Sunday, February 28, 2010

Easy Recovery Run with the Dogs

Took the dogs out for a run at the CC Park dog area this morning. Drove to the old library and ran from there. Ran real slow and easy, sore from yesterday, mainly my knee. Dogs were tugging and there was some ice on the trail, so I walked through some of that.

The dog area was really muddy, good thing I wore my trail shoes. Dogs had fun. Had to get back by 10, so short run. 40 minutes or so, out and back.

Last day of February, a tough month for training with all the snow we got, especially on the weekends. Still I pretty much made all my runs scheduled with a couple of adjustments.

40 Miles last week
179 Miles for the Month
376 Miles for the Year

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Snowman Stampede 10 Mile Race - 1:09:41

Ran the Snowman Stampede at Chattfield Today. 1:09:41 a PR for 10 miles..

PR from same race last year were I did 1:10:32 on same course.
I finished 45th overall, 6th in my age group.

I felt good at the start, got into sub 7 mile pace which I could adjust with the Garmin. I ran the first 5 miles under 7 except mile 3. My goal was 6:55 I ended up 6:58.

I felt good going up the hills in the first half. I thought of Boston and also of my hill repeats. I had looked at my splits from last year and knew I was ahead of that.

There's a nice downhill as you turn onto the dirt road, I passed a lot of people there. I caught up to a lady in pink with pigtails that Alicia had pointed out before the race. She had recovered from a really bad bike accident. As I passed her she said "nice job". I talked to her after the race, she finished just a bit behind me. She was really nice and I admire her attitude and ability to come back from such a bad experience.

The dirt road had mud and ice on it, it was in bad shape and everyone had to slow down there both directions. I thought about how I'd been running on a lot of snow and ice lately, some people almost stopped, I though "Treadmillers". :)

When I hit the uphill and switchbacks after mile 5.5 I felt myself slow down and fatigue. There were some really bad ice and snow packed spots. One lady behind me kept yelling "Ice". I kinda bonked a bit. There was a guy breathing really hard in my ear, that I had passed on the downhill. I kept thinking come on pass me back, because I was sick of his breathing. This was my slowest mile. There was a snow packed section that slowed everyone down again.

As we got to the top and headed down, I was recovering and trying to get my pace back under 7 when I got passed by a pack of 4 guys, one of them was the breather. 2 of the guys were in my age group. I felt kinda down at this point that I lost pace on the hills and didn't recover quicker, I also thought a sub 1:10 was out of reach. I did get my pace back down to 7:00 but did not feel as good as before. The breather was a young guy and he pulled off the race about a mile ahead for a bathroom stop.

The last 2 miles was really sloppy and slick in spots, almost dangerous. I caught up to a lady running but could not quite pass her. I followed her through this section. There was a lot of water, mud, ice, floating ice and 5 mile walkers going really slow, a couple of strollers. We navigated through, I realized a sub 1:10 was doable with a couple of sub 7 minute miles. The lady I was following must of been on the same goal cause she sped up too.

With 1 mile to go I was right at 1:13. So I pushed it, the last mile was my fastest 6:34. When I got to the last quarter mile. Alicia was there, she had finished the 5 mile race. She gave me some encouragement and I passed the lady and had a good kick up the last hill (later told her good finish and great job). I saw Mark B there at the finish, he gave me a boost as I saw I was going to make my goal on the finish clock.

Race Results

Alicia Ran the 5 Mile and won her age group with a sub 38 5 mile. Congratulations Alicia.
Saw Mark there, he was doing a training run and knew a lot of people running, we chatted about running and Boston a bit.

Saw some other familiar faces there too, race season is starting and spring is around the corner, got that feeling today. Tera Moody won the women's 10 mile, didn't know she was there till I saw the results.

Garmin Watch Data for Race

Congratulations to Matt and his brother Mark who ran the Mount Cheaha 50k (31 Mile) Train Ultra in Alabama today. They finished 25th with a time of 5:45, a tough race. I will post something on the prostates site when they post the results.

Also got to see Zach run a mile time trial at SHHS He did a 5:42, finishing second in the mile wave with a strong kick at the end (there were a couple of strong milers that did not make it). This was after he ran a 2:29 800 time trail. Nice work Zach.

So a good day for Running!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Yoga Cross Train

Took a rest day today, went to Yoga at lunch. Susan's advanced class, I took it easy though, no overstretching. The class was packed. I was way in a corner where I could take it easy.

Resting my legs for tomorrow's 10 mile race.

That's 3 yoga classes for me in 5 days. That might be a PR.
Oh yeah, no PR's in Yoga, just internal fulfillment and enlightenment.


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Around Wash Park - 9.5

Ran from the Y around Wash Park and back at lunch today. 9.5 Miles, 1:16:58

I don't run this route a lot because it's takes a longer lunch and usually nobody in the group wants to go beyond 7.

I had it on my training schedule to get 40 miles in the week with the 10 Mile Race on Saturday (Snowman Stampede).

I left the Y with Jeff, Tom and Craig C, we ran easy and Craig M caught us about 1/2 way up 16th. Jeff Tom and the Craigs went down the bike path. No middle 3er's today.

Chipman caught up to us at Speer as they were splitting off, he ran with me to the Park the edge of the park. He and Jeff were both getting over colds. Tom's still recovering from his fall and Craig C just got back from Yllowstone.

I ran around the park and back Solo. The path at the park was very sloppy, lots of slush and water and mud. Some Ice/Snow spots too. I held a pretty good pace around 8 minutes, I jumped on the road in a few spots. Lots of runners on the path and the road. Nice day, 44 with some sun. A small snow storm was supposed to hit at lunch but didn't make it here yet.
Got back to the Y in 1:16:58, looked at my logs and that's the fastest I've run that route by about a minute, but it's not a common route. I only ran it twice last year. I have a few more on the schedule before Boston

Garmin Watch Data for Run

10 Mile race on Sunday, so rest day tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Treadmill Intervals 7 X 800

Ran treadmill intervals at the Y at lunch.
Did 7X800 at a 2:56 pace with a 400 recovery.
Started with 1 mile warm up and a finished with a 2 mile cool down.
Did a 1/2 mile at 1/2 marathon pace 6:55 during the cool down.
8 Miles total 66 Minutes

First time to use the new treadmills at the Y. They have some nice features (fans, tv's) but I don't like the controls and displays as much as the others. I messed up the workout 3 times. The transition from fast to slow was awkward.

I drove past the Manual HS track this morning and there was 4 inches of snow on it still, which I figured but thought I'd check just in case, so I did treadmill intervals instead.

I had an acupuncture treatment this afternoon with Alison. It went well, my calfs are doing ok, mainly preventative. She found a few tight spots (as does Tara the masseuse) and treated them with needles and electricity. She gave my right knee a little extra attention too with some deeper needles and more electricity. She told me I was tough for taking all that punishment, I told her it will be worth it if I can run and train without injury. They were sore after.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Wash Park 7

Ran the Wash Park 7 mile run with the group today.

It was cold mid 20's, but the sun was out and it didn't snow as much as they said it would last night. Still I'm sick of running on snow, one of the downfalls of training for an April Marathon in Denver I suppose.

Matt, Jay and Bob ran with me. Matt did the Cheesman 4, but Bob and Jay went on to Wash Park with me. Picked up the pace a bit on the way back which was good to help me stretch out and prepare for the rest of the week running. I stopped to tie my shoe lace (an ongoing problem with my current Asics) and they were gone. I told them "Jay and Bob Strike Back"

I was sore from yesterday, but not as sore as I was yesterday after the run. I seriously crashed and had no energy or motivation the rest of the day. Laid on the couch and watched the Olympics.

I went to Kelly's 7:00 yoga class this morning after a good nights sleep. It felt good to stretch some stuff out, work my core and get the blood pumping. I'm sure that helped me run at lunch. As I was walking to the Y in the morning in the dark and cold and ice everywhere, I was thinking I don't think I will be able to run today but felt better after Yoga and ready to go at lunch.

7 Miles 56 Minutes.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

20 Mile Long Run - Snow

Ran my 20 mile long run today. Outside in the snow. There was 2 - 4 inches of snow on the paths most of the run. I put on my Yak Trax and ran about 9:15 this morning. I briefly considered a treadmill at the rec center, but I do not think I could run a treadmill for 20 miles.

I really didn't know if I could run 20 miles in that snow either. I thought maybe run for 3 hours and see where I was.

This was one of the hardest long runs I think I've ever done. It was very painful. I've never run over about 7 miles in snow that deep. My pace was slow and got slower. My legs and feet were so sore and fatigued after the first hour, but I kept pushing. I had my Garmin, but my pace was so slow, I didn't really worry about it.

I altered my 20 mile course to start the same through CC Park to the DAM road and on the other side of the dam, but rather than take the Kennedy leg over to CC Trail, I looped around the Park and then down to the trail by the camping area, around tower loop and then back along the beach to the woods, then looped through the trail and back onto the patch and home the way I came. A good 20 mile course, especially in the summer where it's hot, but no so much with the snow. At one point in the woods, there was a mile path with about 6 inches of snow built up, that was some tough running and wore me out.

The last 5 miles was tough and I was really fatigued and drained of calories. I took some extra Gu and had 3 of them in the last 5 miles.

The last mile and a half from the Club House to my house, I took off the yak trax because they plowed the sidewalk. That was tough running too though, it seemed so hard and difficult to run on the concrete after 18+ miles of slipping on the snow.

20 Miles

Friday, February 19, 2010

City Park Golf Course - 7 Miles

I ran the City Park Golf Course route today, 7 Miles about 56 Minutes.

Jay and Matt ran too, Jay did the duck pond, Matt did the 7 with me.
Jay's been in San Diego with 72 degree running weather.

It was cold, 20's, cloudy in Denver with about 2 inches of snow from the night before.
The driving roads were clear but the sidewalks, paths and park roads were hit and miss, some dry spots but a lot of slick or snowy spots.

We ran the road down the North side of the Golf course.
The sidewalks around the Cafes on 17th were OK too.

OK, I'm ready for spring running to come back. Not looking so good this weekend. 20 planned for Sunday with snow in the forecast.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Middle 3 - 18:40

Ran the middle 3 at lunch today. 18:40 for the 3 mile tempo portion of the run.
I was the only one to run it today. My goal was 18:30.

Jeff went up tempo around the park (.9.5),
Craig M did a middle 4,
Tom did the 7 easy, still recovering from his crash on the ice last week.
Tom has a huge bruise on his back and butt from that fall.
Matt started easy with Tom and then picked up the pace, then ran the last mile hard, just ahead of me.

Cool day, upper 30's and cloudy, a slight headwind coming back

Running back on 16th, there were a ton of people lined up along the road and wrapped around a couple of blocks. There were lined up to see President Obama at the Fillmore on Colfax for a democratic fund raiser.

Garmin Watch Data for Run

7 Miles 50:40

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Yo-Yo - Yoga

I mixed up my workout today a bit. I am running 6 days this week and had a 4 mile recovery run on the schedule but I also wanted to go to yoga at 12:30

So I ran 4 miles at lunch and then went to the 12:30 Yoga class.

In order to make the 12:30 class and get 4 miles in, I left the Y at 11:50, ran up 16th to Park, then back down to meet the running Group around Grant then back up 16th to Cheesman Park, then Back down to the Y. Hence the Yo-Yo Run and then the Yoga Class (where I walked the dog).

Kind of a different run. I saw different runners than normal since I was a bit earlier.
Saw Scott flying up 16th on his way to a 10 mile tempo.

On my way back to meet the group, I ran with Anita from the Y a bit. I've seen her run for a while, she runs with another guy and they have a pretty good pace, but run earlier than our group. So I introduced myself and told her she had a good pace and should run with us at 12 when she has a chance, told her some of the routes and workouts we do. She sounded interested, we'll see.

The group today consisted of just Bob, I turned around and ran with him to Cheesman at a good pace.
Then back to the Y at an easy pace. Just in time to change shirts, fill my water bottle and get to the Yoga class.

Class was good, I was nice and warmed up and felt more flexible and energized. The massage last night helped, I did have a few sore spots (hip and knee form the track work yesterday). Talked to Susan a bit as I was leaving the Y about Yoga and Running and Training.

4 Miles 32 Minutes and a Yoga Class

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Track on - 6X800

Ran 800 repeats on the Manual High School track at lunch today.

6 800's. Splits were 2:55,257,2:48,2:54,2:53,2:53. My target was 2:55.

The 2:57 was because I took a 2 minute recovery after the first one, I realized I needed 3 minutes.
The 2:48 was with a long recovery and I was chasing Bob and Craig down the track the first lap and ran with Bob the 2nd lap. That one hurt. The rest were all good tempo/pace .

Craig C and Alicia ran to the track with me. Craig did 4X400's. Alicia ran around the track easy, she had done a tough Bike workout in the morning.

Bob joined us at the track. Surprisingly he has not done any track work recently, he doesn't join his running club for track workouts. He ran around the track at an uptempo pace.

Craig M showed up for the end of the workout and did a couple of 800's. I accused him of showing up at the end of my workouts on purpose, but it was good to have someone to finish with. He, Bob and I ran back to the Y at Bob's pace. We might have set a post track workout run back record. I charged the downhill at the end to toughen the quads.

It was a really nice day for track work. Mid 30's with Sunshine. Chilly at first but once at the track it was a nice temperature.

There was one icy/snow spot on the track where it was in the shadow of the scoreboard.

Good luck to Lisa, Bob's wife who entered the hospital for chemo treatments for Leukemia today. Our thoughts and prayers are with you Bob and Lisa.

7.5 Miles 61 Minutes with 3 Miles of Speed work
I have a 55 minute massage scheduled tonight.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Wash Park 7

Ran the Wash Park 7 mile run at lunch today.

Only Craig C showed up from the group. President's day is a holiday for a lot of the runners, especially those that work for the state and the feds. The Y was pretty empty too.

So it was just Craig C and I, we ran an easy 7.

We talked about the Olympics and he told me about the time he ran Boston back in 1979. He did 3:03 and finished last in the big group they had that did Boston that year. I was in the 8th grade then.

I thought I would be all fresh legs and running strong after an easy week last week and an easy snow run yesterday, but I guess it doesn't work that way.

7 Miles 56 Minutes.

Congratulations to my Sister Kim and her lifelong friend Janiece who just ran their first 5k yesterday at Wash park, despite the 4 inches of snow. Pictured below.
Way to go ladies, keep it up! ROTG is a month away!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

10.5 Mile Snow Run

My plan for the day was a 10 mile tempo run with a target 7 min/mile pace.

I woke up this morning to 4 inches of snow on the ground and it was still snowing hard. It was cloudy and cold, in the 20's.

Obviously not ideal conditions for a tempo run. So I decided to run in the snow and push the "snow pace" as best I could.

I put on my Yax Trax and headed out about 9:00, it was still snowing, but not quite as hard.

I did an out and back from my house to the Porta Potti at the 5 1/2 mile mark.
The Yak Trax did good for the conditions, but I could not get a good pace going, it was a light snow, but it slowed me down to a 9 minute mile pace although I was working relatively hard or so I thought (should have had a HRM on).

I did a few miles in the 8:30 range where it was flat and open in the park. There were spurts where I felt really good and in a zone. There were spurts where I felt sluggish and seriously doubted I would have been able to maintain a tempo pace. A bit discouraging considering it was an easy week and I had only run 4 days this week.

On the way out at about 4 1/2 miles I saw a spot in the snow where someone had fallen on the ice underneath. It was by the new bathrooms they built on the south side of the park. I picked up a pair of sunglasses they had dropped in the snow close by. I looked around and no-one was in site to chase down. About that time the sun started peaking out of the clouds and I didn't have my sunglasses, so I took that as a sign from God for me to keep them.

After the turn around, I was running at about the 6 mile mark and to my right was a coyote running next to me about a 100 yards at a good pace. Effortless for him. He was beautiful, he pulled ahead of me and crossed the path ahead giving me a couple of looks over his shoulder as he ran into the brush.

The last couple of miles to the house, the sun was out and the snow was melting quick where the sun was hitting it. The Yax Trax were hitting more and more concrete. I debated stopping to take them off, but it was hit and miss, so I kept them on through the end of the run, but I had to run on the snow off the path in a few places. Amazing how quick it can melt in the dry Colorado air and direct sun this time of year.

Garmin Watch Data for Run

10.5 Miles 1:36:58

Short/Easy Week 4 Day 34.5 Miles
Week 7 of Boston Training, 9 Weeks to Go...

283.5 Miles for the Year.

Friday, February 12, 2010

City Park Duck Pond 5

Ran the City Park Duck Pond route today with the group at lunch.

Ran with both Craig's and Andre. Andre's on his way to Africa for a couple of weeks, he'll be running in the heat, lucky dog.

Nice day though, sunny. Easy run.

I modified my Boston schedule to make this an easy week and to accommodate a couple of races.

5 Miles 43:55

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Middle 3 - 18:50

Ran a mediocre 18:50 Middle 3 today. 15 Seconds slower than last week.

I did recover quicker and ran back faster than earlier, also had less traffic stops..
It is what it is. Roads were dry, the path was snowy/icy so we ran on the raod.

I ran the Middle 3 with Chipman, kind fun running with him for a change. He holds the Middle 3 PR of 15:50, he was a bit younger then and faster. He's still fast, but not quite in peak shape yet. I think he held back a bit too.

Craig C did a Middle 3 also, Andre did a Middle 7 at normal pace.

I messed up my Garmin at the Alameda traffic stop coming back, so we went off Dave's time.

7 Miles, 50:50, 18:50 on the Middle 3

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mile High Hill Repeats X 10

I concluded my 6 weeks of hill repeat training today with a grand finale of 10 repeats (up from 8 last week).

I took yesterday off after the 20 mile long run. It was a good day to take off, it was cold and blowing snow at lunch. I was still fatigued from the 20 and wanted to be "fresh" for this workout.

Word is one of the lunch time runners Tom took a bad spill on the way to wash park and banged his head on the ice. He's OK but a little dinged. He had to miss the hill workout today though, but should be back at it on Thursday.
Speaking of which, I was sore from my fall on Sunday, neck and shoulders from the whiplash.

Back to the hills.

I met Alicia outside the Post building and we ran to the Hill, no other runners made the 11:30 trek. She had never been to the hill, aka Monoxide Hill (she had seen Pete M the day before who refered to it though). Anyway she did the first hill repeat with me, we jogged down and then she ran back. I joked with her to stay in our group you had to do 1 hill workout, a middle 3, track work, a group long run and a mountain run every year. I did the first repeat a bit slow, the bottom 1/2 of the hill was clear, but the top half had a couple of inches of snow on the path. I stayed on the path and did a 2:23.

The 2nd repeat I did solo and ran on the road, back to the 2:14 range. The road has a little curve with a knook in it that adds some distance so you can stop at the no parking sign instead of the light. Mile High Rules.

When I got to the bottom, Matt and Craig C were waiting, they had run over from the Y. Matt did 5 repeats with me (Craig 4). Chasing Matt up the hill sped me up a bit, he was doing them under 2:00. Craig M showed up later and did a couple, then Matt and the Craigs ran back, leaving me with 3 hill repeats to go. I was staying in the 3:15-3:18 range.

I took some gatorade and a granola bar snack to the hill with me. Which helped It was a long workout, over 2 hours with 12 miles, 6.5 miles of hill work.

I did the last 3 OK, a bit slow on #9 2:24. 2:19 on my 10th one. I was glad to have that workout done. I ran back to the Y easy, but pretty smooth a few hills on the way back uphill of course.

When I put it on my schedule I wasn't sure if I'd be able to do all 6 hill workouts on Tuesdays. Especially the last one (10) with work and the weather, but I did and I feel good about it. Hopefully it will pay dividends in Moab and Boston.

On to the track next week.

I am looking at my schedule trying to fit in the Snowman Stampede (10 mile race), the Running of the Green (ROTG) 7k , Moab and of course Boston without sacrificing a long run or speed workout. I might take an easy week this week and run long next, looks like I'd need to do a mid week long run before ROTG.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Long Run 20 - CC Dam

Ran my first 20 mile long run today in my Boston training plan.
Matt ran with me. He's 3 weeks away from a 31 mile ultra so this was his last long run to prepare.
We ran from my house and did my 20 Mile route, through CC Park, on the other side of the Dam along 225, under 225 to Kennedy Golf course then out the CC Trail to a turn around point and back around the Dam to Parker Road and then home. A very Hilly 20 mile route, especially the last 5 miles. A lot of uphills

There was about 1/8 inch of snow on the ground when we started with light snow falling, little wind from the North, temperature around 30. Not great but could be worse. We started off a bit slower than last week. 3 1/2 Miles into the run I was running along the path and boom, slipped on some ice beneath the snow I didn't know was there. I landed on my left forearm and legs, not too bad a fall, kinda stunned me. Matt said i got a lot of air and looked like Charlie Brown kicking a football when Lucy pulls it out. I shook it off and started running again, the adrenaline made us run fast for a bit, I think that was our fastest mile.

There were a few other slick spots, we each slipped a couple of times, but caught ourselves.

When we got to the turn around, point near Illiff on the path, we talked a bit how we were both fatigued and feeling it more than the 19 we did last week. This route is tougher and the snow made a difference. We had a steady snow the whole way, but it warmed up some and was slushy in spots. There was close to a half inch in some places when we finished.

We made it through the hills in the snow, Matt ran ahead on every one and waited for me at the top. He's in great shape and will do well in his ultra (if his brother does not wear him out in the first 10 miles). I kind of got into a death march on the last couple of hills, muscles tightened and didn't have the speed or the push I should have.

Total time for me was 2:53:50, Matt was closer to 2:45.

20 Miles, 2:53:50 (8:41 Pace) About 10 seconds per mile slower than last weeks 19.
Garmin Watch Data

6 Weeks into the plan. 52 Miles this week.
10 Weeks to Boston, 6 Weeks to Moab

Friday, February 5, 2010

City Park Golf Course - 7

Ran the 7 Mile City Park Golf Course Loop today at Lunch.

Nice day, sunny 40's.

Ran with Craig M and Andre. Craig went for the duck pond 5 mile route.
Andre and I ran the Golf Course at an easy pace, but faster than I would have run it solo. He pulled me along a bit. I felt fatigue from the weeks training and the 50 mile weeks. Rest Day tomorrow.

Garmin Watch Data for Run

7 Miles 56:53

Thursday, February 4, 2010

7 Mile with Middle 3 Tempo Run

Ran the Middle 3 today at lunch. Nice, in the 40's and the sun came out just before lunch, snow flurries in the morning.

Ran it with Jay, his first middle 3 in a while, he did good but wanted some competition (Craig and Tom).

I ran the 3 miles in 18:35, a bit slower than last week. I
felt good the whole way though, like I could maintain the pace and wasn't pushing to my limit, like I felt last week.

I did get 4 traffic stops and 1 shoe tie at the mile mark. Current Asics laces are different and seem to get loose easier, need to check them before a fast run or race.

Easy run there and back. Good Run
Craig M did a middle 4 and Scott and Chipman went around Wash Park.

7 Miles 50:35

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mile High Hill Repeats X 8

Ran the Mile High Hill Repeat workout today at lunch. 8 Hill repeats. Week 5 of Boston Training and Week 5 of hill repeats.

Craig M and I left the Y at 11:45, when we got to the hill, Tom, Ted and Craig C had already done a couple of repeats.

Tom did 5 repeats and Craig C did 6.

Craig M did 6 with me. He did them around 2:10. I was a bit slower at 2:13 - 2:20 range.

I did the last 2 by myself with a break between. #7 was the slowest at 2:20.

At the top of the hill, there was a group of workers smashing down a concrete wall with sledge hammers outside the Mexican restaurant. They were swinging sledge hammers, shoveling gravel and throwing concrete into a trailer right where we usually run. I could hear Ronald Regans voice as I ran by in the road, "Mr. Rodriquez tear down this wall".
Craig said when he and Tom ran past the first time a guy stepped in front of them and just started swinging a sledge hammer at the wall (before the truck and trailer was there). Funny the things you experience running...
Running back to the Y, I pushed it just a bit to stay under an 8 minute pace and run back a negative split (uphill) from the run out which was an easy warm up run.
When I got back to the Y, I was toast. Saw Jay and told him to stick a fork in me.

Garmin Watch Data

Long workout 10.86 miles 1:41 including Rest between repeats.

Massage tonight and Rest Day Tomorrow.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Wash Park 7 Recovery

Ran the Wash Park 7 mile route with the group at lunch today.
We ran the route a bit faster than I was looking for in recovery run, but that's the price you pay for running with the pack.

6 of us (Matt, Tom, Jay, Jeff, Andre and myself) did the 7 miles around an 8 minute pace. At times Matt would pull ahead of the group, showing no signs of soreness from yesterday. After the run he said he felt it. Jay was first to touch the pole today, no challengers. :)

Loosened up a bit coming back into a headwind. Nice day 45, sun, winds about 10 mph.
7 Miles 55 Minutes

Garmin Watch Data for Run

Went to Yoga this morning. Kelly's class. Good workout to strech out some of the sore muscles.
Right knee is still sore, more sore from yesterday's long run. A few of the yoga poses stressed it a bit too much so I had to back off.

Before class I got ont the calf stretcher at the Y and got on it wrong and flipped it up and meyself forward. Of course when I fell forwarded, I banged my sore knee on it. Embarassing (made a loud noise as I was dancing around it trying to keep my balance) and painful

Lost another runner on our Prostates Relay team, Pete M has a conflict. That means we are down 3 runners now.