Wednesday, August 1, 2012

EPIC Rocky Mountain Relay

I ran the EPIC Rocky Mountain Relay July 20-21st.

My second year to do this relay.  They changed the course quite a bit, for the better.  I run it with Team Anadarko which is a corporate sponsored team.  The team changed quite a bit from last year only 6 of us returned this year. 12 Person Team from Canon City to Crested Butte, 190 Miles.  We finished in 29 Hours 30 Minutes.  10th overall and we won the corporate division.

I ran legs 5, 17 and 29.  19 Miles total.

 Team Anadarko at the Finish in Crested Butte
Front Row: Joe, Chelsea, Glis, Brandon, Mike
Back Row: Ludy, Raleen, Jay, Bob, Scott, Sherry, Dennis

My Only action picture, running downhill on Leg 17, my favorite of the 3.  Right at dusk, it was cool, downhill, very fast.  I had a great pace going with some great views on the ride down.

Van 1 at the finish.  We had a really good time with some fun people. 

This was my 10th Team Relay.  Had a lot of fun and saw some parts of the state I never would have.  Got the Rangar Colorado Relay coming up in 5 weeks.  Yay.  I love relays.