Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Rest and Yoga

Rest day today, went to Yoga at the Y at Lunch. Did some stretching, a few weights and some abs before class. Had a substitute instructor with more of an Eastern Yoga flair. Interesting and a bit different.

This was a good month running wise for me. I ran 24 out of the 31 days.
207.5 Miles for March with 9 speed workouts including 2 races, 3 20 mile long runs.

That puts me at 583.5 for the year.
That's the most I've ever had this early in the year. Thanks Boston!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

800 Intervals X 8

Went to the MHS Track at lunch and ran 800 Intervals. Had 10 on my schedule but I stopped at 8. Goal was to do them all under 3 and close to 2:55. Range was 253-258, average 2:56.


I did not force or push any of them too hard. I tried to run smooth, relaxed and easy. I was breathing hard at the end of most of them though.

It was a nice day, temperatures in the 70's with sun. A little warm for intervals almost, but it felt like spring. Craig, Chris and Pete ran to the track with me. They did 6X400's and went back.

Wore a singlet today and then took it off for the last few intervals, nice with the sun, I sweated a lot. today A little bit of allergy in my sinuses, not bad for this time of the year with this weather though. Trees usually get me when they start blooming which they are.

I had a 80 minute massage with Tara after work. My calf's were tight, she spent a lot of time on them. Then my hamstrings and my hips. I need to stretch out more during the taper.
Right knee is doing great now, so that seems to be over (knock on wood).

9 Miles with 5 at Speed. 1 Hour 15 Mintues of running

Monday, March 29, 2010

Congress Park 5 Miles

Ran an easy recovery run with the group today. Did the Congress Park 5 mile loop. Weather was nice, parthly cloudy but temps in the 60's.

Good group today, Scott, Jay, Matt, Pete, Bob and Craig M back from 6 weeks in Abu-Dabi.

Craig Carver joined us on the back side of Congress near Cheesman. Bob went to Wash Park, Scott and Jay went short to Cheesman. So the core of the group did Congress.

Good recovery run for me.
I went to the Y this morning and did Yoga, helped to loosen me up for the run and then the run helped to loosen up more.
5 Miles 42:02

Congratulations to my son Zach who ran a 5:12 mile at a varsity track meet in Ft. Collins today. Taking 30 seconds off his previous PR and shattering my mile PR. Way to go Zach. You are getting fast, your training is really paying off. Keep it up.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Long Run - 20

Ran my last 20 miler today. 2:48:16
Weather was great, 40's-50's with Sun. A bit of a head wind from the West going out and then South and East coming back.

Did my 20 mile Cherry Creek Resevoir, around the Dam and down the CC Bike Trail then back through CC Park along parker.

My goal was to average an 8:15 pace, ended up with 8:25. Had two slow miles uphill at 15 and 19. First 11 Miles were on Pace, finished with a good 20th mile.

Garmin Watch Data for Run

Great views of the snow covered rockies on the run. I am so blessed to be able to run, no matter what happens in Boston I should be thankful just for being able to train and run as much as I do. It was awe inspiring at times. Knowing that this was the last long run on the road to Boston gave me a lift too.

3 Gu's at 5,10,15 and 2 water stops.

I was sore after, been a tough week. 60 Miles. Starting to taper now, a few tough workouts left over the next 3 weeks, but nothing like the last few week.
I made it to the taper, pretty much on schedule as I layed it out in January. For that I am thankful too. Also no injuries (knock on wood), thankful for that also.

Friday, March 26, 2010

11 Easy

Ran another 11 mile run today. This time easy, no tempo whatsoever.

Started out with the group (Craig, Pete, Dave, Jay and Matt) and did the City Park Duck Pond, on the way back I separated from the group at Park Avenue (4 Miles) and went to Cheesman through to 7th. Took 7th down to Colorado and then back. Took the Congress route to Cheesman and then another lap around Cheesman and back to the Y for 11.

I took it slow and easy. I didn't eat enough so I had a calorie crash and also no water, so fatigue and slow, training myself to push through when I am fatigued.

Garmin Watch Data for Run

11 Miles 1:40:10
Rest day tomorrow. I need it.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

11.2 Mile run with 7.25 up Tempo

Nice day, sunny 50. Snow has melted off the roads, but still on the paths.
Was late getting to the Y, but so was Jeff and Matt.
We ran easy the first 2 miles to the Middle 3 start point. I felt good, fresh, on the warmup.

I went up tempo Middle 3 Pace to wash park 9:26 a 6:17 Pace
Then I did 2 laps on the road at wash Park 2.2 Miles each at a 7 minute pace and then a 7:15 pace.
Medium Tempo Pace 4.4 Miles in 31:43, 7:11 Pace
Then up tempo Middle 3 Pace back to 6th 9:24 a 6:16 Pace
Then ran the last 2 miles to Y easy. 11.2 Miles total 1:22:50

Matt and Jeff ran easy to wash park. They Met Craig and Dave at the top of the Hill as I ran past, then I saw Scott and Tom running the middle 3.
Guess there was an early crowd that we missed.
Garmin Watch Data for Run

11.2 Miles 1:22:50

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Snowshoe for 2.5

The Denver area got hit with another snow storm Tuesday night. Tough commute home last night and snowed all night into the next morning. So I worked at home. I had Yoga on my schedule, but with 8 inches of snow on the ground and no Yoga classes at my house. I decided to go for a lower impact cardio workout. Running with Snowshoes. Plus I finally got to test out the snowshoes I got for Christmas.

In the afternoon the sun came out and it was melting quick. Gina and I took the dogs to the fields behind smoky hill high school. There's 2 football/lacrosse fields that are usually empty. I ran a figure 8 course (about a third of a mile). Lucy ran laps with me, Levi stayed near the trees and chased bird shadows.

Good workout, I was breathing hard, especially in the deeper, wetter snow. I almost tripped a couple of times, when I'd get fatigued and not get the tips up. After a couple of laps, I had a nice packed path though and it made it easier. I was concerned my quads might be sore if I did too much and it would impact my running the rest of the week.

2.5 Miles - Snowshoe Running.

It's warming up and melting quick, Thursday and Friday look good and Sunday for my last long run before Boston.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

SHHS Track Intervals 10X800

Ran Intervals at Smoky Hill HS track near my house this morning.
Bad weather forecast for the afternoon and night and a lunch meeting so I had to get the workout in this morning.
I Started at 6:30 - Crack of Down and ran through the sun rise, finished at 8

Intervals were slower, ranged from 2:58 to 3:07, average 3:04. About 10 seconds slower than lunch intervals. Not a good morning interval runner and still sore from Moab. Did not want to push into that threshold and risk injury either.

1 1/4 Mile warm up, which I needed climbing straight out of bed into running clothes and out the door..

Splits were

3:15 Rest with a 200 recovery between intervals

Then a mile and a half cool down run home.

The track runs east-west on the straights, so it was kinda cool running into the sunrise. Temperature was mid 30's but nice once the sun came up.
Kind of noisy there though with construction and traffic. Saw Gina as she dropped Zach off at school.

8.5 Miles with 5 Miles of Speed work

Monday, March 22, 2010

Wash Park 7

Ran a Wash Park 7 recovery run today.

Moab Monday. Jeff, Tom, Bob and myself from Moab ran. Craig was still sore from the "plumbing".

Nice day in the 60's. I had 9.5 around the park on the schedule but work meetings made me cut it short. I will try to make up the miles later in the week, to get a 60 mile week.

Matt ran with us, he had fresh legs. Congratulations to Matt, expecting a baby in September, we discussed how this would impact his running career and fall marathons.

Jeff and Tom did Cheesman, the rest of us went to wash park.

The pace was pretty good for a recovery run, a little faster than I wanted, but I hung with Bob and Matt.
Pete and Chipman met us at the top of the country club hill on the way back.
Then Matt,Bob and Chipman took off, and Pete and I ran back easy. Bob is a machine, after a great Moab he ran up tempo the last 3 miles with those 2.

7 Miles 54 Minutes

4 Weeks out from Boston.

Moab Half Marathon - 1:33:02

Ran the Moab Half Marathon in 1:33:02.

Fun race, great day for it, as Bob said "It's a Moab Day". Sun, with temperatures in the 50's for a high, so the run out of the canyon was not as hot as last year. Could not hold my goal of a sub 7 pace, but ran it hard and had a strong finish.

Garmin Watch Data for Race

Race Results

Racing to the Finish at the Moab Half

Moab 2010 Group Picture Post Race

Scott, Dennis, Jeff, Bob, Alicia, Craig and Tom

I put up a post on the prostates site, with the results from the group and some finish line pictures...

I am swamped with work and behind on everything. I will fill this post in later with the details.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cheesman Easy 4 Miles

Did an easy 4 mile run from the Y around Cheesman today. Nice day, 60's partly cloudy.
Ran with Matt. His first run back since his Father passed away March 6th. He did get to run some with his brother in Minnesota.

We had an easy run, but not a bad pace. 30:43. Talked about Moab and training and upcoming races and his dad a bit.

Saw Tom before we left, he did a quick Colfax. Didn't see any other Moabers today.

Weather could be tough for the drive to Moab tomorrow. Could get 10 inches of snow in Denver and we are driving right through it. Plan to leave early

Race weather look good for running high of 50, dry on Saturday. Not so good for a spring weekend in Moab though.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

MHS Track Intervals - 6X400

Went to the MHS Track with the group and did 6X400 with a range of 68 - 80. Average 75. My Target was 80.

Gorgeous day, mid 50's and sunny I was able to break away from work at lunch.

Tom, Craig and Scott ran out to the Track with me, Bob was already there. Pete C came later and joined us at the end.

Was good to have Scott on the track, he's so fast and smooth usually running quarters in the low 70s. Everyone decided to do 400's with Moab 5 days a way, a good tune-up. Scott said 6 would be ideal and that's what I had in my plan. I have been doing 800's so 400's seemed easy and I pushed the pace (hopefully not too much). I felt good though.

My splits were…

When we got to #4 Scott said he was done as was Tom. Bob was running around the track like the energizer bunny. Craig said he'd do one more with me. And we were going to stop at 5.

There was a young lady in college from Nebraska training on the track with her coach for the 400. He was an old school coach and told us our track was a 440 track and we were actually running a full mile with 4 laps. Craig and the guys were talking to him and one thing led to another and he was talking about runners and kids and how fast the kids were. I told him Scott could run under 70 on a 400 and he didn't believe us, so he said run it and I'll time you. Since I shot my mouth off, I told Scott I'd run with him or as best I could.
The old school coach wanted to time us on a true 400 yards so he told us to run in lane 2 and start on the curve and would finish where he was standing. Scott took off and I stuck with him through about the 200 point which we did in 30 seconds, and then he pulled away. The coach timed Scott at 53 and me at 57. I kept running to the full lap and got 68 on my watch so that's a 64 for Scott. A 68 is a PR quarter thanks to Scott and the coach. The coach was impressed that these old guys could run that fast, he liked to talk. He also said he had a key to the East HS track. I like the way he measures the track, but we were all skeptical, a 400 means 400 meters to us.

Then Pete and Bob raced the girl in a 200 at the coaches request. She had the outer lane and pulled out ahead, but Pete was closing on her at the end with a 32, Bob's heart was not in the race and he did another lap. It was fun and I got in my 6 400s.. Just hope I didn't over due it and can recover before Moab on Saturday.

We ran back at a good pace and I picked it up the last half mile. Felt good.
6 Miles with 1.5 of Speed Work. 50 Minutes

Yesterday I did Yoga and ran an easy Cheesman recovery lap 4 Miles.
Massage tonight an a running rest day tomorrow.
Yes, loving the easy week. 

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Running of the Green 7k

Ran the running of the Green 7K today. It's a fun race, 4.3 miles in Lodo the weekend before St. Patricks day. An odd distance the 7K 4.3 Miles. I ran it in 30:37, Zach beat me (first race!) 30:16, but there is a good story there. What made Zach's race even more impressive is the day before at the Thunderidge Track meet, he did an 11:28 2 Mile race with a 5:38 first mile (both PRs).

Also went to the Race with my sister Kim. This was the longest distance she has ever run. It was also her 36th Birthday. Happy Birthday Kim!

So we left our house about 8:30 and made it down to Lodo around 9ish, found a parking spot off wazee and got our stuff, waited a bit in the car and then made our way to the start with a stop at the porta-pottis of course.

First Mile

The start of the race was VERY congested. Zach and I were off to the side on 17th and Wazee and had to merge into the crowd before the start on Wazee. We crossed the line and had to walk a bit, lots of strollers, dogs, walkers, very casual runners. They really need a wave start. So Zach and I ran through the crowd picking our way trying to break free which wasn't really until we got to Coors Field. I kept checking to make sure Zach was with me and he was, a couple of times he took the lead to pick through the crowd. We did the first mile in 7:20 with a slow start. I wasn't sure Zach was going to go that hard, my goal was around 6:45 miles.

Mile 2
The second mile is up hill pretty much, 130 feet of elevation gain over the Platte River, I-25 and then up the big hill on the otherside of the highway. Zach surged ahead on the big hill, just took off from me and I had nothing to stay with him. He looked good and fresh and got about a 100 meter lead on me by the time we topped the hill. He was also kinda playing with the cones and running with a high kick like he was on a Cross Country fun run. I did the second mile in 7:20 thanks to the big hill, Zach was probably just under 7.

Mile 3
As we turned and headed down the hill, the crowd was really thinned out and you can let go a bit. Zach continued to pull away from me as we headed toward 20th. He was looking good, I pushed a bit harder but so did he, he was 200 meters ahead as we got to 20th. I figured he would probably finish a minute a head of me and I wasn't going to catch him. I had a good tempo pace going. I saw Kim as she was starting to hit the big hill, we waved, she had a big smile on her face. 6:42 the third mile, it was downhill, but there was a little problem there.

Just before the 3 mile point, as you go under the underpass, I was kinda zoned out and running hard, when I notice someone running the wrong way toward me. I did a double take and it was Zach. He was pointing at the ground and right in front of me was a timing chip. His chip had fallen off and he had run a hundred meters or so before he noticed it. He had to turn around and run back up the road against the flow of runners and get his chip. I felt so bad for him, that had to cost him at least a minute. I stopped in front of his chip and he bent down to pick it up (good timing on that). Then PLOW a guy ran right into the back of me. Better me than Zach I guess. As I passed the guy who plowed me he said Sorry. It was actually my fault though.

I said "Go Get 'em, don't worry about it ". He replied with "grrrr..." and took off and put a gap on me as we wound our way through Lodo to the finish.

Mile 4 and the finish.
As we headed to the finish, Zach pulled ahead a bit more. It is pretty flat on this mile, but a few turns. 6:49 for this mile. Ten a quick 6:22 pace to the finish with a nice kick for both of us. I had 4.39 on my Garmin, so the course might have been a bit long. Zach Beat me by 20 seconds, but it should have probably been 2 minutes with his chip.

Race Results

Garmin Watch Data for Race

After the race we hit the post race food and I grabbed a couple of beers. It was not nice out, in fact it started to snow. Zach got in the Cordoba's line and got some food. Then we went back to the car to warm up and back to the finish to meet Kim. She ran the race in 59:32. Under an Hour and dropped her pace from the 5k last week. Nice progress Kim!

Kim and I had a beer and some food and then it was cold and snowy so we went home. I didn't see any of my other runner friends, other than Jay who I saw in the porta potti line before the race start. Still it was a fun day and a fun race with Zach.

I ran this race over 2 minutes faster last year after I popped my calf at the 2 mile point. I think the course was longer this year. I do feel that I am in better shape and faster overall this year and "injury free" and this was a good tune up for Moab, so those are positives.

Easy week ahead for me with Moab 1/2 Marathon on Saturday
50 Miles last week.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Long Run 22.2 - Y to CC Park to Home

Ran from the Y to CC Park and then Home. 22.2 Miles. This will be my longest run before Boston.

The intention on this run was to Induce a "Death March". Mission Accomplished.

I took the light rail to work, Gina dropped me off at 9 mile. I took my waterpack and minimal accessories (cell phone), so I could run light. Water Pack and Gu.

I worked through lunch, would have been a nice duck pond run today. Sunny and 50. The weather carried over to the afternoon. Probably our best day of the year, upper 50's and sunny. Got to the Y at 2:30 and was running at 2:50. Wore a short sleeve shirt and didn't bring my gloves, could have used them at the end though.

I ran the usual route up 16th to Cheesman. My Garmin had trouble locking on, so the first mile was long and looks like it was slow but it wasn't, normal pace. I ran through Cheesman and down Franklin to Speer. I was feeling good, my pace was a bit slower, but I knew I had a long way to go and it's an uphill route, so I was good with it. I was a bit sore in spots from all the miles recently.

Got to the Country Club and headed toward Cherry Creek Mall, then on the Bike Path. Lots of bikes on the path. I was holding about an 8:20 pace comfortably, but this part is pretty flat. I ran on the cinder/trail next to the path where I could to save the pounding. Near 4 mile house there's a nice trail. I noticed they extended the bike path at the park off Monaco, I will have to take that route next time, it runs next to the creek instead of through the park.

I stopped at the Cook Park rec center and re-filled my water bottle and used the bathroom. The stretch from there to Illif is so long and boring, my least favorite of this route. It also starts to grind uphill. My pace slowed, I was starting to fatigue. I had 2 GU and 3 power gels, I don't like power gels, they make me kinda sick to my stomach, but that's all I had. I was getting hungry and burring calories. I took them at miles , 6, 10, 14, 16, 19

I ran through the Hampden Heights park area and started the uphill section, it was tough, a bit of downhill and then back up all the way to Parker. Got to CC Park and I was cooked, would have been only 16 miles to my house, but I wanted to push the death march and go for 22. I stopped and refilled my water at the park entrance and had another gu. Then headed toward the lake and the sunset downhill to the park. Ran through on one of my favorite trails then out and back to the lake.

At mile 17 I was hurting, but on my way home. You can see from my Garmin data how it is an uphill grind most of the way. Good for Boston? I hope. My pace was pathetic, I was definitely doing the death march, but kept pushing. I stopped at 19 and had my last GU. 2 flat miles and then a tough uphill mile to my house. As I got to the turn up the big hill at Memphis, Jill drove past and pulled over. She had just done a training run, we said hi, she asked me how I was doing and I said OK, 1 more mile to go. It was almost dark. She said well have fun on the hill, a steep half mile on Memphis.

I got home and I was so tired, fatigued, I think I had a fever from the swelling. My stomach was upset and I could not really eat dinner. I wanted some ibuprofen but my stomach was too upset. Gotta love the death march run.

I was so sore I couldn't sleep, everything I lay on hurt. My stomach finally settled and I ate a snack and took some ibuprofen and then slept good the rest of the night.

Garmin Watch Data for Run

22.2 Miles 3:15:30. The pace was at the slow end of my LSD pace, maybe too slow.
66.7 Miles in the last 6 days with 2 20 milers. That's a PR for a weeks mileage in 6 days.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wash Park 7

Ran the wash park route today with the group.
No tempo run today since I am racing on Saturday. Also have a long run planned for tomorrow after work.
Nice easy 7 mile run with Tom, Craig, and Bob who caught us at 8th. Andre started with us but did Cheesman. He is having some back problems since his trip. His first run with the group in about a month. We did have fun giving him some 7 mile smack talk as he does for us.

It was mid 40's, sunny with some wind. No middle 3ers today. We ran pretty easy to the park, feels much different than the middle 3 gasping and breathing.
When we got to the edge of the park, Jeff was waiting for us, he had run around the Park at tempo and ran back with us. We did pick up the pace a notch when Jeff joined us.

The last mile from Colfax, Bob picked up the pace and I went with him, though Tom and Jeff were just behind us. I had fresh legs today and felt good so I hung with Bob on the last mile and felt comfortable at around a 7 minute pace.

During the run, we were talking about Moab and where everyone would place within the group. Kind of fun. Of course everyone is sandbagging and Scott will win hands down, but could be interesting between Jeff, Bob, Steve and myself.
Makes me want to go for it, now, but we'll see on race day.

7 Miles 54 Minutes

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

MHS Track 9X800 Intervals

Ran 9 X 800 Intervals today at MHS Track

Goal was 2:55 per 800 with 3:00 recovery
I struggled today to get my 2:55 goal, the first one was my slowest

Splits were

Tom and I ran out to the Track at 11:45 so I could get back to work by 1:30.
Tom did 3 1 mile repeats at a 7 minute pace. Then left as I was finishing #5.

Did 1 more solo and then Chipman showed up and did the last 3 with me. He was running 2:40 though. Then we ran the 2 miles back to the Y together.

Temperature in the 50's, Cloudy and kind of windy, but not bad for a March Track day.

9.5 Miles 1:20:00 with 4.5 Miles of Speed Work

Monday, March 8, 2010

Wash Park 7

Got up this morning and went to Yoga at 7 am. I was sore getting up and walking to the gym. More sore than previous long runs I think. First time since Boston training my calf's felt sore and tight. Also both hips. Nice Yoga session, I felt better after, I could feel some of the tightness working out and stretched good. I told Kelly after class I thought the poses we were doing helped me recover quicker.

When I went to the Y at lunch, I was tight again, but not as bad as the morning, it was kinda cold and cloudy. I had a pang of regret about running today and staying on schedule with another tough week, but I just set it aside and set the wheels in motion.

I ran with Jeff, Tom, Jay and Tim. Jeff went around wash park. The rest of us did the 7. Jay pushed the pace most of the way, which was good to help me recover without being a slug (I think). Tom pushed it a couple of places too and I sprinted the downhill at the end to toughen the quads.

7 Miles 55:16

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Long Run 20 - CC Park, Dam, Golf Course

Did a 20 mile long run today. Ran my "usual" 20 mile route, from home through CC Park, on the other side of CC Dam, over by Kennedy Golf Course then back toward Parker and home. I ran this 4 weeks ago with Matt with an inch of snow falling when I slipped.

Finally a nice day weather wise and traction wise for a long run. Temperatures in the 50's with sun when I finished. I started at 8:20, it was kinda chilly but I went with a short sleeve shirt which was fine, but I wish I would have had some gloves for the first 1/2 of the run.

I got into a good pace the first 6 miles (8:15), felt good. When I got to about mile 4, the sun went away and fog rolled in. I refilled my water bottle and headed up the hill to the dam road. I lost my pace there and looking at my splits I never really got it back, fell off pace for the rest of the run, still under 8:30 which was my goal.

The DAM running was today, so I ran through the race start area. My sister Kim was running it and her friend Janice working one of the booths, but I didn't see either of them as I ran through and scanned the crowd. It was a bit congested. The Dam was foggy, you couldn't really see the great views from up there.

I fell off the fast pace, which was surprising because usually the downhill on the north side of the dam are fast miles for me. But I did have a comfortable pace within my range and felt good so I went with it. I took gu at miles 5, 9, 14.5 and 17.5. Those gave me a boost. Filled my water bottel at 6.5 and 17.5.

I felt good from mile 16 on, really good. Despite the hills. That's encouraging because previous long runs up those hills I felt like I bonked some with Matt pulling away from me. I slowed some, but my pace for those miles was really good.

I wanted to improve on the last 20 and I did, took 4 minutes off what I ran 4 weeks ago. Finished in 2:49:06. 40 seconds slower than I ran it in August 2009 training for St. George. So I feel good about it. Also felt good after, felt like I could have done a couple more easy miles (but I didn't). The sun came out at the end of the run for the last 4 miles, maybe that's what helped me pick it up. That and the Beetles song Here Comes the Sun played on my MP3 player at Random but at a good time.

Garmin Watch Data

20 Miles 2:49:06

Good week of training, 54 Miles for the Week with 2 speed workouts and a long run.
Another tough week coming up.
6 Weeks to Boston

Friday, March 5, 2010

Golf Course 7

Ran the Golf Course loop today at lunch.
Craig C and Jay ran it with me, Pete C went the duckpond. Pete hasn't been running with us that much. First time in 3 weeks.

Temperature upper 40's, but cloudy, with a bit of a headwind coming back from the west.

I was a bit tired and sore today, kind of sluggish. I had a long massage last night and it was good, but think it might have made me more sore today working all the stuff out of the muscles. Plus this is 7 days running in a row, with 3 speed days in there, so I'm due for a day off.

Rest day tomorrow, but then some serious miles next week starting Sunday.

7 Miles 58 Minutes

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Middle 3 - 18:28

Ran the Middle 3 at lunch today. 18:28 for the Middle 3 Tempo part of the run. Felt Good, should have been faster though.

I was the only middle 3er today. The rest of the group did Cheesman. 5 of them.
Chipman came out with his fast shoes, but went from the middle 3 start to Cheesman and did some fartlek's there, then met me after the middle 3 and we ran back to the Y together.

Nice day, 56 degrees with some sun. Even Kamper was out today, so it must be spring.

Garmin Watch Data for Middle 3

7 Miles 50:28

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

4 Mile Yo Yo & Yoga

Did a 4 mile recovery run at lunch and then went to the 12:30 Yoga class.

Left the Y at 11:45 with Tom and Jay and ran out to the end of Cheesman with them.
Trurned around and ran back down 16th, ran a couple of blocks with Bob and Matt then headed back to the Y. Got back to the Y and did a few blocks along Lincoln to kill time before Yoga.

Good Yoga class. Jay's wife Gina was in the class, kinda funny, I told her I just ran with her hubby.

I adjusted my Boston schedule, so this will be a 6 day week with 54 Miles, but I'm feeling pretty good.

4 Miles 32:33 and Yoga.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

MHS Track 8X800 Intervals

Went to the Manual HS Track at lunch and ran 8X800 Intervals

Splits were
255, 257, 253,251,255,254,255,254

Goal was 255, made it on all but 1. The 257 was with a 2 minute recovery (like last week), the 251 was with a 4 minute recover the rest were 3 minute recovery .

Nice day, 50's and sun, clear blue skies. Felt like spring out there. Short Sleeve Shirt, which I almost took off.

Craig and Matt ran from the Y with me. Craig did 5X400, Matt did an easy 400 and left (still recovering from his ultra).

Bob was already on the track running mile repeats.

They left and I was solo. Alicia dropped by on her way back from the golf course and did a recovery lap with me then left.

Easy run back with a stop at the hospital for a drink.
9 Miles, 1 Hour 16 Minutes

Monday, March 1, 2010

Wash Park 7 Miles

Ran the Wash Park 7 Mile run with the group at lunch today.
It felt good to run on a Monday on dry road and some trail. Sun was out, it was in the 40's.

Craig C, Tom, Jay, Bob and myself ran today. We saw Matt briefly, he gave us the info on his 50k race briefly before we left. There's a post on the pickled site with some info on his race.

Craig and Tom took the bike path option. Bob decided to run around wash park so that left Jay and I to do the whole route.

It was 42 degrees with some sun and a bit of a breeze heading back. Jay took off his shirt and ran about the last 4 miles without it. I had on a long sleeve shirt and gloves, it was chilly coming back. He said he was hot, I told him he might have malaria or something because it was way too cold even for Colorado to be running without a shirt. A lady on 16th said something about me having gloves on and jay without a shirt.

So Jay gets the 2010 first guy to run without a shirt award.

7 Miles 57 Minutes.
I went to Yoga class this morning.