Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Track Work - Ladder

Did intervals at the MHS track today with Matt.

We did a ladder workout which Zach told me he was doing for mile training. With Bannister coming up in 2 weeks, I thought this would be a good workout.

4oo, 800, 1200, 800, 400. The idea is to match your times on the way back down the ladder after the 1200.

I did 76,77 on the 400's. 2:47,2:52 on the 800's and 4:25 on the 1200.

Matt did the same workout but was faster on all intervals. He is in good shape.

Steve R had to drop out of my Colfax Marathon relay team with a stress facture in his ankle, so I asked Matt if he wanted in as a replacement, he's supposed to get back to me.

I had not been to the track since March 3rd (where I did 7X800) and it showed in my recovery. I was encouraged by todays workout and how good I felt before, during and after. I think switching rest and track days this week was the right decision.

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