miles 55:25

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mickelson Trail Half Marathon - 1:31:17

I had a good race today at the Mickelson Trail Half Marathon in South Dakota. 1:31:17. A Half Marathon PR from (June 2008 1:31:32). I got 2nd in my division 42nd overall out of 1600 Finishers.

It was a really good trail. This might be my favorite race from a running perspective. Nice cinder trail the whole way, an old railroad that has been converted to trail through the Black Hills canyons. Gentle downhill most of the way with a couple of hills and only a few steep downhill parts A stream much of the way. Highly recommended from a running perspective. This was my kind of course. The race is not much from an expo, crowd or post race perspective, but it great for running.

Mickelson Trail Half Marathon Race Results

Garmin Watch Data For Race

Pre Race
We got to our campground on Friday evening driving up from Denver at 8:30 and stopping for Lunch and Mt. Rushmore (first visit). We went with Lisa and Greg, they drove a pop – up trailer. We camped at Lake Roubaix 15 miles southeast of Deadwood about 10 miles from the half Marathon start/drop off point. Nice campground with big lots spaced out a lake with a swim beach and hiking trails. Greg caught 5 trout in the lake and streams around the lake. The temperatures were in the 60’s 70’s with some light rain, overcast with some sun on and off throughout the day.

Greg, Lisa, Gina and Dennis at Mt. Rushmore

We had 6 dogs (4 of theirs, 2 of ours), so we went on lots of dog walks, relaxed and camped. I slept pretty well Friday night and OK on Saturday with some noise from the campers and my usual pre-race tossing and turning. We went into Deadwood Saturday and walked around a bit, then to the Lodge to get the race packet. New technology first time I ever had the disposable timing chip on the bib itself. With a little foam protector around it. The lady at the expo said to wear it above the waste. I usually put it on my shorts, but I did it on my shirt just in case. It worked although they did not have split detectors on the course.

Swim time for the 6 dogs at Roubaix Lake, SD

Gina and Lisa at Deadwood, SD. Rosy, Levi and Lucy

Web Album for Our Trip

Race Day
The race started at 8. It was 45 degrees at our camp site, cloudy, no wind and humidity in the 50% range. Great for running. Gina drove me to the drop off point (via dirt road ½ way). It was crowded at the start. People lining up on the trail and around the area, mostly runners but some family/friends. The porta-potti lines were not too long and there were lots of places in the woods which people were using. The trail is narrow (old railroad) so lining up on the trail they had mile pace markers. I headed toward 7:30. There were a lot of people around the 9-10 minute pace through about the 8 min pace (where the bag drop was). After that it was sparse. I had about 15 minute wait before the race start. There were only about 50 people on the trail ahead. A very timid start, people were really laid back. Not a big push toward the start, no gun or horn, just a guy at a computer looked at the closest runner and said Go.

Miles 1-5
Nice Start, did not have to jockey for position, despite the narrow trail. It starts with a ½ mile climb. A gentle climb at the start, which is good, keeps you from going out too fast. By the top of the hill though, I was ready for some downhill. First mile was 7:08. A little over pace but not bad for the uphill. I picked it up a bit for mile 2. I got in a group and we ran around the same pace for 3 miles in the 6:50 range. I pulled away from them at mile 4 where I ran a 6:45. I could not believe how easy it was to run that pace on the trail. I was running faster than my Boulder 10k pace and not working as hard. Which is good for a half marathon. I passed a guy at mile 5. Someone asked him how he was doing, he said not good. Then he told me he started out to fast and was paying the price. He looked around my age. He told me the hills were coming and it was going to hurt. I did mile 5 in 6:58, I lost pace a bit as we started up the hill. There were water/Gatorade stations every 2 miles. I got some water at 2 and Gatorade at 4.

Mile 6-8
Just before Mile 6 to almost mile 7 there is a big hill , pretty though, but it is kind of relentless. I did the Hill mile in 7:10, which was good. I felt myself draining a bit and knew I was overdue for a GU. At the top of the hill on a curve just past mile 7 was a water station. I took my GU and some water, slowed way down here, you can see the spike in my pace, after that was the steepest downhill of the race, most rugged trail too. Nothing like real trail running. This made for a slow mile 7 (7:28) my slowest despite the steep downhill. A kid passed me flying down this hill. I would pass him again just before the finish. I got back on pace for mile 8 as I worked my way through gorgeous canyon. The runners spread out quite a bit but I was picking a few off.

Miles 9-12
I started feeling good here. The trail gets really pretty and goes through Aspen Groves and canyon walls, very windy, on the other side of Lead and just before Deadwood. More crowds here and you forest roads and highways a couple of times. The bridges for the race are flat and wooden, easy to run. You cross several creeks, some great views. Temperature was nice. I was feeling good and starting to think PR was possible, sub 1:30 probably not but I would give it a shot. I ran 6:45’s through here, picking off quite a few runners. There were sections where no runners were in site, but not for long. I ran a 6:39 for mile 12.

The Finish
At Mile 12 you are on the edge of Deadwood and can feel the finish. Having driven around there the day before I knew where we were and kind of where the finish was. I knew I could have a PR or close if I pushed the last 1.1 miles. I did Mile 13 in 6:27, I was really pushing. At 12.5 the trail turns to concrete for the only time in the race. It felt hard, but it also made for a great kick. You run through some parking lot entrances and trailer parks, I passed the kid who passed me at mile 7, he was fading fast. The last tenth of a mile is downhill to the finish in a parking lot by the Home Store. I passed several people who looked around my age in the last mile. One guy (tall, tan) looked older but we got into a kick race at the finish where we passed about 5 runners. I crossed just in front of him 1:31:17. A PR. Yes! I was happy.

Post Race
I chatted with a few of the runners that I had passed in the last mile. It was fun. I looked around for Gina, not at the finish. I grabbed some post race refreshments (there were not many) and no Post Race Beer. After about 10 minutes Gina and the dogs showed up. She had missed the finish looking for the Camera. She had also packed us up and we were headed out of town after the race (instead of going back to camp for a couple of hours), no post race shower and 6 hours of driving back to Denver. But I was happy. I thought I might have done well or podiumed in my age group. When the results were posted I worked my way through the crowd to see. I could not get real close but saw my name and that I had 42nd overall and 2nd in my Age group. Yes! Ran back and told Gina and then we waited for the awards. It took a while, but rare for me to podium at a big race so we were definitely waiting. I got a railroad spike painted with the race info and 2nd Male 45-49. I love it. Cool.

Race Photos for Mickelson Trail

Great weekend, great race. Maybe my new favorite course for a half Marathon. Slacker in 3 weeks though. Can I break 1:30?.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

7 Easy to Wash Park

Ran an easy 7 Miles to Wash Park and back at lunch. Cloudy, kind of humid but cool day for run, 70.

Ran with Jeff, Dan, Craig C and Dave C who ran to Speer. We ran an easy pace the whole way, although they accused me of picking it up near the end.

7 Miles 59:06, which is a slow time for that route for the group. I needed an easy day with decent miles though.

Garmin Watch Data

I'm off to the Black Hills SD for 2 days of camping at lake Roubaix, 2 day sof rest and relaxation and then running the Mickelson Trail Half Marathon on Sunday. I will blog about the trip and race when I get back.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wash Park Intervals

Ran the wash park 7 Mile route today. Did some tempo intervals along the way with Bob and one with Matt.

Started out with Alicia, Matt, Andre, Dan, Dave C, Chris and Jay. We split up along the way with just Matt, Bob, Andre and myself doing the Wash park 7. Bob did an interval at Cheeseman which I held back from. He did one at the country club and I joined him as he sprinted up the hill. We were going pretty hard the 3/4 Mile to the Park. At one point we were at a 5:15 pace according to my Garmin. When we got to the park we took a break and waited for the others, then picked it up again from Alameda to Speer. Downhill. Bob kept asking for our pace and I'd read it off my Garmin and he'd say. No way, I can't run that fast.

On the way back Bob was telling me about the Steamboat Marathon this Sunday and his strategy and pace for the race at various miles. Interesting. He's done that race several times and knows the course well. 3:25 goal for him.

We picked it up some the last mile and I hit the downhill to the Y pretty hard. I have a lot of downhill running planned in June.

I messed up my Garmin early in the run so missed a mile or so.
Garmin Watch Data for Run

7 Miles 52:05

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bolder Boulder 10K - 43:25

Ran the Bolder Boulder 10k Race today in 43:25.

Not my best effort. My goal was 42 and I was a minute slower than last year's PR effort.

Zach did really well. He ran a 39:58. A PR for him and another distance where he holds the family record now and another race he beat me in head to head. Way to go Zach, I'm proud of you. 8 Minutes off last year for him.

Garmin Watch Data for Race

Bolder Boulder Results

We left the house at 5 am since our waves started at 7:01. My sister Kim, Janiece and Daniel went with us (their first Boulder). They had to pick up their race packets, so I dropped them off at the start, then Zach and I drove back to the stadium and parked. It was a beautiful Sunny morning, temperatures in the 50's. Zach and I jogged/walked the 2 miles from the stadium to the start line.
As we were running over I felt feverish and a bit congested from the allergies, we were running easy so I was starting to think this might not be my day. We had plenty of time to porta potti and get lined up. Zach a wave ahead of me in AA. We saw Tom and Bob. I saw Craig M behind me just before the gun.

Fun start with the waves and the gun and the trumpets for each wave. The first mile is shaded and downhill and it is easy to go fast. I was feeling feverish and thinking it was going to be a tough race but maybe I would loosen up. I ran the first mile in 6:30, ahead of pace. Craig M passed me right about mile 1. I never saw Bob the entire race. Mile 2 has a good hill and the sun starts to hit you, lots of turns through the neighborhood. I was starting to feel it, and did a 7 minute mile. Fun race though. The blues brothers, Elvis, lots of bands. belly dancers, water slides, pools, sprinklers. People giving out refreshments. The smell of Bacon at mile 2, nauseating. People were giving out Doritos (with no water), beer and donuts. One year I'm going to run it for fun and do all of that stuff.

Mile 3 continues through the neighborhood and uphill before your first nice downhill. 7:12 on that mile. OK no PR and I wasn't feeling so good. I knew the biggest hill was ahead. From 3 to 4 is the most uphill, but I did a 7:05. I started feeling better at the peak hill of the race, which has a banner just past mile 4.

There is a nice downhill after the peak, almost 2 miles of downhill and flat. This is your reward. This is where a lot of people turn it up. Today I did not have much turn up, but I was feeling better. 6:49 for mile 5. Then you turn into the sun on the Pearl street mall. The crowds pick up and you feel it. Something that gets me every year, so I'm making a note of it for next year. There are kilometer signs every kilometer and miles signs every mile. After 7 kilometers you look for the 5 mile sign and think you see it, but it is the 7.5 kilometer sign, where they start doing half kilometers. The 5 miles sign is after 8 km.

Mile 5 to 6 is on Folsom street and is pretty flat till you get to the stadium where it jumps up for the last 3 tenths of a mile. I was looking at my watch thinking I would beat my age but no PR. I tried to push it a bit harder but didn't feel like racing. 6:53 for mile 6.

The last 2 tenths is a short hill and then a 1/2 lap around the stadium to the finish. A great place to finish at Folsom Feild. Fun. Jumbo Trons, crowds in the stands. I remember a guy cut me off on the curve at the stadium just before the finish. I thought really? He was younger, I even kinda clipped his heel as he cut in. I surged outside and made sure I out kicked him to the finish. Runners and egos huh?

I saw Zach after, he was so happy he broke 40, showed me his watch. He was sweaty. We made our way to water and Gatorade and talked about the race. We made our way to 118 and saw some other runner Friends. Tom, Peggy, Tim, Steve C. Drank a beer and watched the runners finish. Then went to the expo and got all the free stuff, Ice Cream Fruit Bars are the best. Saw Bob at the expo, we had an ice cream bar in the nice summer sun and talked about running. He did well but did not feel like he went as fast as he should have. He has steamboat Marathon the next weekend. Went to the car and got phones and stuff then went back to the expo and back to 118 where we saw Craig M and my nephew Dan. Zach's friend Collin came by and they hung out.

It was a nice day and most everyone left. Bob dropped back by 118, then left to find his other running group. I waited for a long time in the sun for Kim and Janiece. They had a really late start thanks to Janiece's race day registration. They tried to sneak her through Kim's wave but got busted by "Myrtle". But they got there about 11. We talked about the race, then I took them to the expo for more Ice Cream and get their race shirts and drop bags, hung out at the expo a bit then we drove home around 1, the elite runners were finishing as we were outside the stadium at the expo, we could hear the roars. Fun day. What an event. One of my favorites.

Here's a post for the Pickled Prostates Results for Bolder Boulder 2010