Sunday, August 11, 2013

Georgetown Idaho Springs Half Marathon

I ran the Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half Marathon on August 10, 2013.
I ran a 1:34:10.  A pretty average performance on my part.  I felt good during the race, just didn't have the speed to push down to a 1:30 pace.   It's a fun race though, nice course downhill and great scenery.  Zach ran with me, he ran 1:26.  We did not hang around long after the race because we were moving him into his frat house in Boulder that day, so we went back to Denver after the finish.  Nice day though, Blue Skies, good temperatures.

Garmin Watch Data for the Race

Georgetown Idaho Springs Half Marathon Results

This was my 4th Half Marathon this year, and my slowest by about a minute.  I don't think I had enough recovery time after Evergreen to really go for a sub 1:30.

Georgetown Half Marathon, on the dirt portion around mile 8.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Evergreen Town Race - 10K

I ran the Evergreen Town Race on August 4, 2013.  I ran a really strong race with a nice pace and finally broke 40 minutes in the 10K.  I ran a 39:30, taking 2 minutes off of my Bolder Boulder 10k PR 2 months ago.  I finished 54 overall and 5th in my age group (10 year age groups 40 - 49).

Zach ran a strong 37:22, also a PR and taking 2 minutes off his Bolder Boulder time.

I ran behind Mike from our Pickled Prostates 2012 team.  We stayed together on a bout a 6:25 pace , I was just behind him   I had 20 on my Garmin at the 5k, so that means a negative split to break 40.  I pulled away from Mike at about 3.5 miles, I dropped my pace just a bit and ran 19:30 for the second 5k with a fast finish to beat the 39:30 clock.

Really like this course, downhill with a lot of turns, canyons, meadows and trees and a creek and a really nice neighborhood to run through.  The parking for the bus pickup and the bus organization could use a little work, but the post race party is really good also.

Garmin Watch Data for Race

Evergreen Town Race 2013 Results

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

EPIC Rocky Mountain Relay

I ran the EPIC Rocky Mountain Relay July 19, 20th with the Anadarko Petroleum  Gassers.  This was my fourth Relay with the Anadarko runners.  This year they had two teams.

I had a really fun time.  One of our runners, Sarah, was sick the night before the relay and dropped out just hours before we started the race.  So Bob, Lonnie and I split up her 3 legs, running 1 each.  That gave me 4 legs with 24 total miles (8 more than expected).

I ran all 4 legs hard.  3 of them were downhill, the 4th was short 3.5 miles but a steady uphill.

Only having 11 runners made us a faster team that with 12, due to the fastest 3 runners splitting the legs.  We finished in 28: 31:53.

Results for 2013 EPIC Rocky Mountain Relay

Starting Line, Van 1 from each team.  Sean, Candice, Katherine, Lori, Dennis, Neal, Sharon, Bob, Cary, Sherry, Scott, Lonnie

Finish Line Anadarko Gassers 28:31:53
Brandon, Mike, Chelsea, Bob, Candice, Ronnet,Dennis, Raleen, Katherine, Elizabeth, Lonnie

Hanging out between the exchanges

Bob Giving Me Water on Leg 6

A sunset finish for me in Salida, after Leg 18, my favorite leg of the 4.

Garmin Watch Data Leg 6

Garmin Watch Data Leg 18

Garmin Watch Data Leg 28

Garmin Watch Data Leg 30

Monday, July 8, 2013

Avery 4K on the Fourth

I ran the Avery 4K on the 4th.  On July 4th, 2013.  In Boulder, CO.

It's a fun race.  The course is pretty boring, running in a business park area next to Avery Brewery in Northeast Boulder.  But it's a flat and fast course, with 3 turnarounds though.  The Post Race party is fantastic with a real 4th of July Feel, great food and prizes and free Avery Beer with multiple choices for the runners.  I definitely recommend this race if you are a fan of fast, short races with a great post race party on the 4th of July.

It was a fast group of runners, lot of younger people and runners local to Boulder, so it was a fast start and a pretty good pack ahead of me, despite starting out front.  With 3 turn arounds, you can always see who is ahead and just behind you.  My goal was 3rd in my age group so I could "win" the 12 pack of beer given to the age group placers.  The Age group winner gets a case, looking at last years results, I figured that was out of reach.

I ran a fast 5k pace, my Garmin clocked 6 minute miles for the first 2 miles.  I felt good, especially coming out of each turn around.  Kind of hot on the road with a little shade to one side, but none for fhe last 1/2 mile.  After mile 2 I thought I was on track for a 15:00 2.48 mile / 4k.  I pushed it a bit going up the slight hill to the last turnaround and passed several runners.  I was surprised at the finish that the clock was well past 15:00, and on 15:30 as i finished.  I think the course might have been a bit long, because I was running a 5:50 pace the last 1/2 mile and my Garmin logged 2.6.
Garmin Watch Data for Race

I cam in 39th overall.  I did get 3rd in my Age Group, missing 2nd by about 10 seconds but first place was close to 14.  I felt like I could have pushed harder, especially the last half mile and gotten in under 15.

2013 Avery 4K on the Fourth Results

Avery 4K on the Fourth, with my 3rd place Age Group Winnings.
A 6 Pack of White Rascal and a 6 Pack of India Pale Ale
The post race was really fun, sat with some people I met and ate the delicious breakfast burritos and snacks and sampled some fine Avery Microbrew, watched the awards and lottery prizes and some fun patriotic rock music.  Then collected by 12 pack award and came home.   Happy 4th Everyone!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Slacker Half Marathon

I ran the Slacker Half Marathon on June 22, 2013.  I had a great race.  A PR of 1:26:28, taking almost 5 minutes off my previous PR of 1:31:16 in 2010 at Mickleson Trail, SD.   I got 2nd in my age group and 18th Overall and 18th male.

Slacker has always been one of my favorite races, it is so much fun. This was my 4th slacker.   From Loveland Ski Area down to Georgetown.  2500 Feet of Elevation drop from 10,800 down to 8,500 Feet.  I have not raced it since they paved the bike path where it used to be trail, it made for a faster course.   It was just a perfect day, all the way around.  No wind, sunny but not too hot, I was feeling good and got into a fast pace and held it the whole way.  I was aiming for a 1:30 (6:52 pace), but felt good running closer to 6:30 pace.  When I reached mile 9, I felt I was going to break 1:30, so anything else was gravy, so I pushed a bit and passed a couple of people.  I was expecting to slow down some, but it never happened (unlike the Platte half).  Mile 12 was my fastest mile, with a 6:11 split.

I thought a sub 1:30 would get me an age group podium finish, but I was surprised to get in the top 20 overall.  When I got to Bakerville a course marshal pointed at me and said 21.  I didn't know what he was talking about, since the watch time was close to 40 minutes.  Then I heard him say 22 to the person behind me and realized I was 21st.  How could that be, there were so many people ahead of me on the bike path around mile 1.  I had cruised through them.  After that I passed a couple on the frontage road and then the same guy was at mile 10 in Silverplume, pointed at me and said 19.   A guy passed me at the water station and I never passed him back, was gaining at the end but he finished 3 seconds ahead of me.  We passed 2 runners on the way to the finish.  1 guy ended up being in my age group and got 3rd, only 30 seconds behind me.
Feeling Good on the Frontage Road at Slacker Half

Start of Slacker, Loveland Ski Area.  Running downhill and into the sun on a great Colorado Summer Day.
It was one of those special days where everything clicks and feels so good.  Dennis Likes this.

I gave Kate Bjerke a ride to the race.  It was her first half marathon and her 2nd race ever (a 5k before she had children).  On the way up we saw two big horn sheep battling on the side of I-70 on the shoulder of the road.  I've never seen that , that close before.  Amazing, you could hear the horns crashing as we drove past.   We got to the race really early, got our bibs and on the bus with no problems, got there with over an hour before the race starts, which is the way I like it.  While we were standing around talking, I saw Diane, from the somewhat picked team a couple of years ago.  She recognized me and then the 3 of us hung out before the race, her first race since having a baby last year.  It was fun sharing the experience of Katie's first race, she ran a 2:08 and her family met her at the finish.   Diane ran a 2:01, we waited at the finish for Kate.

Slacker Mile 12 Just before Georgetown, still feeling strong and new it was a PR day.

After the race I was so happy.  One of those rare moments where you surpass your best expectations and feel so good about everything.  I enjoyed the post race and the podium for that brief few seconds I was up there, you never know when you are going to get that back.

Slacker Finish.  1:26:28, so Happy to Break 1:30 and have a huge PR

Garmin Watch Data for Race

Slacker Half Marathon Results

2nd Place in Age Group, on the podium with a medal.  What a great day.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Muddy Buffalo - 2 Mile Obstacle Run

I ran the Smoky Hill High School Muddy Buffalo Run on June 1, 2013.  This is a fund raiser for the Smoky Hill Cross Country team and a fun events for the neighborhood parents, runners, high school students and teachers and the cross country team and alumni.

It's a run obstacle course that's a 1 mile loop starting on the track and going over hey bales, through a maze of reeds, crab walking uphill, through tires, of course the mud, hills and back on the track.

The parent community race does 2 loops, so 2 miles total.

I might not normally blog this race, but I won the parent/community/student race this year.  Ran 13:48.  About a minute and a half faster than last year similar course.  It's not very often if ever I WIN a race so I had to blog it.  Last year Bill beat me, I won this year because he's a bit injured and I'm in better shape.  And I wanted it.  I saw the tape for the kids race and thought, I've never taken the tape in a race I want to do that today.

Finally I get to take the tape and win a race.  I tried to make it dramatic for the camera, in my head this was  a much cooler picture.  Maybe I should have gone for the lean.

First Lap, leading the field through the Reed Maze

Rounding the Corner after the hills and the mud pit. 

Of course I had some bloody knees, some rocks in the mud pit got me.
Let the summer running scab season begin.

Winners of the Parent/community Race
Dennis(1), Bill (2), Gina (3rd), Deb (2nd)

Gina ran too, her first race in a while, this was a goal for her though.  She did great, even got a medal for 3rd female.

More Pictures on the Smoky Hill Cross County Facebook Page Click Here

Monday, May 27, 2013

Bolder Boulder - 10K

Ran the Bolder Boulder 10k race on memorial Day.  Zach ran it also, he was in the A wave and I was in the AB Wave.

I had a great race, ran a PR 41:34.  Felt good most of the way, felt the hill at mile 4 though and then kicked it in for the last 2 miles and went for the PR, passed a lot of runners.  Really happy with the results, the weight loss and training this winter and spring are paying off.

Garmin Watch Data for Bolder Boulder 10k

Zach and I pre-race before the 7 am start.  Beautiful day this year.
Zach had a good race, ran 40:02.  A good time despite little to no training for 8 months.  A lot of the SHHS cross country runners were there and we met them in the stands afterwards.

Action Photo of the Bolder Boulder, on one of the many turns (22) in the race.  Looks like that guy and I are going to trip over each other.  I don't recall him or that turn really, I think it was near mile 5.

Bob and I post race.  He ran a strong 10k and this is in between 2 Marathons in 3 weeks.

2013 Bolder Boulder Results

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Colfax Marathon Relay - 6.4 Mile Leg 1

I ran the Colfax Marathon Relay, Leg 1 on May 19th with team  Where's the Bus.
Same team as last year, same people, same legs for everyone, different name (named after Raj not finding the bus).

I felt really good and had a nice 6.4 mile run from City Park down to Mile High Stadium, mainly down hill.

I ran it in 43:41, a minute 19 seconds faster than last year, a 6:39 pace.  Nice day for the race.

Overall the team finished in 3:31, 3 minutes faster and moved up to 15 in our division.  

Running Through Mile High Stadium at about Mile 6.  Felt Good

Another shot with the Bronco in the background.

After my leg, I waited for Bob to come through, he was running the Marathon, he looked good, I ran with him a couple of blocks and wished him luck.  He ended up running a 3:36.

Then I ran about 6 miles back to City Park easy and waited for my team to finish.  I missed them at the finish, but saw Bob and Matt and Pete.  Matt was 4th overall in the 10 mile race, running a 1:04

I finally found my team in the post race party after searching for an hour, it was so crowded, but good food and drink and a really nice day in the park.  There's a team pic someone took of us, but I haven't found it yet, I'll post it when I do

Fun Event.  Next year we break 3:30?

Colfax Marathon Results

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bannister Mile

The Bannister Mile for our lunchtime running group was on Tuesday 5/14/2013.

I had a really good mile this year.  A PR 5:30.  Felt really good the whole way, had to push the last 200 to get my 5:30 goal.  I didn't really have anyone to "race" this year, there was a pretty good gap in front of me and behind me, so it was pretty much on my own after the first lap.  5th overall, 3rd in my age group. Ha! Behind Scott and Patrick.

Zach ran it too, he ran a 5:02, he was going for sub 5 and gave it his best shot, started out fast and faded a bit at the end.  But he won the race for the group, 1 second off the record.  He hasn't done any track or speed work for 7 months and is "out of shape".   He looked really good.  But Scott Hjicek was closing on him about 10 seconds behind.

2013 Bannister Mile 

Then we split up into two teams for the 8X200 mile relay, shirts vs skins.  With actual batons this year.
Zach and I both had the lead leg for each team.  He blasted by me on the turn and ran about a 27, I ran about a 30 though.  I was also supposed to run the last leg for our team, but switched with Zach (gave him my shirt) so he ran a leg for each team which balanced it out.  Shirts edged out the skins 4:19 to 4:20.

Zach and Dennis getting ready to start the 8X200 Relay
Shirts vs Skins

Zach had a pretty good lead on me for the 200, but I still ran a fast 30 seconds

With Dave Caprerra being unavailable this year, I kinda helped organize it, send out the emails.  Gina and Brittany came to the event and helped time and "organize" the race and relay.  Thanks to them for their help, we needed it.  It was a really fun race and I think everyone had a good time and raced hard.

2013 Bannister Mile Results

Monday, April 29, 2013

Cherry Creek Sneak 10 Mile Race

I had a really good race at the Cherry Creek Sneak 10 Mile this year.  I ran a PR 1:08:31.  70 seconds faster than my PR from 2010.  I felt really good the whole race.  I tried to maintain my marathon goal pace of 6:53 and did for most of the race.  Really wanted to break 70 minutes which I've only done once.

Really love this event, I've done the 5 mile several times over the years, in all kinds of weather.  This year the weather was perfect for the 10 mile.  Started at 7:30 with temperatures around 50 and finished around 60.  I pushed my self all the way through.  Really once I got past the big hill at Cheeseman I knew I was on a PR pace if I could hold it.  It takes forever to run up 7th avenue, slight uphill but a long stretch and then turn around and come down the other side.  Coming down was really fun though and I got into a really nice 6:40 pace for 2 miles of down hill.  The last mile is a long stretch on speer, but I knew I was on PR pace so that pushed me through.

I finished 3rd in my age group and 42 overall.

Cherry Creek Sneak 10 Mile Results

Garmin Data for Cherry Creek Sneak 10 Mile Race

After the 10 mile race, I had about an hour break and then I ran the 5 mile with Criag Carver at his pace, which was just under an 8 minute mile.  That was fun, a bit tough to get going again after the hour break, but after about a half mile it felt good and a comfortable pace.  I stopped at the water stops and hydrated well.    The 5 mile was getting warm, into the 70's.  We made Craigs goal of breaking 40 (he got 4th in his age group).  I felt great for a total of 15 miles on a fantastic Colorado spring day.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Platte River Half Marathon

I ran the Platte River Half Marathon on April 7, 2013.

3 weeks after a great Moab race, I decided to go for a PR and the elusive 1:30 half marathon barrier.

My goal pace was 6:53 a mile.  This is a really good course, mainly flat with a slight downhill, little hills along the way with one big hill after mile 12.  Weather was perfect, cool sunny, slight tail wind and I was feeling good, except for some allergy problems that hit me pretty hard on Saturday.  I had some problems breathing at the start, through the first mile but then felt good after I settled into my pace and didn't notice it much.

I held my goal pace through 6 miles, then mile 7 I dropped to a 7:10 pace, which surprised me because I did not feel a drop in pace.  I pushed to get back on pace, but could not get back below a 7.   Mile 12, I dropped to a 7:19 and I knew the PR (1:31:16) was out of reach with a big hill in front of me.  I had no push and no kick left, the opposite of Moab 3 weeks ago.  Great start and faded at the end.  The hill at mile 12 goes over the train tracks and is very long, it even curves a bit so you can't see the top, then it drops down quick and a left turn to a flat finish the last quarter mile.  1:33:18

Garmin Watch Data for Race

82nd overall and 10th in my age group.  I gave it my best shot but it wasn't there that day.

Results for the Platte River Half Marathon

Also running was Rick, who is training for Colorado and did this more as a training run.  He killed it, running a 1:35:35, a PR by over 3 minutes.

I rode with my friend Jill to the race (Thanks for the ride).  She ran a really good race too, 1:46:02, she's back to where she was a couple of years ago.

Fun post race, lots of good food (real food), from the Buckhorn Exchange, nice day, good crowd and band and of course Beer.

Fun race, definitely recommend it for a spring half marathon.

I'm still going for that sub 1:30 half marathon this year.  Maybe Slacker or Georgetwon this summer.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Moab 2013

I had a great Moab Canyonlands Half Marathon race this year.  I ran 1:31:26.  My second fastest half marathon ever and 11 seconds off my PR.  I felt so good the entire race, really got into a zone and kept my pace steady and under 7 minutes.  Except for the start, got too far back from the start and had a slow frustrating 1/4 mile of dodging runners to get into my pace.  Then I had to stop at the porta potti for a 30 second break and then get back in the pack and weave through, so I had a slow first mile of 7:30.  My goal pace was 6:55, so I had to make up 35 seconds in  12 miles.  I passed so many runners because of my slow start, but that was good because I always had someone to chase down.  The slow start might have helped me finish strong, I ran mile 13 in 6:40 and finished the last bit at a 6:15 pace.

I even attacked the hill at mile 8.5, it seemed smaller and less steep this year and I pushed it, got a 6:50 mile on the hill, felt so good, to get to the top and hear the drums at the bottom and run down toward them with a smile.

Half Marathon Finish.  I felt great and finished strong.
Thanks to Alicia for the action picture.
Alicia won the female masters title in the 5 mile this year, so she was ready at the finish to see the group come in with a camera.

Garmin Watch Data for the Race

Here is a link for the results from our group.

Moab 2013 Half Marathon Results 

Days like this are rare, I really enjoyed it and I feel like my last 3 1/2 months of training have really paid off.  Both the running and the weight loss, down to 141 before the race, really helped me push the threshold.  The start might have cost me a PR race, but it might have helped me finish stronger than normal, I took 2 minutes off my best Moab time in 2010.

Gina and I had a really good time after the race, we splurged a bit with the drink and food and the weather was very spring like until we left, having breakfast on the balcony of the hotel in the sun was so nice the next day.  Driving home it was snowing in Vail through Georgetown and slowed us down coming back, but it was a really good weekend all the way around.

What's next?  Let me think about it and get back to you.

I decide to run the Platte River Half Marathon on April 7, 2013.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Registered for the 2013 Chicago Marathon

I have registered for the 2013 Chicago Marathon.  It is on October 13, 2013.

I also registered my son  Zach, who ran a 3:07 in Denver 2012.

I didn't have a marathon last year, so I jumped in in 2013 early with a Chicago registration.  7 Months to train.  Hope I don't burn out. :)

The web site was swamped and had a lot of technical issues, like 40,000 people trying to register on the same day.  It took me a few tries but I got us both registered.  The suspended the registration after I got in and said they have 15,000 spots left and will re-open it in 2 days.  It's crazy how quickly the big city Marathons are filling up.  I remember you used to have months to decide and register and now it's days.

Anyway, I'm in with a BQ qualifier as a goal, not that I will do Boston again, but that's a good goal with the faster qualifier times.  3:25

Snowing hard in Denver now, as I blog this.  Might have to adjust my training schedule this week for the snow storm.  Makes me long for the summer long runs at  5:30 am before it gets too hot.  Those will come soon enough.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Snowman Stampede 10 Mile Race

I ran the Snowman Stampede 10 Mile Race in Littleton, CO on Saturday February 16th.

Same course as 4 weeks ago in the Frosty's Frozen.  Weather was really good for it also, 50's with sun, only negative was a headwind of 10-15 on the way out for 5 miles.

I ran an 1:11:27, improving my time over 4 weeks ago by 85 seconds.  I was happy with that.  I tried to hold a 7:05 pace for the race.  I did that for the most part, but felt it around mile 8 so last a little pace on the last 2 miles.  I passed quite a few runners in the middle miles, so that felt good, although only 2 in the last 2 miles, everyone was spread out.  About 500 total runners, so a decent showing for the 10 mile.

Snowman Stampede 10 Mile race, heading up a slight hill about mile 4.  I felt good and tried to smile it does look a bit like a wince though.

I was 4th in my age group again and 39th overall.  This was a Colorado 10 mile championship race so some faster runners showed up .  SHHS coach Manley won the 45-49 age group again.  I think he won all 3 races and the series.  Also saw Coach Brianna, Rachel and Anna from my Yoga class there.  No other runners from my group made it this time.

2013 Snowman Stampede Results

So now I have 4 weeks to go before Moab, the plan is to train hard for the next 3, do the Running of the Green 7k for a tuneup race and taper the 4th week before the race.  I'm also on track to get my weight down to 145 before Moab, if I just stick on plan.

Monday, February 4, 2013

January - A good start

I had a good month running in January.  The weather in Denver, overall was really good for running outside.

I ran 175 miles, not as many as when I was training for Boston in 2010, but still a lot for this time of year.
I did weekly long runs of 13 and 2 15s at the highline Canal , and mixed in some 10 mile runs during the week, also did weekly tempo runs and speed work at the track.  I am getting some speed back,

I ran the Frosty Frozen 10 mile race in Littleton, CO on January 19th.  A fun race on a pretty fast flat course along the Platte River, out and back from Hudson Gardens.  It was a nice day in the 50's with sun, so I ran in shorts and a short sleeve shirt.  I ran better than I thought 1:12:50, a 7:17 pace.  4th in my age group behind Coach Manley (SHHS) and Patrick Ruddy (Pickled Prostate teammate).  I was hoping to break 1:15 so I felt good about it.  I plan to run the Snowman in February with a goal to take 2 minutes off that time for the same course.

Results from the Frosty's Frozen

Frosty's Frozen Jan 19,2013
The lady behind me and I played leapfrog several times

No injuries or issues.  My knees have been a bit sore, but with the extra miles, it comes with the territory.

I have gotten my weight down to 151, by the end of January, lost 8 pounds for the month.  Targeting 145 before Moab.

On the last day of the month, we ran an old fashioned middle 3, the wash park route.  Nice day, it was fun.  I felt good and ran a 19:01 for 3 miles.

So a good finish to a month that was a good start for the year.  6 weeks to Moab.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

On the Run Again?

Or maybe on the Blog again, since I haven't actually quit running.  Just blogging about it.
And to be honest my running has gone way down, in miles and quality since I stopped blogging.  What happened?

My last race was the Denver Marathon, where I ran with Zach.  I did the half and he did the full Marathon.  I stayed with him for 3 miles and then told him to go.  He ran a fantastic 3:07 for his first Marathon at age 18.  So proud of him.  He's a freshman at CU now.

Anyway, I ran a mediocre Half at Denver and pulled a calf muscle at mile 11 or so, not a bad pull but enough to lame me for a couple of miles at the finish.  With a 1:39 half marathon.

So after that I felt burnt out and just ran for easy running.  Put on a little weight and didn't really care for racing or endurance.  25 mile weeks, and just enjoyed life for a while.

But then I ran a mile high loop 3 mile tempo after Thanksgiving and could not break 22.  I got on the scales at the Y after that run (first time in a while) and wow, I weight 165, 15 pounds over my running weight.  November 29, 2012.  So I said this stops now, if I put on my usual 5 pounds over Christmas I would be 170 and even slower.

So I signed up for the Moab half marathon in March 2013, started picking up the miles and the quality.  December was my highest mileage month of the year, 155 Miles.  But 2012 was my lowest mileage year since 2006.   And the first year I did not train for and run a Marathon since 2007.

I also started watching the calories and cutting back on drinking and excessive eating and snacking.  Adding long runs and pushing my speed workouts.  My goal are to
   1) Get back to my running weight , below 150 before Moab
   2) Get back my speed and endurance, maybe not to PR levels, but improve.
   3) Equal my Moab PR in the half of 1:33 in 2010
   4) Run a least 1 race per month in 2013
   5) Run a fall Marathon in 2013
   6) Have fun and enjoy life.

So it begins.