Sunday, April 19, 2009

5.5 With Zach - 10 Total

Zach and I had a great run together today. We left at 4:00. The sun has been out and the temperatures near 60, so it was melting fast, but there was a lot to melt. So we put the run off till the heat of the day before the afternoon shadows take over.

Zach's been training for the mile JV team at SHHS, but only for the last month or so due to snowboarding. He's signed up for the Sneak next week (5 miles) so I wanted to take him out at least 5 miles. Training for the mile they give you shorter distances with more speed work, so 5 could be a stretch in a race for him now.

He has been wanting to run a loop around the outside of Piney Creek (Chambers to Smoky) so we started out that way and then the Sidwalks on Chambers had too much snow and you can't run in the road there, so we turned back at Bellview. I took us back down through the neigborhood and we came out by the old library at the creek. The Creek was roaring like I haven't seen in a long time. Since they built the new bridges probably. When we got to the first bridge we stopped and looked around a bit. Then at the second bridge it was near the top, Zach said it looked like white water. I thought Zach might want to turn around there, he was breathing kinda hard but we were holding an 8 minute pace after a slow start. He said, I want to see what the next bridge is like so we ran on. When we got to 3rd bridge it was flowing good, this is the one where it crosses Cherry Creek (vs Piney Creek for the other 2). We stopped and looked and talked a bit. We were at 3 miles at this point. I was thinking we'd slow down on the way back. To my surprise he took the lead and decreased the pace some. I was surprised how well he took the hill coming up Memphis. He was running strong and we both sprinted the last block to the house. We did the last 2 1/2 miles in under 20 minutes - uphill. We both enjoyed the run.

As we were running, I noticed a shift. Previous runs it was always him trying to stay with me, follow my foosteps and pace. Now we were equals. We were like two kids running just to run. Dodging puddles, running through puddles. splashing water, jumping snow, plowing through snow. Stepping in mud, flinging mud on each other and laughing. It was so much fun. I had the proud look of a father as we ran past people walking on the trail and a couple of other runners. A few times on the way back I thought it won't be long and he will run away from me and I won't catch him unless he wants me to. It reminded me of skiing together before he switched to snowboarding. In fact at one point we were running along a row of pine trees with snow all around the bike path at a good pace. I told him it reminded me of skiing down a catwalk at the end of the day with the shadows on you and the sun hitting between the branches and on the snow. Now he snowboards and I do too, but I can't catch him, unless he lets me.

We got back to the house at 5.5 miles in about 44 minutes. Just under an 8 minute pace. He said I guess I'm ready for the sneak next week. Later he told me it was a "great run dad, I really enjoyed that". Music to my ears Zach, music to my ears.

I dranks some gatorade, changed into a muscles shirt from short sleves shirt that was wet with sweat (yes it was that nice). Then I went around the neighborhood for another 4.5 miles to get 10 miles in today. I slowed down and took it easy just wanted the miles. I had planned 12 today, but 10 seemed about right and the first 5.5 were perfect.

Garmin Watch Data for today's run. I pretty much covered the neighborhood.

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