Monday, April 29, 2013

Cherry Creek Sneak 10 Mile Race

I had a really good race at the Cherry Creek Sneak 10 Mile this year.  I ran a PR 1:08:31.  70 seconds faster than my PR from 2010.  I felt really good the whole race.  I tried to maintain my marathon goal pace of 6:53 and did for most of the race.  Really wanted to break 70 minutes which I've only done once.

Really love this event, I've done the 5 mile several times over the years, in all kinds of weather.  This year the weather was perfect for the 10 mile.  Started at 7:30 with temperatures around 50 and finished around 60.  I pushed my self all the way through.  Really once I got past the big hill at Cheeseman I knew I was on a PR pace if I could hold it.  It takes forever to run up 7th avenue, slight uphill but a long stretch and then turn around and come down the other side.  Coming down was really fun though and I got into a really nice 6:40 pace for 2 miles of down hill.  The last mile is a long stretch on speer, but I knew I was on PR pace so that pushed me through.

I finished 3rd in my age group and 42 overall.

Cherry Creek Sneak 10 Mile Results

Garmin Data for Cherry Creek Sneak 10 Mile Race

After the 10 mile race, I had about an hour break and then I ran the 5 mile with Criag Carver at his pace, which was just under an 8 minute mile.  That was fun, a bit tough to get going again after the hour break, but after about a half mile it felt good and a comfortable pace.  I stopped at the water stops and hydrated well.    The 5 mile was getting warm, into the 70's.  We made Craigs goal of breaking 40 (he got 4th in his age group).  I felt great for a total of 15 miles on a fantastic Colorado spring day.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Platte River Half Marathon

I ran the Platte River Half Marathon on April 7, 2013.

3 weeks after a great Moab race, I decided to go for a PR and the elusive 1:30 half marathon barrier.

My goal pace was 6:53 a mile.  This is a really good course, mainly flat with a slight downhill, little hills along the way with one big hill after mile 12.  Weather was perfect, cool sunny, slight tail wind and I was feeling good, except for some allergy problems that hit me pretty hard on Saturday.  I had some problems breathing at the start, through the first mile but then felt good after I settled into my pace and didn't notice it much.

I held my goal pace through 6 miles, then mile 7 I dropped to a 7:10 pace, which surprised me because I did not feel a drop in pace.  I pushed to get back on pace, but could not get back below a 7.   Mile 12, I dropped to a 7:19 and I knew the PR (1:31:16) was out of reach with a big hill in front of me.  I had no push and no kick left, the opposite of Moab 3 weeks ago.  Great start and faded at the end.  The hill at mile 12 goes over the train tracks and is very long, it even curves a bit so you can't see the top, then it drops down quick and a left turn to a flat finish the last quarter mile.  1:33:18

Garmin Watch Data for Race

82nd overall and 10th in my age group.  I gave it my best shot but it wasn't there that day.

Results for the Platte River Half Marathon

Also running was Rick, who is training for Colorado and did this more as a training run.  He killed it, running a 1:35:35, a PR by over 3 minutes.

I rode with my friend Jill to the race (Thanks for the ride).  She ran a really good race too, 1:46:02, she's back to where she was a couple of years ago.

Fun post race, lots of good food (real food), from the Buckhorn Exchange, nice day, good crowd and band and of course Beer.

Fun race, definitely recommend it for a spring half marathon.

I'm still going for that sub 1:30 half marathon this year.  Maybe Slacker or Georgetwon this summer.