Monday, April 20, 2009

Wash Park 7

Ran Wash Park 7 with the group today. Matt, Andre, Craig C, Jay, Tom and myself.

It was nice (Around 70 with Sun). We ran at an easy pace most of the route. Matt was sore from a weekend training run so he didn't push it, Andre did a little. The last mile Tom took off from Colfax like a rabbit. My calf's were tight/sore from yesterday and I didn't want to push it, but I got sucked in to a faster pace. Tom was about a block ahead when Matt decided to chase him down and caught him. They finished together. I was having none of that and finished with Andre and Jay. This rabbit finish is starting to be a habbit for some of the people in the group, a rabbit habbit that can get me hurt.

I'm thinking about switching around my track day because I was sore today and my calf's were tight, a warning signal for something. Not sure what caused it maybe from running on odd terrain (snow, mud, water) the last couple of runs. I'll evaluate tomorrow and see how I feel, might do a later track workout instead of the noon one.

Congratulations to Jill for running a 3:51:55 Boston Marathon today. This was a major goal for her when we started running together last year and I have so happy for her that she realized it today. She qualified for Boston at Boston (sub 4 hour) and has now done 4 Marathons in a little over a year.

Way to go Jill!

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