Saturday, April 4, 2009

Rest on a Nasty Weather Day

The weather was really nasty out today. Cold, wind, snow. The wind was the worst of the 3. Just miserable. Luckily I had a rest day planned anyway. Looks like most of the storm missed us, but still it would not be a good day to run outside.

I registered for the CC Sneak today, Sports Athority has a deal if you spend more than $100 you get a free CC Sneak registration. I was due for new shoes anyway and got a couple summer running shirts too. Gina registered Zach while we were there, his first 5 mile race, good stepping stone for Bolder Boulder.

Got some Blue GT 2140 shoes, they were out of red. Right at 400 on my current shoes so I have time to break them in.

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