Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cheesman 4

Ran Cheesman 4 miles with Tom, George joined us and turned around at the pota-poti for 3.
My calf was good, but a little tight on the side away from the tear for the last mile.

We talked about how our running group is falling apart, everyone is injured or out of shape or recovering or too busy to run. 3 of us show up on a Tuesday in the spring (track day in track season) and only go around Cheesman easy. Post-Moab is always a drop in intensity for the group though.

I have a massage tonight and a rest day tomorrow.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Rest Day

No run today, took a rest day. Didn't really feel like I needed one, but took one anyway.
The nasty weather this morning and a meeting that ran over the lunch time helped convice me. The weather cleared up some, should be ok tomorrow.
I went to the Y and did some stretching and some weights. Saw some runners chatted a bit.
Jeff's got a bunch of injuries from his "vacation", including ankle, knee, ribs... Makes me feel good talking to him because I'm not so bad off...

Plan on doing a group cheesman run tomorrow. Coming back easy, no speed work.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

3.3 With Zach

Ran 3.3 around Piney Creek With Zach today, same route as yesterday with a dip down the Memphis hill part way and back up. The distance was 3.3 so I could round out my running log to the 1/2 mile. It was off due to race distances being off.

We ran easy, Zach's in OK shape for the mile, but rarely goes more than 3. It was good to run with him again, it's been a while. I think he's about 4 inches taller than the last time we ran together. We talked aobut running, school and the Bolder Boulder. He wants to run it this year so we need to get him in 10k shape over the next 2 months.

I felt good, better than yesterday. That first run after an injury or lay off always seems to be the hardest regardless of pace. It's like your running muscles are stiff and have gunk in them that you have to shake out before you can run again.

3.3 in 28 minutes.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

3 Easy Crestline Loop

Ran 3 easy around Piney Creek, the Cresline Loop route. I stretched before and started out slow and kept it easy. No pain or stiffness where I pulled my calf last week (7 days ago today at Moab). But that leg was sore around my ankle/heel and also on the other side of the calf. I am guessing it is from running 6.8 miles after pulling my calf, since I altered my gait.

Feels good to be running again, we'll see how I feel tomorrow, I might go to every other day until it is 100% or might do another short easy run

3 Miles 24:55

After my run I took the dogs for a 2 mile walk to the fields on the other side of the high school and then back home the long way. Felt good to walk after.
Still some snow on the fields, dogs had fun, I let them run a bit.

Garmin Watch data for today's run

Garmin Watch data for Dog Walk

Levi and Lucy overlooking the SHHS fields during today's post run - walk.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Thawing Out

It snowed all night, probably got about 12 inches at my house. I worked at home again. The sun came out and it got nice in the afternoon and everything started melting quick. I took the dogs out for a long walk and let them run in the fields. I walked around but there were some big drifts still.

I also did another round of shoveling for 30 minutes this morning. But it looks like the sun would have melted the pavement in the front any way. At least it's some excercise and got more moisture on the lawn..

I'm ready to test my calf tomorrow, I'll go for a 3 mile easy run and if it hurts or tightens up, I will stop and stretch and walk if need be. I've gone 6 days without running since Moab. I can feel myself getting fat, although I haven't weighed. One thing about working at home, I noticed I don't eat as much as in the office. Out of my routine and not a bag of lunch and snacks next to me all day...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Snowed In

Big snow storm hit this morning. I worked from home. Not ready to run anyway, so this gives me another couple of days rest for the calf.

Didn't get any cross training or workout in, unless you count shoveling the 8 inches of snow off the drive, sidewalk and patio for 30 minutes

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Weights and Cross Train

Went to the Y, did some weights, stretching and rowed a bit. Rowing seems to be the best for the calf muscle of the cross training I have done.

Supposed to be a big storm moving in tomorrow.

When I can't run for a few days in a row, everything just seems off...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cross Train

Calf felt a little better today, more range of motion, less pain and swelling.
Went to the Y for a late workout after working through lunch.
Stretched and did some cardio cross training.
Rowing, Bike and Elliptical.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Blogging from Behind

I'm 3 days behind in my blog, have not had time to blog my Moab trip and race.
Short Story is I popped/my my calf at 6.3 mile mark and had to stop and stretch several times and could not continue at my goal pace. I ended up running a 1:37:58 which was very disappointing, but not totally unexpected.

I won't be running until this heals and I can run without pain, and then I will start back slow. I hope I can make it for the Cherry Creek Sneak, which is 6 weeks away.

Went to the Y today stretched, did some abs and some weights. Talked to several runners past and present and gave them the short story of the race.

I have some pictures to post also. I already did the prostates post for the group if you want to check that out, there are some group pictures there also.


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Moab Half Marathon


Pulled my calf muscled at 6.3 miles. Had to stop/stretch 4 times after, but was able to finish with Tom.

Disappointed, but not unexpected given the Runnung of the Green Race calf pop

Garmin Watch Data from Race

Pictures from the Weekend

Posted Race results

Thursday, March 19, 2009

4 Miles Easy

Ran 4 easy to the start of the middle 3 (south side of 8th and Franklin). My calf tugged at me the whole way. Frustrating.

I watched Jay and Eric start the middle 3 at Jay's pace and then I headed back to the Y easy by myself. Jeff ran with us to Colfax but turned around. Saving it for Moab. I probably should have done the same, but wanted to run at least 4 to see if things loosened up, plus I only ran 1 other day this week and have tomorrow off before the race.

I talked with Scott a bit outside the Y. He pulled his calf 7 miles into Moab 2 years ago and had to walk it in. That's no fun, don't want that.

Leave for Moab at 10 tomorrow, I'll try to blog if I can. If nothing else I'd like to post some times for the group and a short recap, might be from my blackberry.

I'll take the camera and have some pictures for here and the pickled prostates site when I get back on Sunday.

Thanks to runcolo for the comment. I checked out our web site, very cool and very Colorado. I will have to register on your forum when I get a chance.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Congress Park - 5.25 Miles

Ran Congress Park route today. Felt good to be running again. My calf was OK, not great but not bad. I could feel it but not pain and did not impact my stride or form (that I noticed). Ran with Matt, we had a pretty good pace going and at times got around 7 - 7:15 minute miles, especially after we got back to Cheesman and the last mike back to the Y.

Afterwards I stretched it out and if felt good walking back from the Y.

Saw some of the other Moab runners, everyone has a different plan for tapering and the race. Some are taking the next two days off etc. Tom ran Cheesman today with George. Andre and Bob went to wash park 7 (of course). I told Andre his golf course run on Friday is what messed up my calf. He said I wasn't ready to hang with a guy 11 years older than him. Ha! Bob B is going ot Moab too (his 4th), he ran with Andre today.

Made plans to meet Tom Friday night for Dinner at the Brew Pub, should be a fun weekend with the picnic after the race and everyone there. Hopefully I'll have time to blog after the race in the hotel with some pictures.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patricks Day - Another Rest Day

No run today. Went to the Y and did a quick stretch, abs weights workout because I had to be back at work for a 1:00 meeting. My calf feels better, massage tonight and we'll see how it is tomorrow. Frustrating, instead of enjoying my taper, I am fixated on my calf. On the upside my legs are feeling fresh for the first time in a while.

Jeff sent out an email to a bunch of runners on our relay team, past present and future. Giving the options for forming 2 relay teams, 1 super team and 1 normal team. Or 1 traditional team (last years team) and 1 team of whoever else is interested. Asking everyone to vote. I get 4 votes, 1 for each year. Interesting to see how it will turn out. Jeff said he would captain both teams.

Happy St. Patricks day, no drinking for me today, I am off Alcohol the week before Moab. Not sure if it makes a difference, this far from a half marathon. Some people I know don't drink for like a month before a Marathon (I've done that) and some even take it to the extreme 6 months. Alcohol and running don't mix well for a lot of reasons, dehydration, weight gain, energy depletion and slowing recovery, but I think as long has you hydrate and do not go to extremes it will not impact your race (unless it's the night before). Most runners I know drink beer (carbos) and the post race beer is the best, I find wine, really dehydrates me and gives me dead legs the next day. Craig C. even drinks beer during the Colorado Relay. He's old school.

I am Irish by the way, so it's not like I'm sterotyping the Irish for drinking on St. Patrick's day.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Rest Day - Recover???

No run today. Needed to rest my calf, hope that it heals as much as possible before Saturday's race. I went to the Y to stretch and do some abs and weights. I got there about the time the group was gathering for the lunch run. I enjoy the group runs after a race, hearing or telling the stories or excuses, one of my funnest days to run. Especially when Craig C is there, he never lets anyone slide away from a bad race. As Carlos used to say, "You gotta show up to defend yourself" It really stung not being able to go along today and join in. The good weather just added insult #2 to injury.

I talked to Scott H a bit while stretching, he told me he had a really bad behind the knee type tear last week, that turned black and blue and was swollen. He thought he was done for Moab but it cleared up in a couple of days and he's fine now. I think he has miracle healing powers though, maybe a fountain of youth somewhere.

When I walked from the Y back to my office it felt better. I will stretch some more tonight, maybe ice and heat and evaluate tomorrow. Would like to get 2 runs in before Moab in the next 3 days. I have a massage scheduled tomorrow night.

Running of the Green - 7k

Ran the Running of the Green, the Downtown Denver St. Patrick's day race, Lucky 7k 4.3 Miles in 28:27. About a minute slower than my prediction from yesterday. As it turned out, I am surprised it was that close.

A little past 2 miles into the race my right calf popped, pulled something. It slowed my stride a bit and crushed my spirit. I was able to run through and finish the race, but I could feel it the rest of the way. All I could think about was Moab and how this was supposed to just be a tune up race and now it might impact my Moab race and time. Not sure how bad it is, I think it is similar to what I had in Early January, took about a week to heal and then I ran a pretty good 10 mile race a week after that. I only have 5 days though.

It was a really nice day. I wore a muscle shirt. I was really cold in the shadow's of Lodo waiting for the race to start. I rode with Jill and her boys (Brendon and Ryan) who also ran it. We got there a little late and had to park a ways away, one of Jill's friends followed us to the race, their first race ever. I knew it would be close to the start of the race if I picked up my packet and came back to the car, so I didn't take any extra clothes. By the time I got my packet and used the porta potti I only had 10 minutes before the start of the race, but it was a cold 10 minutes.

I started the race a bit slow, there were a lot of people there and I should have gotten closer to the start, the first few blocks I got caught behind packs of runners and had to dart and dodge to find a clearing. I finally got into a pace but was still slower than the 6:20 I was expecting. My legs were tight as usual. My right calf was tight, but I didn't think it would pop like it did. The first 2 miles have a lot of rolling hills and a pretty good uphill, it was right after the 2nd mile mark as you turn and back toward the start.

After my calf popped, I actually relaxed a bit in my legs. I held a decent pace 6:30. Steve Cavalli ran up beside me and we ran together for about a half mile. He pulled away from me and finished a couple of blocks ahead of me by the time we got to the end.

After the race it wasn't too bad for a while, I saw Jay S, Bob M and Bob ? at the end. I got some food, chocolate milk and of course a beer. Went back to the start and found Jay and Jill, hung out a bit, got my shirt and went back to Jill's car to drop off my stuff and get her camera and phone. When I got back about 30 minutes later, it was a total mob scene especially around the beer. I eventually found Jill and her boys and then we went to get a beer, which was really crazy. Somehow we saw Jay and his friends and one of them got Jill a beer.

So we hung out in the sun a bit and talked about running and stuff, Jill's other friend Jim and his family came by. Just as we were getting ready to leave, Jill's husband John and Abbey were there. Since I had to get back home, 12:30 by then. Jill let me take her car back home and she stayed with her family and friends and made a day of it.

Jill, Jay and Dennis on the edge of the Beer Mob after the Race.
Notice how Dennis does NOT have a beer. What's wrong with this picture?

Garmin Watch Data for Running of the Green

Overall, I'd have to say it was a "bad race" because of the calf injury (another one) and being so close to Moab. If I could have a "redo" on the day. I would have skipped the race, but that's running I guess and it was a fun day otherwise and the weather was really good for Mid March in Denver, got lots of sun today.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Walking the Dogs

Took a rest day from running, walked the dogs.
In fact the weather was so nice I walked them twice.

Went for about 2 1/2 miles at Cherry Creek Park dog park, they had a blast. Both got really muddy especially Lucy who got mud on my shorts and legs. I came home and gave them both a short bath.

Then around 5 I walked them around the neighborhood for about 45 minutes.

I did some stretching, right calf is kind of tight, had some twinges in it during the week. Overall I had a really, easy relaxing day, Gina had to work and the kids were busy most of the day. I went out on the driveway and sat in the sun soaking it in. It felt like spring is here today.

Running of the green tomorrow, should be fun. Going for 27:30 4.3 miles. Not sure what my PR is, it has been a long time since I've run this one.

Friday, March 13, 2009

City Park Golf Course - 7

Ran the City Park Golf Course Route today. 40's with Sun, little wind, not bad running weather. Ran it with Andre. I was feeling pretty good and he starting talking "7 mile smack", so I joined him. Craig M did the duck pond and Jay did the little known "Le Peep Lunch Run" - run from the Y to the Le Peep Restaurant across from city park and have lunch with your friends. On the way back we ran past there and yelled Jay's name.

It's been a while since I've done this route, usually do it in the summer when I'm in good shape and can do 7 miles in the heat following a middle 3. It has a great view of the City and the Rockies behind it as you turn left onto 23rd from Colorado and head west.

At one point during the run Andre asked me why I signed up for the Pikes Peak Full Marathon, having just blogged it, I gave him all the reasons (minus the video). Anyway he then proceeded to tell me a bunch stories about runners that were injured while doing the full and coming back down. Mmmm.....

Noticed there were no golfers on the course or at the range, kinda strange it wasn't that cold.

On the way back we did the "cafe tour", ran past Le Peep and yelled Jay - Slacker. Then headed down 18th passing all the cafe's. Not many people outdoors, a few. In the summer time it will be a different story.

7 Miles, 55:39

Mark did the Wash Park run we did yesterday, he sent me this link from Runners world for marathon training. He is signed up for the Deadwood Marathon in early June.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Around Wash Park 9.5

Ran around Wash Park today, 9.5 Miles. Haven't done this route in a while. I saw Jeff in the lobby this morning and he said he was going to run this long run route to get ready for Moab and skip the Middle 3. I said I was going to skip the middle 3 also after intervals yesterday and a race this weekend but probably do the 7 miles with the group. We also chatted about Pikes Peak, he's in the Ascent wave 1.

I went back to my office and thought about it a bit and after a few emails to the group, I ended up running around the park with Tom at 11:40. Jeff ended up doing a 7 mile Tempo run. Jay started with Tom and I but had to turn around at Speer for a 1:00 meeting. We talked about last years Pikes Peak Ascent and the weather, training and the conditions and how lucky we were to finish the Ascent last year.

Tom and I had a good, comfortable steady pace going for the distance and picked it up a bit for the last mile from Colfax to the Y. Good run Tom, especially coming off a cold like you are.

9.5 Miles 1:17:44

Garmin Watch Data for Today's Run

As a follow up to yesterdays post, there was another thing that influenced me in deciding to do the Pikes Peak Marathon instead of the Ascent. As I was sitting on my couch watching the Biggest Loser (no lie) pondering the decision, this commercial came on and pushed me into the Marathon. The combination of the running images, the music and Morgan Freeman's voice told me to "go left instead of right today" and to "do something that I've always wanted to do". I will have to put this song on my mp3 player as I train this summer.

YouTube Video Link

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cheesman Intervals and Pikes Peak Full - Step 1

Ran some Cheesman Intervals today, my legs were feeling much better as was my energy level (and the sunshine helped too). It was still cold, but not frigid, in the 30's, which is not bad when you are doing intervals if there is no wind chill and sunshine.

I went early before the group run at 11:30 because I wanted to register for the Pikes Peak Marathon on line at 1:00, so I needed to be back at my computer by 1. More about that below.

With my 50 minute time window, I did 5 1/2 mile repeats under 3 minutes. I felt like I could have done more had I the time. I caught the group (Tom,Andre and Bob) at the end of my fifth one barely . Tom was going around Cheesman park but I needed to head back the short way so we didn't run back together.

6 Miles, 48:45 with 5X 1/2 Mile Intervals at 3:00.

I got back and settled at my desk ready to register for the Pikes Peak Marathon. Why do I want to register for this? I don't know, other than I did the Ascent and this would be a challenge and not a common accomplishment in our group (many Ascenter's, not so many fulls (or is it fools)), I'm in shape or will be if I stay on track and like a lot of things, if I don't do it now, I might never do it (reason #1 I did the Ascent last year). Jill put the bug in my ear last year after the Ascent. She got turned around due to weather and ended up doing 20 miles, very close to the full marathon. She said next year I'm just going to go for the Full Marathon and I said yeah, that was fun, me too. 7 Months later and here we are, registration time. Jill changed her mind and decided to go for the Ascent again, there can't be two years of bad weather in a row can there? A final reason that I want to do the full, almost every runner that I know when you tell them you did Pikes Peak, they say "the full or the Ascent"?

I got a lot of emails this morning from runners and former runners reminding me about the registration and asking if I was going to sign up this year. The main one was Jay's to the group reminding them to sign up for the Ascent at 12:00 or 12:30. I replied and added some more people that it was open for the Full registration at 1:00 and that was where my money was going. This surprised some since I despise running uphill, I got this response from Craig C:

Wow, Dennis, you’ve become a mountain running fool – I didn’t know I created a
monster when I snookered you into Mt. Evans.

So see Gina, it's all Craig's fault, in more ways than this too.

Anyway I got back to my desk thinking how disappointed I would be if I could not get into the race, but thought maybe I could sign up for wave 1 ascent as a fallback. I had all my info ready including my qualifying link, high speed connection and my door shut in my office.

I clicked on the Register Button and "Server too busy". Arggg. Reminds me of Rockies 2007 World Series tickets and Woot BOC (any wooters will know what that means http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Woot.com).

I kinda expected it, so kept refreshing. Finally after about 7 minutes it let me in. I was so excited I screwed up a couple of things on the form that normally I would not have, but in the end I am registered and confirmed for Pikes Peak Marathon Wave 1 2009.

The good news is I'm registered for the Pikes Peak Marathon, that's also the bad news. I'm sure in August I will be thinking, what the hell was I thinking. Oh well it will be an adventure, stay tuned.

Of my group of running friends nobody else I know signed up for the Marathon but I haven't heard from everyone yet, I'm sure there's someone out there I know doing the full. To the left is a picture of last year's ascent with the weather blasting me as I crawled my way to the top.

Of our group I know the following got into the Ascent...

Craig C
Jay (Reason #2 I did the Ascent last year).

Unfortunately they are on different days to Ascent on Saturday August 15th, Marathon on Sunday August 16th.

Maybe I should have signed up as a Doubler so I could run with them and do the Marathon? Nah save it for next year...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Too Little Too Late - Tuesday

No workout today, didn't even go to the Y or even do anything at home after work. Felt very lethargic all day. Legs still hurt and fatigue I assume from Sunday's run. Maybe allergies kicked in, maybe overtrained.

I've had days like this before, just out of the blue, drained and usually bounce back the next day (unless it's the flu or something, yikes, do not want).

The cold (below 30) and the snow after such great weather lately did not help either. Plus work kept me busy. OK enough excuses.

I was planning on mixing up my running schedule this week anyway, so here it is.

Need to sign up for the Pikes Peak Marathon tomorrow. The way I feel today, it might as well be the "Run to the Moon Ultra-Marathon", it seem that implausible to run up Pikes Peak and back down the way I feel.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Cherry Creek Bike Path Up at 11th

5 Miles (a little over that I think) today on Cherry Creek bike path got off the path at 11th and headed back to the Y. This is a shortcut to the normal path run, cutting a little over a half mile off it. I needed it today.
9 runners showed up for the run today, most in a while. It was cold for our noon run, Daylight Savings Time made it a little cooler than it would have been, but it was still in the 30's with some sun and some wind, but not bad. Shorts, long sleeve shirt and gloves.

I had a really blah run, I was still sore and tired from yesterday's tempo run. Can't figure out why that one hit me so hard. I was slow and breathing hard, can't remember the last time I was at the Colfax light and struggling some. Never did really relax and run, like I have been following a tough workout. It still beats working though. In hindsight I should have taken the day off running to recover instead of trying an easy recovery run. We'll see how I feel tomorrow. Probably no speed work, maybe a rest day.

My left eye was watering really badly although I took Claritin this morning (day 2).

Matt, Dave, George and myself did the run, the rest of the guys went to wash park, Jeff was going around the park for a long run.

5.25 Miles 42 minutes

Sunday, March 8, 2009

12 Mile Tempo

Ran a 12 Mile tempo workout today. Out and back to Cherry Creek Reservoir.
it was a nice day, sunny around 60. The wind was up from the south though, I could tell it was going to be hitting me in the face on the way back. I left around 12 (with DST kicking in last night).
The plan was 3 miles easy, 6 miles up tempo and finish with 3 miles easy.
I started out a little faster than "easy" but I felt good, ran the first 3 miles in 23 minutes

When I got to the 3 mile mark I turned it up. My right calf was twinging / tugging a bit and I pretty much felt it the whole 6 mile up tempo part. I stopped briefly at the porta-potti, used it, had some gu and a good water break. I ran that 3 mile stretch in 21:11 to the turn around point near a bench by the lake. That was exactly what I wanted. So far so good.

I turned around and the wind hit me, which I was expecting. I had to buck the wind through the next 3 miles, occaisionally turning out of it, I ran the 4th mile at 7:15, then ran the next two at 7:36, I was disappointed I was not under 7:30 for those two miles, so I ened up running this 3 mile streatch in about 22:27.

I stopped and had a long water break and another Gu and looked at the snow capped rockies and contiplated on my slow 3 mile stretch. Then I ran the 3 miles back home. I really did do this stretch easy, it is uphill and I finally turned out of the wind. 23:30 for the final stretch.

Total Time was 1:30:41 for 12.06 miles (according to Garmin), a 7:31 pace.
To meet my goal in Moab in 13 days, I will need to run 13.1 in that time - 41 seconds, taking 35 seconds off my pace. Seems implausible, but that's my goal, maybe a good taper will help.

I had some alergy symptoms this morning, so I took my first Claritin of the year. I was well hydrated for this run and took some electrolytes and some sports legs before and during the run in addition to the Gu. My heart rate was pretty steady 160-170, with a max of 170 so I never did really push above the threshold. When I stopped at the 9 mile mark I did feel a little gassed that was when it reached the max.

After I got home, I walked the dogs a couple of miles and then washed by 4runner, it was so nice. My legs were sore. Later I took a nap and when I woke up there were sore kinda all over.

Not sure what I'm going to do next week, running wise. I think the priority should be to recover and get the kinks out and maybe try to run a strong Green on Sunday. I will see how I feel tomorrow and go from there.

Garmin Watch Data with HRM

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Rest Day

Rest Day from running. I did get out and walk the dogs for about a mile and a half. Gina had to work today, so I did a bunch of stuff around the house (10 items on my to do list).

I took Zach over to Runners Roost to get some new running trainer shoes and some spikes for the track. They have a package special for high school track, where if you buy trainers and spikes you get half off the spikes, 3 pack of running socks and a bag. Zach talked him into trading the bag for more socks. Zach also wears down under inserts. I used my 3rd place in my division award coupon from last weeks race to get $5 off of those and some Gu. Not bad for $175, probably saved about $40 total. Zach is running the mile and maybe a relay for JV, he's in 9th grade at Smoky Hill High School.

When we got home, Zach went for a 4 mile run around the neighborhood with a friend of his who is also in track. I let him use the Garmin and the HRM. His Max heart rate jumped to 209 at the finish. Oh to be young again...

Garmin watch data for Zach's Run

Friday, March 6, 2009

City Park Duck Pond 5

Ran the duck pond friday route today. I had originally "penciled in" a 9.5 mile around wash park, but went the short easy duck pond instead.

Andre, Jay, Craig C, Matt and myself. One of Jay's JAG buddies from the Y ran part way with us, he's working on getting in shape and might join us. I forgot his name.

Easy run, felt good, but a twinge in my right calf was still there.

Rest day tomorrow.

5 Miles, 40 Minutes

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Middle 3 Thursday

18:57 on the Middle 3 today. I felt kinda average, not fast, but not slow, wanted to break 18:30 but not to be today. Legs were still tight from Tuesday's track, but that is normal. It wasn't that long ago that breaking 19 would have made me ecstatic.

Craig C and Jay ran it also, we were all a little slower than last week. I noticed Jay did not have that hacking/gagging noise when he finished today, it's become a trademark for him at the end of a race or run.

I didn't have Craig M to push me today. He went for a Middle 4 to start training for Colfax.
We ran back together. I did pick it up a half mile from the Y to work on my Half Marathon kick.

Eric showed up when were were done with the middle 3 part. He was going to run it but didn't have a watch. Would have been fun to see where he was in relation to me. He can usually show up out of shape and run around 18, I think he might actually be in shape (he told me yesterday at the Y he logged 100 miles in February). He is one of the few of us that ran in College. He ran Cross Country for Tulsa. He weighs about 140 and runs without effort it seems.

Maybe next week, we can race, but with the running of green, I might skip next week's middle 3 and save it for the 4.7 mile race on Sunday.

Nice, windy, Sunny, 65 degrees.
I had a slight twinge in my right calf, probably nothing, but making a note just in case.

I noticed a lady reading a book on the porch at the start/finish of the middle 3. She was laying on a couch in the sun, looked so relaxed, she looked over at us briefly like "Oh those guys again". I often wonder what the people living on Franklin and 8th think of our weekly race ritual. This has been going on for years, I'm sure they think we are crazy.

Garmin Watch Data with HRM for Middle 3

I noticed Garmin added a Splits Tab to the web site, with a CSV export, nice feature.
Waiting for the Google Earth Export. Keep the new features coming Garmin.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wednesday Rest Day

Took the day off from running. Went to the Y and did some weights, stretched and some abs.
Had a great massage last night, Tara really worked on my legs. Left one was tighter than the right for whatever reason. I slept really good afterwards too, through the night.

My legs were really sore today, I think the massage makes them more sore because it works all that lactic acid and toxins out. Need to hydrate.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

MHS Intervals

Interval Workout today. Left the Y at 12:15. Jeff went with me.
We ran to the MHS Track and Jeff did a couple of 800's with me then took it up tempo back to the Y so he could get back to a seminar.

I stayed and did a total of 7X800 253-256 range (very consistent at 2:56 today 6 of 7).
It was warm, in the 70's and sunny. It was kinda windy, which is annoying on a track (tail wind, side wind, head wind). Nobody around, just me after Jeff left.

Found out later the other Moab guys were at Cheesman doing intervals at the normal time.

This makes 6 days in a row with 3 speed workouts and a long run, so my legs are dead. I was happy to get them all in under 3 minutes and did 7 instead of 6. I am ready for a massage tonight, a good nights sleep and a day off running.

18 Days to Moab, I have been working hard, I better see some results....

Race Action Photos

I like these 3 photos from the 5k DAM race.

This one at the start shows Jill (#38) and me (111) working our way through the crowd. I squeezed between two ladies who were race walking (why do they get up front). My MP3 earphones came out and I was cradling them in my elbow till I got through the crowd. I didn't want to mess with them so I just stuffed them in my pocket for the race.

Just before the finish, giving it one last kick. I like how my right leg is fully bent and my left leg has a good plant with no pronation.

Leaping across the finish and hitting my stop button on my watch just as my chip crosses the timer. I like how the timer chip shoe is the first one to cross, never thought about that before might make a 1 second difference. :)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Wash Park - Easy 7

Ran the Wash Park 7 mile run today with Craig M. Dave, Tom and Jay started with us but did the Cheesman 4 mile. Jeff would out for 9.5 around the park.

Nice day, 60's, no wind and Sunny.

Told the guys on the run about the whooping guy (made a whoop sound when her ran) from the race yesterday who cut the course and I passed him twice without him passing me. I thought he was going to try to collect an award for the 60+ age group, but he was just running the race for fun or got hurt. He didn't sound good when he was running that's for sure but didn't look hurt after the race and was watching the awards. Not sure what I would have done had he collected an award for that, probably have confronted him personally before going to the race officials but on an out and back race, a lot of people would have seen him cut the course.

A friend of mine in high school did that at a state golf meet, turned in another golfer for cheating on his score card, he took a lot of heat for that later. I had forgotten about that until yesterday after the race.

Craig M and I talked about half marathon training and training in general. He's looking at training for the Colfax Half Marathon in May.

My legs were heavy, no energy. Not really that sore. Also very tired energy wise. I hope I can squeeze out a good track workout tomorrow before my rest day.

7 Miles 54 Minutes.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

That DAM 5k - 19:49

I woke up this morning very early and laid in bed for a long time thinking about nothing and everything. One thing I was thinking about was what my legs were going to feel like for running a 5k today. I told Jill the night before I was in for the race, my legs felt good last night and Gina had to work today and I've wanted to do that race for years, so... I committed, I was in for the 5k.

You should never do a race after a long run or a speed workout and usually you want a rest day near by to rest your legs and heal the micro-fibres etc. I knew I shouldn't do it. I laid in bed thinking if my legs were sore I would either run around the park waiting for Jill to finish and save the $30 entry fee or maybe run it easy under an alias (so none of my fellow runners pick me out of the on-line results and bash me with a slow time and no excuses) or maybe just lay in bed and text Jill that I was out for the day (more bashing...). When I got up and started walking I was sore and thought oh boy, no race. I looked out the window expecting sunshine and it was cloudy and 38, where was the 70 degree sunny Sunday I was expecting. I did not want to race today.

When I got in the car with Jill, I told her I was 50/50 about just running easy and not racing. She said "What are you doing here then?". I thought she was going to stop the car and push me out. Never mind that she has said this to me on many occasions including last week. So I guess that shocked me and when we got there, I was grumpy, but I went right to the table and registered. One thing I did not want was to push my sore legs and have another injury especially a calf injury with Moab less than 3 weeks away.

It was still cold out, we changed into our racing clothes (version 1.0) and pinned on our numbers and put on our chips and ran over to some porta-pottis on the other side of the park, as we were running I felt things loosen up and started thinking maybe I could squeak out a sub-20 5k. That is my make or break number 20 minutes. Over and I am disappointed, under and I am elated. I have different numbers for different distances and it changes depending on my fitness level but 20 is the 5k number.

When the race started I felt good, a slow start because of the pack, I had to push Jill out of my way :). The DAM looks flat, but when you run it, it has a crest. You run out 1 1/2 miles and then back. After about 1/2 mile, the pack thinned out and everyone settled into their race pace. I could see Jay S ahead of me and pulling away as usual. He's in my age group (for 2 more weeks). I was running around 6:15 according to my Garmin and felt pretty good the first mile. I started to feel it a bit at the turn around. I inspected the 15 or so runners in front of me to see how many might be in my age group. I counted 4 including Jay that could be. I passed 2 of them in the 2nd mile, where my pace had slowed a bit, but I still felt good, I thought maybe I had 3rd in my division, so don't let anyone else pass.

At about 2 1/2 miles my quads and upper leg muscles were screaming, felt like they were burning from yesterdays long run and a solid week of running with speed work etc. I was so glad this was a 5k and not a 5 mile run. I was calculating in my head that sub-20 was there, I just needed to keep the pace. One thing about this run is you can see the whole course most of the way, so the finish line was in site and seemed a long ways away. My Garmin had a great signal and I knew exactly how far it was to run. When I got to 2.85, I thought about the track and how all I needed to do was run a 1:45 quarter to get in under 20, that helped.

So I finished in 19:49. (19:53 on their clock). A 6:23 pace. I felt really good about it considering how sore I was and almost dodged the race. I ended up getting 3rd in my Division and 18th overall (results posted below). Jay S got 2nd in the age group (40-49) and some 40 year old won our division. It was a small race, but I'll take my 3rd place $5 gift certificate to runners roost (on the other side of town).

Jill finished 2nd in her age group, 22:35. She had a good race, first time under 23 in a long time. Here's a link to her blog with a description and some pictures. There were some funny moments and it was fun, I will link to her blog when she posts it. Thanks for the race Jill and thanks for kicking me in the butt this morning too, guess that's what running buddies do huh?

Thanks Gina for being so understanding for my running and the races and the training and the icing and the moaning with pain and discomfort and the complaining and everything that comes with being married to the obsessed runner that I have become. Thanks for working and for being there.

Garmin Watch Data for the Race

2009 Race Results