Friday, April 30, 2010

Duck Pond 5 Miles

Ran the duck pond 5 Mile route today at lunch. Ran with Andre, Pete and Craig M. Dan joined us for the first mile. Good easy run, kinda windy coming back. Cloudy temperatures around 50.

I felt like the spring was coming back into my legs today.

5 Miles 39:51

Montly Totals for April 117.5 miles, 18 Days, down but expected due to Boston Taper and Recovery all in April.

YTD 701 Miles, 83 Days (69%).

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Another Cheeseman 4 Miler

Ran Cheeseman again today. Much colder than yesterday.

I was going to run to wash park, but only Jeff and Jay showed up and they both wanted to go short. I was going to do another lap a Cheeseman, but we were talking and before I knew it we were on 16th so I just did the 4 miles with them.

4 Miles 31:27.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cheesman Park 4 Miles

Got a late run in today, ran about 2:00. I've had work meetings the last 2 days so it felt good to get out, even for a short run.

Got some Vitamin D, Sunny and temperatures close to 80. Weather is supposed to change tonight so had to take advantage.

Felt good, not great.

4 Miles, 31:21

Monday, April 26, 2010

Congress Park 5 Miles

Ran with the group today. First group run since before Boston. Felt good. Nice day, sunny around 50 degrees.

Had a good group today. Fun run talking about the Sneak. The group did well in the age-group standings.

Most of the group did Congress (Andre and Bob did Wash Park).
Matt was pushing the pace and about half way through the run took off from us.
So that left Pete, Craig C, Tom and Craig M to finish the route.

My legs felt good overall, I picked up the pace some at points. Once to catch Bob and Matt and again to catch Matt and Craig M and then at the end the last half mile with Pete. My quads are a still a bit sore, kind of a dull ache and I can feel that left hammy just a bit, other than that everything is great including my left heel.

Need to be cautious though, bad things can happen after a marathon if you don't rest and recover. Work is probably going to take me out from running the next couple of days which is good.

5.1 Miles 40:26

Easy Run at the Sneak

Ran about 3 1/2 today, first run since Boston. Ran at the Cherry Creek Sneak Race before the start. I did not race this year obviously. I did want to do an easy run and start easing back into it. Zach ran it today. He did great 31:58, 63 overall and getting 2nd in his age group, the tough 15-19 division. 2nd year in a row he got 2nd. Way to Go Zach.

Zach and I drove to Matt's house, about a 1/2 mile from the race pickup point. We got there at 8:15, Alicia met us there, she lives in the neighborhood and was doing an hour and a half easy run (coming off a 1/2 iron man last weekend). Matt, his mom and sister-in-law walked to the sneak. Alicia, Zach and I ran down and got Zach's stuff. Then Alicia and I did about 2 1/2 on the sneak course, looping back to the start. It was a nice day, sunny, flowers blooming everywhere.

We saw everyone at the start. Matt, Bob, Zach, Tom, Craig and Tim were running. After the start I ran over to about the mile and a half point and watched them come through and gave them a little cheer. Zach, Matt, Bob, Tom, Craig and Tim. Then we walked to the finish and watched them come in. Same order. I was so happy and proud of Zach. He took almost 8 minutes off of his sneak time from last year. Not to mention beating everyone in my running group. :) I posted the results below and to the prostates site.

After the race, we chatted a bit as everyone picked up there post race Schwag. Looked for my sister Kim but never saw her. Then we walked back to Matt's (well Tom gave us a ride for a couple of blocks).

Matt had a cookout at his house. He lives in a nice little neighborhood and his house is really nice. Has a lot of upgrades for a 1920's house. He has a really neat backyard with a grape vine Gazebo. Some of the other runners came there and we talked about running and racing and the season to come and training runs. Craig told Zach he's ready for a Baker-Bowen run. Matt had burgers and brats and beer.

Good Times Matt, thanks.

3.3 Miles

Cherry Creak Sneak 4/25/2010

Results for our group for the 2010 Cherry Creek Sneak
NameTimeOverallDivisionDiv Place
Matt Mussetter32:38******
Bob Basse33:3799M55-591
Tom Zeiner36:23215M55-595
Craig Carver37:07253M60-641
Tim Coyle37:44300M50-5416

** Matt's results did not register, possible chip error.

Also running related to our group

Zach McConnel (Dennis's Son) - 31:58 - 63 Overall, 2nd in Division
Jessica Mussetter (Matt's Sister in Law) - 40:20 - 524 Overall, 16 in Divisions
Nancy Mussetter (Matt's Mother) - 46:16 - 1364 Overall, 2nd in Division

Nice Work Everyone, you placed well within the divisions.

2010 Cherry Creek Sneak Results

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Boston 2010


I slept well the night before the race, comparatively. Maybe 3 hours sleep on and off, but I was grateful for that. Usually I can’t sleep. Not as much anxiety as recent long distance races. I got up at 5:45 and put on my stuff, looked out the window at blue skies and sunshine (Yes!), said goodbye to Gina and was at the subway stop a bit after 6. Loaded with runners, we took the train to Boston Commons and got in line for the busses. The lines were not too bad, shorter than Moab, but more runners and busses. The drive out went pretty fast, took about an hour and then we were at the Athlete’s Village. I had 2 hours to kill before the race. I passed time sitting on the wet grass (take plastic with you if you go), standing in line for the porta potti over and over and walking around a bit. I thought of St. George and how miserable it was before the race and this was so much nicer.

Passing time at Athlete's Village Pre-Race (looks like Woodstock for Runners)
Welcome to Hopkington Sign in the background

Looking back, the time went by pretty quick. I went to the bus to drop off my bag and then headed my way toward the start (.7 miles down the road). A special walk with other runners in wave one. There are more bathrooms with shorter lines near the start, which I needed. I got in line for my corral 8 with 10 minutes to spare and an empty bladder, perfect pre race time management. They played the star spangled banner and jets flew over, helicopters buzzing in the air. It was very exciting. I was ready to run the Boston Marathon. The race started and it took 5 minutes to get to the actual start point. Most of that walking until the start line.

The first 5K

The first 5K starts in Hopkinton, right at the start there are spectators lined up and cheer you as you go. The first part of the race is rural, downhill and then rolling up and down. If anyone ever tells you Boston is downhill they are lying to you. It rolls, the whole way, if you have a downhill; there is an uphill right after. I was expecting more downhill at the start with an occasional hill or flat. There were lots of runners stopping for a nature break right outside the town. Men and Women. Some hiding behind a tree, some not. More pit stops than I’ve ever seen in a race. This continued for a while. As runners we don’t judge, I know that could have been me and if you got to go during a race, nothing is worse than trying to hold it, it will consume your thoughts and your body. There were porta potties along the race though at every water stop.

I ran the first mile with the group, around me, not trying to pass, going with the flow. I was surprised how well the group kept pace , and it was pretty close to what I would run anyway, just a bit slower, which was good for a marathon, right? I did the first mile in 7:29. Right on Pace. I was pumped up, here I was running the Boston Marathon, achieving a 15 year goal. The next 2 miles rolled up and down, I was surprised by the uphill’s. I was pretty consistent with a 7:26,7:27. I got warm and took off my toss away long sleeve shirt and gloves. I hit the 5k at 23:11 Minutes and felt good. The crowd spread out some. But the whole way, there was a crowd, for as far as you could see on the road and to each side there were runners.

5K Mark, Feeling Good

The next 5k was good. I stayed on the sub 7:30 pace. I thought of the text alerts everyone would get at the 10k and focused on that pace. The early part of Boston, you run through a little town, everyone cheers, especially at the middle of the town, then it thins out and you run past rural spectators, an occasional bar full of people drinking and cheering or a group looking for their runners. Really fun. And it repeats this over and over till you get close to Boston. The enthusiasm along the course is so strong and inspires you as you run. There is so much to see and hear, I cannot describe it. I sped up to a 7:20, right where I wanted to be. Then I hit a hill at mile 5, slowed down to 7.40 and then back on pace at mile 6. Hit the 10k at 46:44. A little slower than I wanted, but still early in a Marathon so I was happy.

The race became a blur of spectators, small towns, runners fading in and out of my pace / zone. If you wear something distinctive or your name on your bib or shirt, people will yell out as you pass. Go Canada, Go Mexico. Go Ally. I had a plain white shirt so no cheers for me. Next time, I will wear something distinctive. Denny would be good. Go Denny! Maybe a Denny’s shirt. :) I started to fall off pace a bit here. At mile 8 went over 7:34, then 7:31 at mile 9. The grinding of the hills was starting to get to me a bit. I thought of what lie ahead, stories from other Boston Runners, the Newton hills, and I was already feeling it. 1:10:47 at the 15K, on Pace for 3:20, but off my 3:15 stretch goal.

1/2 Way
The hills continue to roll, at 10 Miles I was holding 7:30 pace pretty good. Then Mile 11, a gradual uphill, I dropped to a 7:50 pace, I was shocked, that little hill slowed me that much? My quads were starting to ache a bit. More towns, spectators getting thicker signs for Wellesley. Then Wellesley. I had heard the stories of the girls screaming and it was incredible to see in person. I did not know about all of the "kiss me" signs and the runners kissing girls along the way. I didn’t kiss any girls, but I saw several runners do it, I thought it was a bit creepy with the older runners kissing them, but hey it’s Boston. It was so fun, but kind of a blur. I tried to read the different signs for reasons to kiss them over the 1000 other girls lined up. Some dressed up, some in sweats. That is a unique tradition. There are several college locations on the route, Boston College and some others, but nothing beats Wellesley. The price you pay for the adrenaline surge from all the girls energy is it is a grinding uphill pretty much all the way through this town.
1:39:15 Half Way there, on pace still for 3:20.

Miles 14-16. My pace was falling off, I was not holding under 7:30, I felt the quads. Hamstring tweaking me. I should not be feeling this till the Newton Hills. This part was flat and downhill, easy. The rolling hills continued to take their toll. The towns became bigger, less rural, more spectators. 1:57:59 at the 25K Mark, with the 3:20 pace, but slowing.

The Newton Hills
This begins the tough stretch. Some say you are not even half way there till after heartbreak hill. I believe that now, mentally anyway. Through 17.5 miles it’s pretty easy and flat. But you see the signs for Newton and you know the hills are starting and my pace was fading, as were my hopes for a PR marathon at Boston (under 3:19). I was fatiguing and the tough 4.5 miles of Newton hills were on the horizon. There’s a 4th hill nobody told me about that is a gradual rise that I felt and wondered if it was the first hill but it wasn’t. When you turn in the road you see the hill, you hear the runners buzz about the hills, whispers around you. Some runners attack, some hold pace and some back off. I backed off. I tried to imagine it as a mile high hill repeat that would be over quick, but the first hill drags on forever and ever, a steady grind. Of the three, this one was the toughest for me. Also knowing there were two more behind it made it tough, with Heartbreak hill at the end.

The hills are all in residential areas of Newton, I had always pictured them as more urban. Funny in that any one of these hills, if you were running on a normal day, you’d think. What’s the big deal,? But at this point in the race after all the rolling hills, you know. Yeah that’s a big deal and there are more.

There is a break before the 2nd hill, and it is the easiest of the 3, felt good after that one and was ready to charge heartbreak hill. But there is a big pause, as you run around curves on flats, you keep thinking ok, here’s heartbreak, but it takes a while. Then the runners buzz begins, and you turn the corner and there it is, the famous Heartbreak. The streets were lined with spectators. I remember one lady standing at a stop light yell out “Come On you can do it, run all of heartbreak light to light”. I could not see the other light, just a big long winding hill filled with runners. Here’s a link for more info on the history and description of heartbreak hill.

I shortened my stride and ran it, slow and easy, only 4 tenths of a mile. I thought of the mile high hill repeats I did in January and February. Lots of family cheering for runners and signs along the way. Some runners attacked the hill, some slowed. A runner asked someone if this was heartbreak hill and another runner replied, “Yep this is it, well the start of it anyway, it goes on for a while. Finally I could see the second light and the hill crest, the crowds and cheers got louder. I crested the hill and for some reason expected to see a big downhill and the city of Boston. But it was just more neighborhood a small downhill and then a slight uphill.

10K to Go
After heartbreak it is mainly downhill for less than 6 miles. Going into the race, this is where I thought I would kick it in and get back on pace and cruise with the crowds and adrenaline to Boston and the finish. I had heard so many stories of runners getting here and hitting the wall and crashing and doing the death march to the finish. I sped up some and was expecting to recover from the hills, but it did not happen. My legs were dead, I saw other runners fly by, doing what I thought I would be doing, but there were just as many runners slowing down or walking.

Somewhere past Heartbreak Hill headed toward Boston

Around mile 21 a smaller lady ran by me and nudged me a bit as she passed, it twisted me a bit and I felt a twinge in my left calf. I thought “Oh no, not that, a calf pull or tear would be the nail in the coffin”. I recovered from that and tried to hydrate through the water stops at each mile. We ran through Boston College area, lots of college kids cheering and partying, seemed like everyone had a beer in their hand. My pace was around 8:15 and slowing a bit each mile, the water stops slowed my pace some, but I needed the electrolytes. I was trying to calculate what my finish would be, math is tough when you are at mile 22. I thought it would be around 3:30 if I could hold on.

Last 5K
At some point you realize, hey I’m in Boston. The crowds are super thick everywhere, people cheering from houses, windows, everywhere you look. Amazing. Then you see the famous CITGO sign. It’s huge and you know you are close, but as everyone tells you, you got a ways to go. Beacon Street seemed to last for ever, kept waiting for Commonwealth. Slowing to get a good drink of Gatorade and then Water. I knew I had a GU left, but my stomach was upset as usual at this point in the race, so I didn’t want to eat it. I later discovered I had skipped the GU I planned to take at mile 20. That might have helped some. Marathon Fatigue for sure.

Finally past that huge Citgo Sign, really hurting here.

Within 2 miles, my left calf started cramping. At first it was short and I modified my stride to strike with a flat foot. It came and went for a while. Finally Commonwealth Avenue, a bridge that goes over the highway, yes! Almost there. Then zap a bad cramp on the bridge, had to stop and stretch it out. Pace slowed to 9 minute miles. As I approached Hereford Street it got worse and worse. Run slow, stretch, change stride, repeat. So close yet so far.

On Hereford, I looked for my family, this was where I told them to watch the finish. Tons of people, I looked around but no sign of them. More calf cramps. I looked at my watch as I turned onto Boylston. 4 blocks to go and I could see the finish. My watch was at 3:26. I could beat 3:30 if I could do a block a minute, they were long blocks though. Then Zap, my right calf cramped bad, first time. Stretching it out, my left cramped, so both of them were locked up. 1 Block to go, nothings going to stop me. Runners were flying by me as the adrenaline kicked in. I pegged legged it through the finish. 3:28:53. Yes! My goal complete. I finished the Boston Marathon under 3:30.

Post Race

My quads were screaming, my calfs were locked up. I had blisters, everything hurt, I wanted to lie on the grass somewhere, but I was surrounded by runners, concrete, barriers and volunteers. But I was so happy. I soaked in the moment and tried to keep walking. I saw some runners crashed around me, medical people helping some.

One disadvantage to a race this big is the finish, it’s like an assembly line, keep moving, get your water, your food, your blanket, your medal your bag and then you are done. So many runners that you cannot stop you have to keep moving. Boston has about half mile walk from the finish to the end where you pick up your bag. And my bag was the last on the last bus. A couple of times, people would stop the flow and runners would start yelling don’t stop keep moving. It hurt more to stop than to keep shuffling. I usually don’t get a blanket, but I was starting to chill some and I was wearing a singlet. Plus everyone was getting one and they said Boston Marathon on them so I did.

My bag was in the very last bus at the end, right by Boston Commons Park. I finally shuffled there and got my bag. Rather than go to the greet area, I wanted to go to the park and crash on the grass and call the family on my phone. Just as I got across the street (it was chaos outside the runners area, so crowded), Zach came up to me with his camcorder rolling. Gina and Brittany were there and we had hugs and kisses and they said congratulations. We found a grassy spot in the park and I crashed down.

I stretched out a bit and found out they did not get text messages from the race. I was worried my chip was bad and the race would not count. So I checked my phone and I didn’t have any either from any runners, so I knew the system had messed up. I did have some cool messages from my running friends about the race and lots of congratulations.

Crashed on the Grass at Boston Commons

Eventually I got my sweats on (with Gina’s help) and we took this cool photo before we left and made our way back to the hotel. A very happy moment in my life with my family there to share. It doesn’t get much better than this…

A happy finisher with his family.

All said and done. Boston is a great experience, everything that it is hyped up to be. A tough course, but unique and historical. Qualifying for Boston was actually more exciting and climactic, but this is the end result of years of running and training. Not that I’m done by any means, but I’m ready for more challenges. Would love to do Boston next year if it works out. I qualified at Boston and beat my Bib # in overall places, so I will call this a victory, but I joked with some of my runner friends. Next year will be for revenge.

Back at the Hotel With Brittany and Zach.
I can wear the jacket now, I'm in the club.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Boston Blog Updated

I sprinkled in some pictures to go with the Boston Blog Posts.
I'm still working on my detailed write up of the race and a web album with the pictures so check back.

I am still sore, but every day is better. Calfs are the most sore. My right calf especially sore and tender. Funny cause it was the left one that started cramping first and kept cramping at the end and it wasn't the right one that cramped till the very end of the race.

Here's a link to my Marathon photos, they didn't get many pictures of me during the race, probably because I wear my bib on my shorts.

Dennis Boston Photos

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Boston Marathon - 3:28:53

Ran the Boston Marathon in 3:28:53.

Quick recap of the race, and I will do a follow up post with the details and pictures. I know the text alert messages did not work thanks to AT&T so I wanted to let everyone know I finished in 3:28:53. My goal was 3:30 so I got that and qualified for Boston 2011 at Boston.

Weather was great, race was fantastic. Boston is a blast. The best runners in the world, so many everywhere you go on "marathon weekend". The city really goes all out and supports the marathon, non runners, everyone. Plenty of well wishes before the race and congratulations after.

I started off on pace. It was a great day for running. Blue skies at the start, temperatures in the 40's. Clouded over when it got hot. Light wind at our back most of the way. I started off on pace through about the half and then the infamous hills got me. By the time I got to the top of heartbreak, my legs were dead and I had nothing left for the last 6.2 miles.

Garmin Watch Data for the Race

Boston Marathon 2010 Results

A happy Finisher with Family at Boston Commons
Brittany, Gina, Dennis and Zach

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Boston the day before

Blogging from Cold and rainy Boston. Supposed to clear up before the race and be good weather for running the race, not so good for the spectators.

Went to the Expo Yesterday, it was huge and very crowded, but very well organized, especially getting your number, shirt, bag and the official Merchandise area. Never saw so many Boston Jackets in my life (duh). Lots of people were wearing them at the expo and around town from previous years and the present. I am too superstitious to wear mine in advance of the race and feel it is something I really need to earn anyway. Also got a hat, singlet, shorts, coffee mug and a water bottle. This really is a mecca for runners to go and experience. The city really gets behind it's marathon also. Everywhere you go, locals ask where your from and what you running it in and give you their own tips or perspective.

Dennis, Brittany, Gina and Zach at the Expo

Zach and I stayed at the expo for a while and checked out a lot of things. He bought a book, The Runners Rule Book and the Author Signed it. Meanwhile the girls went over to the Boston Public Library and checked out the oldest library in the country.

Courtney, Gina and Brittany at the Library Courtyard

The girls Studying

Zach ran yesterday along the St. Charles River path on the Boston Side, about 7 miles. I rested, but wanted to go out with him, so I walked him over the bridge to the river path.
Zach getting ready to Run along the St. Charles in Boston

We went to little Italy for Dinner last night with Courtney, my niece from NYC and Ashley her friend. We had a lot of fun and while looking for a restaurant to seat 6 at 7:00 without reservations, I ran across Mark Brown from Denver. Funny, just a chance meeting, then saw him again on the Subway coming back. He's staying at the Hyatt downtown, we chatted a bit waiting for the crowded subway train to get in. Anyway, back at Little Italy, we ate at a nice little Italian restaurant that got us in pretty quick. Nice area, tons of Italian restaurants, lots of runners carbo loading.

Brittany, Courtney, Ashley and Dennis Headed to Little Italy

Gina and Zach Ready for some Italian Food

Nice Itallian Restaurant, Great Food. Brittany's Expression. Priceless

Zach and I ran 2.5 miles at Boston Commons today, nice easy run. We stopped and looked at a few statues and other things, so much history here. My legs felt good and the temperature was nice for running. We took the subway over and back, to keep the miles down, but it would have been about a mile each way.

We tried to do the trolley tour with all of us (Brittany, Courtney and Ashley went over to Harvard) while we ran. It didn't work out, the trolleys were all busy and we could not find one with 6 seats to stop, so after an hour we got our money back and took the subway over to Boston Commons, walked the freedom trail a bit and then it started pouring so we came back. Just relaxing at the hotel now so I thought I would blog a bit.

Trying to relax and rest my legs for tomorrow. The worst part for me is the night before a marathon and the anxiety and sleeplessness and all the what if's that can go wrong in a marathon. I know some of this is normal and try to just go with it and not worry more.

Garmin Watch Data from 2.5 Mile Boston Commons Run with Zach.

Congratulations to my friend Alicia, who completed her first 1/2 Iron Man Triathlon on Saturday in 5 Hours 57 Minutes and got 3rd in her age group. Great Job Alicia.

Friday, April 16, 2010

In Boston

We are in Boston, at the Cambridge Marriott.

It's cold here, cloudy with some rain. Forecast for the weekend is more of the same.
Good for running, but not so good for site seeing with the family.

Long flight here, glad I have a couple of days to stretch out before the marathon.

Expo tomorrow morning.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cheesman 4 Miles Easy

Ran the 4 Miles to Cheesman Park, actually to the Middle 3 Start. Chatted with the guys before they ran the middle 3 then ran back. Jeff, Scott, Craig and Tom did the Middle 3. A beardless Craig M did the middle 5 thing he does. Dan ran out to the park with us, 3 days in a row for him. He was transporting tons of Ben-Gay with him on his calfs. It's Tax Day and there was a Tea Party going on at the Capitol, so he was fired up about that.

A nice easy run. I feel good, getting lots of energy and the legs are feeling fresher. I had a nice massage on Tuesday and went to Yoga yesterday, stretch and talked with Gerry, a former runner now biker who has done Boston several times and went out there a lot to visit his kids in college. He had some good tips and stories. He also sent me this link with a view of Boston from the Spectator's view.

Fun talking to Craig, Scott and Jeff about Boston. They have all done it. They mainly talked about the bathrooms and the crowds. Craig said I should go for it and set out at a 6:30 pace. I told him if I did that I'd be sitting in Newton saying.... "OK I'm done".

I plan to take my laptop and might do a few blogs, but looks like a busy weekend. I'm getting excited, but the nerves and what if's are starting to pop in and out of my head.

4 Miles 31:58

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

MHS Track 4X400 Intervals

Ran 4 400's on the MHS Track today.

Goal was 80-85 range, Ran 1 too fast which was my biggetst worry 81,78,82,81.

Most marathon plans have you running a short track workout the week before the race, to remind your legs and lungs what it's like to run fast, but not over do it or build up too much lactic acid or soreness.

Sunny with temps in the 60's but very windy. 20-40 MPH gusts.

Good group at the track. Chris,Matt,Craig C, Tom, Tim and myself. Tim's first time to the track.
Everyone did 400's except Chris who did 40 second 200's as many as he could and stay on pace.

Alicia dropped by on an easy run and we chatted a bit. She has a 1/2 Iron Man this Saturday. Her first 1/2 Iron. Good Luck Alicia

5.5 Miles 44 Minutes with 1 mile of speed work.

I have an 80 minute massage tonight, should be so relaxing...

On the downer side...
A couple of guys were at the track with blueprints walking around. Craig talked to them. Turns out they are closing the Manual Track this summer and re-doing it and when it opens again it will probably not be open to the public. That would be the second time that has happened to us and pretty much rule out track workouts on an actual track for our group.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Cheeseman 4 Easy

Ran the Cheeseman Park Route 4 Miles, easy today from the Y at lunch.

Big group today, cloudy with some wind, but temperatures were upper 60's. Most of the group did Congress, but I stuck by my plan and just did Cheeseman. I did pick it up a tad as I was running back down 16th, thinking about Boston and feeling good with fresh legs on a Monday.

This morning I went to Yoga, good class, some nice hip stretches and core work.
I feel good going into my last week before Boston, getting some good rest/sleep so far, allergies have calmed down some with Claratin.

15 Miles planned this week, so I will probably be bouncing off the walls by the end of the week.

4 Miles 31:05

Sunday, April 11, 2010

CC Park Out and Back

Ran from the old library out to Butterfly Hill in CC Park. Mainly on the trails on the way out and mainly road/bike path on the way back.

Ran with Jill today, first time in a while. We had a good run. She is doing Boston in a week also, she wanted to do some fartleks and hill repeats, so we did some in the park. We ran from the old library out to the trails past the 3rd bridge, then took it easy on the single track till we got over to the main road by the shooting range.

Then we ran about a 400 at a 7:30 pace. Then we got on the trails and headed over to butterfly hill, with a couple of pick ups on the hills. When we got to butterfly hill, we did a couple of hill repeats on each side. On one repeat I picked up the pace going down and then back up, good work for Boston.

On the way back we ran easy and talked about Boston, she ran it last year and had lots of good advice for me for the race and for doing stuff over the weekend. We got on Jordan Road on the way back and ran that road with a gradual climb for a mile or so, then bike path back to the library. I messed up my Garmin on the way back and had it off for about a mile after the last hill repeat.

It was good to run with her again and catch up and talk about running and friends and racing plans for the summer. Thank Jill, see you in Boston, Good Luck!

Garmin Watch Data for Run

8.5 Miles 1:20:35

For my 2nd week of Boston Taper 33.5 Miles

Friday, April 9, 2010

CIty Park Duck Pond

Did the duck pond 5 Mile run today. Ran with Dave C, Andre and Pete C.

Nice day in the 60's with sun. I wore a singlet, felt good on a spring day.
Allergies were not quite as bad as yesterday, but they are here, thanks to the budding trees all over Denver.

Easy run, although Andre and I picked it up a bit the last mile as we were chatting. His back is feeling better.
5 Miles 39:54.

After the run Dave gave me some Boston advice. That is his PR marathon. Easy the first mile, run a negative split, have fun and enjoy, let it go the last 3 miles.

I had an acupuncture treatment this afternoon. Alison did both my calf's and a spot on my left hamstring. Mainly preventative. Easy treatment with the electricity down from previous, she did not want to be too aggressive so close to the Marathon. Very relaxing, like a massage. They were sore after. I walked the dogs when I got home, felt better after stretching them out some on the walk.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Middle 3

Ran my last tempo run/ middle 3 before Boston today. 18:29

Nice day, 60 degrees, sun and no wind.

We had a good group today. Jeff, Chris, Craig M, Craig C, Alicia, Tom, Jay and myself. We saw Matt coming back as we were going out and Chipman going out as we were coming back.

Craig M did a Middle 5, Alicia and Craig C did an easy 6 to get back and watch the middle 3 finish.

I felt good the whole way, I did not get any traffic stops going out, ran 9:28 out and 9:01 back with a 5:57 last mile with a break at Speer, so that was a positive.

Chris was on my heels the whole way, caught up to me at a couple of short traffic stops (Alameda and Speer coming back). He finished around 19. Amazing considering how much cross training and little running he does.

Jeff did his first middle 3 in forever and ran around 19:50, he's only run 3 times since Moab so he did good.

Tom and Jay had a close finish and won the team event with their matching uniforms (black shorts, no shirt, yellow hat). Jay had a strong kick gaining on Tom, but Tom held him off. About 21 for those two.

Fun run, good competition on a great day, this is what running is all about.

Garmin Watch Data for Middle 3

After the run, I was sneezing a lot, spring allergies are here.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Went to the 12:30 Yoga class at the Y. Susan's Class. Good workout today, lots of movement. I felt pretty good, legs were not as tight and I had decent flexibility and stamina. I felt relaxed and at peace. Na Ma Stay. It was a crowded class though.

Weather is looking good for the next few days as I continue my 2nd week of tapering.

I saw where it was 90 degrees in Boston today with high winds. I hope it has gotten it out of it's system and will behave itself next week through the race. It is supposed to cool off there, too far out to care about the forecast yet.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

MHS Track Intervals

Went to the MHS track at lunch and ran intervals. 3 X 800 (256-258) and 3X400 (80-84). Alternated 800 then 400. It was really windy at the track, a headwind on the north straightway.

We had a fast group out there today, Matt, Craig M, Chipman, myself and Craig C. The other guys did 400's except Craig M did 800's.

I didn't go all out on the intervals, but tried to run smooth and controlled. The wind threw off my stride and probably cost everyone a second or two.

6.5 Miles - 52 Minutes with 2.25 of speed work.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Congress Park 5 Miles

Ran the Congress Park route with the group today. 5 Miles Easy. Nice day, near 60 with sun and little wind.

I was sore, tired and lethargic coming off of yesterdays mediocre 10 mile run. Makes me question my training some and think maybe I'm not as fit as I could/should be. Reduced miles and intensity but still sore and tired. Looking at my blog and log from previous races, this is pretty typical though. Plus it's too late to improve any now.

I might taper my taper some more, I'll see how I feel tomorrow and adjust what I do at the track and the rest of this week.

5 Miles 39:17

Sunday, April 4, 2010

CC Park 10 Mile Tempo Run

Did a 10 Mile Tempo run this Easter Morning. Got up early and ran so I could get back by 10 and we could all go to church (Brittany's home from school). Got off to a slow start, also messed up my Garmin for the first minute or so.

My first two mile splits were way slower than my tempo pace, took me a while to get loosened up. It was cool, 40's with sun and just a little bit of a head wind going out on the out and back route. My last 8 splits were faster, but still slower than I expected. I thought 7:30's comfortably, but ran closer to 7:45 with only 2 splits around 7:30.

I felt better at the turn around for about 3 miles then slowed down a bit at the end on the hill. Not sure why I was sluggish and sore and did not nail this workout like I thought I would.

Garmin Watch Data for Route

10 Miles 1:18:06

After we met Gina's sister and my sister's families at church, Courtney is visiting from NYC. Then we went to the Harris's for A late lunch on a beautiful spring day. They lit a fire in the back yard and burned a lot of stuff including their 20 ft Pine Christmas tree. A fun day, I might have inhaled too much smoke, some of it toxic, though and perhaps a bit too much wine. 2 Weeks to detox before Boston.

Friday, April 2, 2010

City Park Duck Pond 5 Mile Run

Did an easy 5 mile duck pond run today.

Ran with Craig C and Matt, a lot of people off work today because of Good Friday and spring break.

Was kinda windy and cloundy with temps in the 40's, wore shorts and short sleeve shirt though, not too bad. Looks like a good weekend. Rest day tomorrow and tempo 10 miler on Sunday morning.

5 Miles, 42:44

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Middle 3 - 18:27

Ran the middle 3 tempo run today at lunch. 18:27 for the Middle 3 portion, my goal was 18:30 so I felt good about it, ran pretty even splits.

Patrick and Scott ran the middle 3 also, Scott was 16:50 and Patrick was 17:30's, I asked Patrick if he had been running and he said no, he was out of shape. Ha! He ran a 2:58 Boston in 2008, he said he really liked the course and the marathon in general, but he's from the area.

Matt ran 2 minute tempo intervals with 3 minute break. Tom and Craig just ran an easy 6. Craig M did a middle 5 with a loop through was park.

Nice run back, a bit up from the normal pace. Cool, cloudy day in the 50's. Perfect for a tempo run.

Garmin Watch Data for Middle 3

Garmin upgraded there web site with some nice features for displaying data.
My favorite new feature is they have an elevation correction, that uses actual elevation data for the lat/long and the elevation recorded on the watch to determine a more accurate elevation.
It makes for a smoother more realistic graph. You can turn it on or off and go back to the watch graph if you want.

You can also see splits and a lot of information on the details screen. There's also a moving pace vs actual pace, I think that accounts for slow downs and starts when you stop the watch.

7 Miles 50:27