Monday, March 18, 2013

Moab 2013

I had a great Moab Canyonlands Half Marathon race this year.  I ran 1:31:26.  My second fastest half marathon ever and 11 seconds off my PR.  I felt so good the entire race, really got into a zone and kept my pace steady and under 7 minutes.  Except for the start, got too far back from the start and had a slow frustrating 1/4 mile of dodging runners to get into my pace.  Then I had to stop at the porta potti for a 30 second break and then get back in the pack and weave through, so I had a slow first mile of 7:30.  My goal pace was 6:55, so I had to make up 35 seconds in  12 miles.  I passed so many runners because of my slow start, but that was good because I always had someone to chase down.  The slow start might have helped me finish strong, I ran mile 13 in 6:40 and finished the last bit at a 6:15 pace.

I even attacked the hill at mile 8.5, it seemed smaller and less steep this year and I pushed it, got a 6:50 mile on the hill, felt so good, to get to the top and hear the drums at the bottom and run down toward them with a smile.

Half Marathon Finish.  I felt great and finished strong.
Thanks to Alicia for the action picture.
Alicia won the female masters title in the 5 mile this year, so she was ready at the finish to see the group come in with a camera.

Garmin Watch Data for the Race

Here is a link for the results from our group.

Moab 2013 Half Marathon Results 

Days like this are rare, I really enjoyed it and I feel like my last 3 1/2 months of training have really paid off.  Both the running and the weight loss, down to 141 before the race, really helped me push the threshold.  The start might have cost me a PR race, but it might have helped me finish stronger than normal, I took 2 minutes off my best Moab time in 2010.

Gina and I had a really good time after the race, we splurged a bit with the drink and food and the weather was very spring like until we left, having breakfast on the balcony of the hotel in the sun was so nice the next day.  Driving home it was snowing in Vail through Georgetown and slowed us down coming back, but it was a really good weekend all the way around.

What's next?  Let me think about it and get back to you.

I decide to run the Platte River Half Marathon on April 7, 2013.