Tuesday, August 31, 2010

EHS Track Intervals 8 X 800

Ran 8X800 at the EHS Track Today at lunch today. My hamstring and glute feels better than it has since before the Cache-Teton Relay. I ran the 800's a little slower than I have been, I did not want to stress the hamstring more than I had to, to get a decent workout. My average was 3:05 with a range of 3:02 to 3:08. I tried to run smooth and have good form, yet achieve interval pace.

Jeff, Bob, Tom and Pete also did Intervals, Alicia ran to the track, but ran easy.

8 Miles with 4 Miles of Speed Work


Monday, August 30, 2010

Congress Park 5

Ran the Congress Park route at lunch. 5 Easy with a walk next to the pool, which has already been drained. Pretty good group today, but nobody went more than 5. Lot of us did long runs on Saturday or Sunday so just a recovery run. Bob, Tim, Craig M, Jay and myself had done long runs over the weekend.

I felt pretty, I think the long slow run might have done my hamstring and glutes some good to work out some of the tightness.

5 Miles 42 Minutes

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Long Run - 20

I ran 20 on Sunday. A very slow long run. About a minute and a half over marathon pace. I got a later start than I wanted, did not start running till 7:20. With the forecast in the low 90's I knew it would be hot before I finished. My energy level has been low and my legs are still recovering from the relay, despite an easy week of running last week. I worked a lot in the field Saturday, clearing the course for the State Cross Country Pre-Meet at the Arapaho county fairgrounds. About 3 hours, that zapped my energy and made my back a bit sore. I knew going into the run it was going to be slow and kind of miserable and it was. Attitude is everything.

I ran around CC Park, the 18 mile route I did 4 weeks ago with another 2 miles added on to it. I ran through the tower loop, back on the road to the campground and then the path up to the path that follows Parker road, then back down to the road and back the same way. Came out 20.05 miles. Perfect distance. I started getting fatigued about 14 miles and it was getting hot. I had plenty of water stops and GU every 5 miles which helped. The last 5 miles I stopped and got a good water break to stay hydrated. I told myself just keep going, don't worry about pace.

20 Miles

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wash Park 7

Ran the Wash Park 7 Mile Route today at lunch. Hot day, 90 degrees and sunny.
I did the 7 miles easy with Matt and Chipman.
Craig M did a middle 4, Jeff, Tom and Tim did the middle 3.

Still discussing the relay on the runs of course. Chipman and I talked about the upcoming cross country season and our sons and their teams.

7 Miles 54:51

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

3 Miles and Yoga

I ran 3 miles today at lunch with the group. Went to Cheeseman and turned around at the porta Potti. Got back to the Y, changed and then went to Susan's Yoga class. It was packed. My energy level was really low and I am really tired. I think the back to back relays and the lack of sleep have taken their toll. I was really tired the rest of the day at work. I think I will go to bed early tonight and try to catch up on the sleep.

I feel a little burnt out and not so motivated about running.

3 Miles 23:30 and 1 Hour of Yoga.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

EHS Track - 5 Easy

Ran the EHS Track - 5 Miles Easy. Recovering from the relay, legs are still dead, left hamstring heel and gloute are all still tight and sore.

Ran with Pete, Jay, Dave, Tom and Jeff. Alicia joined us at the track and ran back with us. Pete, Tom and Dave did some intervals. Jeff, Alicia and I ran easy around the track. Jay was the iron man today doing 8 X 800.

They posted the Colorado Relay results today with corrections and we ended up being the 2nd place team with a time of 21:48. The Young Guns beat us with an Ultra Team of 5 runners with a time of 20:03, so not even close. The relay had their starting time wrong.

5 Miles 40 Minutes

Monday, August 23, 2010

2010 Colorado Relay

I ran 4 legs this year, a total of 23 miles. I did not get any sleep and spent a lot of time in the active van, I witnessed 23 of the 29 exchanges, it was a unique experience. With Zach on the other team running 3 of the same legs with me and both teams being in the hunt for the overall win, it was so much fun and something I will never forget.

After watching the relay start and the first 4 legs up to Loveland, we were in 2nd place with a time of 1:49, Patrick pulled a double leg going up to Bakerville from the start. The Somewhat team was a couple of places behind us and had 1:56 at the Loveland end. We then headed to Diann's friends condo in Frisco, just a couple of blocks from the race course and a half mile from exchange 10 where Zach and I would finish. We had time to relax, some slept and eat lunch and get ready to run. Bob was with us running leg 9, exchanging with Scott from Georgia Pass.

Leg 10

We dropped off Bob and drove to the Golf Course it was after 5, I was ready to run and I'm know Zach was too. Being the 10th runner takes forever to get going. It was a crystal clear day, kind of warm upper 70's and the Bike Path was mainly in the sun. Bob came flying down the hill to the golf course and I was off. A couple of ladies were running together in front of me and my goal was to catch them by the time I got to the light on the highway. Which I did. Then I spent a minute with them at the light, lost a minute there, but that's relay racing. The light changed, I wished them luck and took off. I was on the bike path Leg 10, I had never run this, but thought it was pretty straight forward. Zach's team was about 15 minutes behind us and I was concerned he might take the wrong spur off the path. Turns out the path was not marked well, nor was the entire race except in certain spots.

Zach and I at Exchange 9 getting ready to run Leg 10 from the Breckenridge Golf Course.
Craig M's mother (pictured) and father were volunteers for this exchange.

Bob Exchanges with me for Leg 10. Craig's Father Volunteer looking on.

It was hot but I was running pretty good. Concerned about holding out for 4 legs and 23 miles and keeping my predict pace. A couple of times I was concerned I was on the wrong path but knew I was heading toward Frisco so kept going hard. There was some shade that helped near the hills and then up into them. I did not know there was a mile and a half of uphill in as you turn away from Lake Dillon. That slowed me down some, and there were lots of bikes on the route. I passed 5 teams on this leg. It ends on a spur called Zach's Stop that goes to main street. There was a big exchange zone party and lots of teams and cheering cool place to finish. I did the 7 miles (posted as 6.8) in 53:09. Exchanged with Patrick and he took off.

Steve and I hung out a bit while I recovered, then I jogged down to the spur to make sure Zach made the turn. He turned just as I got there and had the Beaver Creek runner right behind him. He held him off to the end. He got caught at the light for 2 minutes and the Beaver Creek team caught up to him there. Zach finished strong but we did not get to talk much as Steve and I had to get to the Copper for his double run for Legs 12,13 Up and Down Vail Pass.

Garmin Watch Data for Leg 10

Leg 20
I got very little rest this year and no sleep. I only spent about an hour 45 at the Vail house, but got a shower and some pizza and stretched out some. We headed to Legs 15-20 and I watched everyone run hard and finally it was my turn again for leg 20. Zach's team got there and we chatted a bit, they were about 15 minutes behind, it was chili waiting for the runner, but once you got running it was really nice. Short Sleeves and no gloves. it was 1:30 in the morning and 6.5 miles lay ahead, almost a full moon and no clouds. The exchange was without volunteers, Bob came running through Eagle and I handed him my jacket and I was off. Turned Left on Highway 6 and worked my way through town and on the open road. Such a beautiful night. One thing about running this race in August vs September, the nighttime running was fantastic this year. The mountains silhouette with stars and just the headlamp, cool clear air. I was loving it and I know Zach was too. In the back of my mind though I know I still had 2 legs and 10 miles to go after this. One good thing about the 4 legs I ran, was each one was shorter than the last going from 7 down to 4.4.

I ran the 6.5 in 51:11, not blazing fast, 4 minutes over the predict, but I felt good, like I had more in me.

Garmin Watch Data for Leg 20

Zach ran this leg in about 42 minutes, he killed it. His first night time run and he took off. Passed a bunch of runners and went back and forth with the Beaver Creek runner again, out sprinting him at the end. He gained 9 minutes on our team and we only had about a 5 minute lead.

Leg 22

Patrick took off on leg 21 and I got in the Van with only 6 miles of rest before my next leg. This was my double. I had done this leg a few times before and was familiar with it, it was a fun leg from the Green Bridge 3 miles on highway to the Canyon Bike path and then 2.4 more miles. I was tightening up some and feeling my hamstrings and glutes hurt, similar to the Cache-Teton relay.

I did not change clothes between, so I was chilling a bit, the guys in the van were keeping me company. We were waiting for the exchange with Kern and the female runner from Beaver Creek. With only a few minutes lead on each, I was hoping Patrick would hold off Will and I would have a bit of a lead and could hold it to the next exchange. I ran hard, but could not hold the pace I wanted. After I got in the canyon I looked back on a curve and could see 2 headlamps behind me. Not sure how far, I pushed harder to hold off being passed before the exchange. I made it, but our lead was now 4 minutes as I handed off to Steve. With Matt trying to catch Steve. So much fun. The race was on.

I ran the 5.28 Miles in 41:39.

Garmin Watch Data for Leg 22

During the canyon legs of the relay, it's pretty straight forward, run the bike path with the river on your left, don't take any spurs to the river or the rest areas. Usually it's straight forward, but they had no arrow signs this year and several runners got lost. Including Diann and Tim. Diann got a little lost in a parking lot for a couple of minutes. Tim got off on a river path and was lost for about 20 minutes. It happens in relay racing it's a part of it. As a result, the Somewhat team passed us and had about a 10 minute lead going into Leg 25. Several other runners got lost there, 1 team said their runner was supposed to finish 40 minutes earlier. Wow.

I thought at this point our hopes for a victory were gone and maybe the Somewhats would win. I was happy for them, but still a long way to go.

As fate would have it, the Somewhat's runner (Jackie) got lost on leg 27, a short 2.5 mile leg, but with no trail markings and a confusing bridge, they ended up losing about 20 minutes. We passed them of course, not seeing their runner on the trail and were ahead by 15 minutes again.

Leg 30 The Finish

Leg 30 starts high up on the hill above the Carbondale Valley and has 3 miles of steep downhill with 1.4 of flat and then the finish in the park. I was really sore and tight and hungry. I ate a peanut butter sandwich and some snacks from the volunteers at the exchange. I felt like I needed more energy. 19 Miles down 4.4 to go.

Bob came into the exchange with his yellow shirt flying down a hill. I took off and turned the corner. He didn't have a bib, but we had one in the car, so Jeff dropped it off as he drove past. I was running downhill when I started having a lot of pain in my right side, abdomen/groin area. With the downhill pounding it was excruciating. I am not sure what it was, it felt like an intense stitch, might have been from food I ate but felt like a pulled abdomen muscle. I gutted it out but it was painful and I could not hold a pace. It hurt all the way down the hill for 3 miles. It felt better on the flat path with less pounding and I was within 1.5 miles so I pushed through it. I was wondering how far back Zach was and if he was running yet, where we were in the overall standings and how close to the top we would finish. With the 2 starts and the waves, you cannot always tell in the relay what place you are in. I thought the Young Guns were ahead and had heard they came through the last exchange very early in the morning.

As I got to the light on Main Street I saw Bob on the other side. I hit the timing on the light just right and Bob ran me into the park. That felt good. I was hurting but almost done. He told me there was a guy in tight red shorts a hundred yards behind me, a bit of a fabrication but he was back there.

The finish was in the park this year with a tour through the finish area, a nice touch. I heard the other team cheering us as we ran down the road and met up with the rest of team for the finish. It felt so good, to be done with 9 runners and in the contention for the lead. I was disappointed with my pace on the last leg, but glad that I pushed through the pain. I felt fine after I stopped running, probably just a food cramp, I should not have eaten at the exchange, that was dumb and cost us a couple of minutes. We finished in 21 Hours 48 Minutes, 2nd overall.

Garmin Watch Data for Leg 30

My camera was in the van, so I did not get a team finish photo, but they took one for us. We got our Pint glasses and our belt buckles and then I went to the van to get my camera and change shoes. As I was changing, I heard Matt say hey Dennis and Zach, Matt and Will were running by for the finish. They were only 15 minutes back and had made up some time after being lost. I did not get to the finish in time with my camera, but got a couple of pics of them going through the tent.

Somewhat Pickled's Finish 22:15. 3rd overall and won the Open Division

Post Race

We hung around the post race for about an hour. Zach got a massage and I got a couple of beers. We were waiting for them to post the results so we could see where we ended up. Not sure, we thought we were 2,3 and the Somewhats were 4,5 depending on the other teams. We found out they were not going to post results until 12 (it was 9:00) so Matt, Zach and I drove home.

We ended up finishing 2nd Overall. 21:48. The race did a terrible job with the times this year, they had us posted as last place with an incorrect start time, then had us listed as first place for a day but had an incorrect start time for the Young Guns also which is now corrected. So in the end they won by a big margin 20:03. They did it with an ultra team of 5 runners. Congratulations to them they deserved it.

It was a very fun race and an incredible experience. I loved it. My relay season is now over and it's time to recover and then maybe think about what I want to do this fall.

Photos from 2010 The Colorado Relay

Results posted on our team Blog also


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Between Relays

It's looking like I'm not going to get my Cache-Teton relay blog post done before the Colorado Relay, I have some stuff written but not ready for publishing and I am running out of time.

This week after Cache-Teton, I took Sunday and Monday off from running. My hamstring is really sore and my glutes and hip are sore and tight.

I went to the track on Tuesday with the group but just jogged around the track with Bob and Craig then back to the Y. 4 Miles Total That night I had a massage, 80 minutes with Tara and she worked my left leg pretty good, hamstrings, calfs, heel, glutes and hip. Also got rid of some of the tension in my back/shoulders. Very good, I think that helped.

Wednesday I ran out to Cheeseman easy and back (2.5 miles) and then did Yoga. We worked on hamstrings and glutes and did some running poses and that seemed to help.

Thursday rest day and team meeting for the Colorado Relay at lunch, plus last minute details and planning.

We could not find another runner for our team to Andre who dropped out this week due to injury, so we decided to run with 9 this year. Due to rule changes we can keep our masters status. As a result, Patrick, Steve R and I will be running 4 legs. I will have 23 miles total and will spend more time in the active van. The positive is the miles are easier, flatter and I get to run the same legs as Zach and anchor the team to the finish.

The teams are very close on paper, the prediction is 40 seconds apart, but we don't know the impact of running the 4 legs.

I am concerned my hamstring will tighten up again, but I will give it my best shot.

I will try to post during the relay over at the prostates blog, that contains our current lineup


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cache Teton Finish 24:34:36

We finished 24:34:36. First team to physically cross the finish line.
Unofficially we won the Mixed Division and came in 3rd Overall.

Race results are not posted yet.

I will update the Blog with the story and some pics when I get rested and a chance.

Photos from Race

2010-08-15 Cache Teton Relay 2010

Cache Teton Relay 2010 Results

Almost there

Tetons ahead.
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Friday, August 13, 2010

Finished first set of legs

We finished our first set of legs at 717. 43 minutes ahead of schedule. Having fun.
From Dennis via BlackBerry

We are off

Carry. Starts us off for the 11 wave.
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Team Anadarko at start

Gathering at the start In our team Jerseys.

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Cache Teton Relay

Team Anadarko is here in Logan Utah ready for an 11 start. Nice day sunny. I don't run till around 5 so lots of time to kill

I'll try to post some pics from the start.
From Dennis via BlackBerry

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

3 Miles and Yoga

I ran a quick easy 3 mile run today and then went straight to Yoga.

My Left Hamstring, Hip, Glute were all sore and tight. My Left heel hurt also. It must have been from the "easy" track workout. I really did not go that hard. I almost didn't run. But in the end I thought it would be better to run easy and warm it up and stretch it out for Yoga rather than cross train and stretch. So that's what I did. I did loosen up some the last mile. Concerned it might linger over into my Relay run on Friday.

Good Yoga Class, I requested Hamstrings and Susan gave us some good poses and stretched it out. I felt so much better, hips and glutes too. Susan called out a couple of runners in the class and I met a couple of new runners after class. Anna and Jacki. I asked them about the relay for the Somewhat Team who are looking for 2 female runners still. Anna had to work but gave me a lead for another female runner and Jacki has not gotten back to me yet. I think that team is going to change from a mixed team and get some male runners to field a team.

Well I'm off for the Cache-Teton Relay tomorrow. We are driving to Logan Utah to stay the night before the race. I will try to blog from my black Berry, but no promises with coverage and relay stuff going on but will catch up when I get back with pictures and the story. Should be fun

3 Miles 24:11 with 1 Hour of Yoga.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

EHS Track

Ran some Intervals at the EHS Track today at lunch.
I did 5X400 @ 78 - 85 and 1 800 at 2:54.
A couple of extra easy laps before and after. Wanted to do a light track workout to save my legs for the Relay on Friday.

We had a huge group at the track today. 12 Runners, everybody doing their own interval workouts on a nice Sunny August day, not too hot, Low 80s. It was inspiring.

I did 4X400's at a decent pace 79,82,78 80. With an 800 in the middle at 2:54. I did another 400 on Jays 2nd lap of his 800 around 85. Felt good.

Ran back easy.
6 Miles 50 Minutes with 1.75 Miles of Speed Work.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Wash Park 7

Ran the Wash Park 7 Mile route today at lunch. Only Bob and I ran the 7 miles, the other guys did Cheesman. We talked about the Colorado Relay some with Jeff and the leg assignments. Craig C and Jay were there too.

Bob and I discussed our upcoming Cache-Teton Relay after we separated from the group.

We ran easy. Tapering down some for the Relay which starts on Friday.

Humid day, 50% with temps in the 70's.

7 Miles 56 Minutes.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Bergen Peak Run - 11 Miles

Ran the Bergen Peak 11 Mile loop today with the Group. We met at Andre's house at 7:30 and run up and back down. 8 Of us ran it this year. Matt, Craig M, Scott, Bob, Steve R, Howard, Johnathan and myself. Andre did not run this year, he's had problems with muscles cramps due to antibiotics he has been taking. Andre did provide us with a great brunch from his beautiful home afterwards.

We were camping 2 hours away at Red Dirt Reservoir north of Kremling. I got up at 5:00 am and hit the road around 5:20, getting to Andre's in Evergreen right at 7:30. We left his house after everyone got there around 8. Johnathan is new to the group. Andre met him at the Y, he's a good runner, younger guy, who runs mainly in the morning from the Y before work.

Scott was king of the hill today, no surprise there, but he ran up in 55 Minutes. Ran back down and half way back up again to meet the group on the way down. He probably did 15 miles total. Craig M was one of the first to the top and did a couple of extra miles on the way down to Andre's the long way.

This is a tough run that really challenges me. I thought I could run more of it but took several walking breaks. 2300 feet of Elevation gain over a 3.5 mile section with some tough trail and lots of switch backs. Starts at 7700 feet and tops out at 10,000. It took me 1:14 to get to the top. 9 minutes faster than last year, but I was slowed with a hip injury last year. Great views at the top, where we sat in the sun and waited for everyone to get there and talked about running for a while. Then back down. The group took off at a fast pace. Faster than I wanted so I slowed down. Even at that, I rolled my right ankle 3 times and my left one once and almost bit it hard one time, but no actual falls. About 50 minutes to get back, not exact because I messed up my Garmin when we stopped to talk to Scott half way down. Similar to last year.

Thanks to Andre and Lorette for hosting the run and the great brunch. A fun tradition.

11 Miles of Trail Running 2:10 with 2300 feet of elevation gain.

Garmin Watch Data

Friday, August 6, 2010

CC Park Loop 6.5

Got up early this morning and ran the 6.5 Mile Loop into CC Park and back along Bellview to my house. I ran it easy, wanted to do a tempo run to simulate the relay but my left heel was hurting me and it took a couple of miles to get loosened up, also my left hamstring was tweaking me. I ran 4.5 Miles last night after I got home with the dogs through the dog park, also easy. So that was 3 runs, 18 miles within 18 hours with a middle 3 yesterday. Good relay training.

Going camping up near Kremling this weekend, but driving back down for Andre's Bergen Peak run and brunch tomorrow and then back to the campsite.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Middle 3

Ran the middle 3 at lunch today. 18:58. It was a good day for it, temps in the low 80's, so not real hot. We had a good group out today. Craig M, Tim, Jeff, Jay, Tom and I did the middle 3. Scott, Matt, Dave and Craig C ran Cheeseman.

Craig M beat me by about 20 seconds on the Middle 3, he's in great shape training for the Denver Marathon.

I had not done a middle 3 since mid June. With the relays I won't be able to do one for a couple of weeks.

Lots of relay activity the last couple of days, trying to replace runners. My Cache-Teton relay found a runner today, so we are back to a full team and on track for next Thursday.

Zach is running on the Somewhat Pickled team this year and they are still looking for 2 female runners. One prospect is Erin but she has not committed yet. Still looking, if you know someone let me know.

The Pickled Prostates team has a full roster and Jeff is working on the leg assignments, I think I am ruining the same legs as last year. 2 Weeks till that one.

7 Miles 52 Minutes with 3 Miles of tempo

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

EHS Track Intervals 8 X 800

Ran 8 X 800 Intervals at the EHS track at lunch. My range was 255-305. I took a longer recovery a 400 instead of a 200 for 6 of the 8 to try to keep my sub 3 range. I noticed the track workout after a race tend to be slower and harder to stay on pace for multiple intervals so the slower recover did help. The first 800 was my slowest.

Jeff, Bob, Tim and I went to the track, everyone did 800'. They did 5 and headed back. I was going to do 2 more, but then Jay showed up as I was on the second, so I did 3 more with the last one being at Jay's pace 3:10 with a strong kick at the end for 8 total.

On the way back I did an up tempo 1/2 mile down to the Y in 2:54, downhill with a traffic stop

9 Miles with 4.5 of speed work.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Wash Park 7

Ran the wash park 7 mile route today at lunch with the group. We had a good group today.
Jeff, Andre, Bob, Matt, Craig M, Howard and we picked up Jay on the way back. Craig M and Howard did Cheesman.

Ran a good pace most of the way, with a sprint to the pole with Bob past Alameda. I messed up my Garmin so not sure of the route time, around 54 I think. Lots of relay talk. The other team is down a male and a female runner so we were discussing options.

Andre tweaked his hamstring a bit a block before Alameda, he walked it out and got some water at Starbucks and ran back slowly. Hopefully a minor tweak and he'll bounce back. Thinks he was dehydrated from the weekends runs.

I was a bit sore from yesterday, but not like I should be if I had really pushed myself. My left heel is probably the biggest pain I have, pretty regular now.

Trying to get my miles up this week before I taper for the relays.

7 Miles 54 minutes.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Evergreen Town Race - 10k

I ran the Evergreen Town Race 10k today. 42:25. A 10K PR by 1 Second from Boulder 2009.

This was a really fun course. Starts 6.2 Miles out from Evergreen lake, mainly on Upper Bear Canyon Road. 7600 feet Elevation at the start and 7050 at the finish, 550 feet of elevation drop over 6.2 miles. It is a windy course that runs along the creek with some great views and some really nice homes along the way. It's a fast course. The Colorado 5k road record of 14:07 was set on the 2nd half of the course. This was a chip race, but no starting line receiver, so everyone ran gun time. That cost me about 10 seconds, I started my Garmin about 5 seconds before I crossed the start line.

Despite having a PR by 1 second I was disappointed in my results. For this course I should have been closer to 40 minutes. I was pushing myself but could not get my pace down to 6:30 and hold it. At mile 4 I was losing pace. I think my lack of Middle 3's and tempo 7's training runs have cost me some middle distance speed.

Zach ran the 5k and smashed his PR, he ran an 18:16. Taking 50 seconds off his 5k PR. He said he ran hard, but not all out and had some left. The start cost him about 10 seconds from the chip. Congratulations Zach you are doing great, keep it up.

We rode to the race with my sister Kim, Toby and Dan who all did the 5k. It's a bit different in that the parking and the bus pickup are different for the 5k and 10k and the race finish requires you to ride a bus back to the parking areas. Kim dropped me off for the 10k and then they went to the 5k. Problem is the 10k starts at 8:45 and the 5k at 8. So I had a long time to wait for the buses to start picking up. Nice morning though. Saw a lot of familiar faces at the start.

Nice Post Race party at the park by the lake there, live band, good food and beer. They promised a technical race shirt, but it was just a black cotton shirt, nothing technical about it. That was the only negative. I will have to put this race on my schedule for next year, it's a keeper

Garmin Watch Data for Race

Evergreen Town Race 10K Results