Monday, August 31, 2009

Cheesman 4

Ran the Cheesman 4 mile with the group today. Dave, Craig, Jay and Andy. The other half the group went on to Wash Park.

I was sore from yesterday, but not too sore and just wanted something to loosen up and get some miles, plus talk some relay stuff with the guys.

Met one of the guys on the 2nd relay team, Andy who is at the Y, but I had never met him before.

Funny story about that. I ran with Andy and we talked a bit and then afterwards some, he went into the Y and I stayed out to stretch some. Then after my shower I was talking to Lamar and this other guy who I didn't know as we were dressing. Then as I was leaving this other guy says something about running in the Colorado relay in a couple of weeks. I said "oh your running the relay what's your team name?" He looks at me funny and says "Somewhat Pickled". I said really, I'm Dennis on the pickled team what's your name? "Andy". Turns out it was the same Andy I had just run 4 miles with and talked to, didn't recognize him in work clothes without a hat and with glasses. How embarassing...

4 Miles - 32:55

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Long Run - 23 Miles

Ran 23 today. Trying to simulate St. George.

Ran from Mile Marker 218 off I-70 down to Idaho Springs. 2800 elevation drop from 10,300 down to 7,500.

Felt good most of the way. Real cool and nice thrrough about 15 miles, then the sun got out and the miles started adding up. At 20, everything started hurting, but I pushed through for 23.

Garmin Watch Data from Run

Nice course if you like downhill.

Thanks to JIll for dropping me off and the support. She run an out and back 13 up the frontage road while I was running down.

23 Miles 3:09:47, 8:15 pace

Friday, August 28, 2009

City Park Golf Course

Ran the city park golf course route with a little extra around the duck pond.

Craig M, Craig C and Alicia did the duck pond route. I started with them to the duck pond then met Jay at the duck pond since he was late. Then Jay and I walked the pond with the others and ran back and did the golf course route.

We went slow the whole way, very slow and I think I needed that today. About 10 minute slower than last week with just about a 1/4 mile more added to the route.

7.1 Miles 1:04:36

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Middle 3

Ran the middle 3 today. 18:50. Not much improvement over 2 weeks ago.
Started out good, the 3rd half mile split was slow, 3:22, not sure what happened, lost focus or the fast climb up the hill took it out of me. 3:09 for the 4th split. I found myself lose focus a couple of times. 1 traffic stop. It was 80 and sunny, warm but not too hot.

Craig M ran it and beat me by about 20 seconds. Jeff, Jay and Pete ran it also. Craig C was late so he ran a middle 2.

I took the pace up a notch the last 3/4 mile back to the Y. Downhill, ran about a 6:35 pace with a strong finish.

Legs feel good, but my goal was under 18:30 for today.

Garmin Watch Data for Middle 3

7 Miles 50 Minutes

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rest Day - Yoga

Rest from running today. Had a great massage last night, 80 minutes, very good. Calf's were kinda sore from the track, so I think the timing was good. Hip was much better, a couple of trigger points.

Went to the Y and lifted some weights, then went to Yoga with Sharon for an hour. A good class, she held us in a few poses pretty long.

Jay was supposed to join me in the class, but never showed up. Despite me telling him that there was no judging/competition in yoga. I think he was intimidated by the people who bring their own mats to class.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

MHS Track Intevals

Went to the MHS track at lunch today for Intervals.

Jeff, Pete C and Craig C went also.

I had a 1:30 meeting, so we did 5 X 800 and then did a half mile interval on the way back (last half mile to the Y though it was short).

Felt good on the track again, it was a cool day, but humid, so lots of sweat. Like Craig said, it's a good day to weigh in when you get back.

Range was 249-256 average 254. The 249 was giving the guys a head start and then chasing them down.

Long Massage tonight and a cross train day tomorrow.

In response to Mark's comment.

I got legs 4,14, 24 again for the Relay. Guanella pass downhill. It's one of my favorite runs ever. 8 miles with 2000 elevation drop, a fast run for me. The vail run is OK (14) and then the Canyon run (24) is really pretty at sunrise if we hit it like we did last year. 18.8 miles total, which is perfect training for my Marathon.

But with Guanella closed, I'm afraid they will change the course and who knows what I'll end up running.

Our Two Teams with the leg assignments are posted here...

7.5 Miles with 3 Miles Speed work. 1 Hour

Monday, August 24, 2009

Wash Park 7

Ran the wash park route today. Cloudy, cooler but humid.
Ran with Andre, Bob B, Pete C and Craig C.
Jeff, Matt, Jay and Craig M did Cheesman, but they get a pass due to the long run yesterday.

Good run, not as fast as last week for sure, and did not fall for the South African Slip.

I was a bit sore from yesterday, but not bad and no injury soreness (Yes!).

Garmin Data from Today's run

Jeff sent out the relay leg assignments last night, so there was a lot of relay buzz in the group.

Less than 3 weeks away.

Mapping out my schedule for the week, looks like I'm doing my big downhill Mountain run on Sunday. Trying to decide between 23 and 25... From Loveland Ski area or the Herman's Gulch Trail head. From 10,500 down to 7,500, about 300 more feet tha st george over a shorter distance. Of course the start/end Altitude is hugely different.

Weighed in at 155 at the Y today. First time in a while, need to drop down to be around 150 for the marathon. 5 pounds in 5 weeks. Tough.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Boulder Resevoir Run

Group Long Run at the Boulder Resevoir today, group met at Steve Canne's house at 8. For future reference, that is too late to start in August, it got very warm the last hour of the run.

7 of us. Steve C, Craig M, Pete M, Matt, Jay, Jeff and myself.

Pete M and I drove to the other side of 36 just after the trail tunnel, parked and waited for the group, that cut 2 miles off the front and end of the run. I wanted 13 miles and that's what I did. Most of the other guys were looking for 18-20 since it was there long run weekend, training for Marathons.

When the group met Pete and I, they were warmed up and we did a pretty good pace for a while on the back roads and into the resevoir. Matt led the way, setting the pace for his marathon goal of 3:10. At some points we were running 7:30. Some of the guys dropped back a bit, so there were a couple of points where the lead group circled back. I didn't circle back though wanting to limit my mileage this run.

A couple of dramatic points in the run. A couple of guys stopped at a bathroom and the rest of the group waited, then I looked up and about 4 guys were running ahead. I thought wow, what's up with that as they turned the corner, so I ran after them to bridge the gap between the two groups, turns out they all headed to the bushes for a pit stop, it was funny. Jay was in a ditch and Steve was at the side of the road. Then a lady came running by, so obvious what they were doing.

Another point when we were heading back on a dirt road, just beyond the Resevoir gate, we were running and chatting and some bikes were coming up ahead, when all of a sudden I hear bike brakes and cussing and Jeff starts yelling, I turn around and a bike rider almost took out Craig M, who had moved wide to let the bikes coming in front through, didn't think about there being a bike behind him. Jeff and Pete go off on this bike rider about not saying anything and almost taking Craig out, the bike rider was yelling back. Craig M says it's OK it was my fault, everyone calms down and the bike rider takes off.

Another kinda funny thing that happened was when we were at Steve's house waiting for the rest of the group (I picked up Craig M on my way). Steve was upstairs getting ready when a kid comes up to the door (it's 8 in the morning) and want's to see Steve's Son becasue he wants his money. Luckily Craig didn't let him in till Steve got down and then there was some discussion about the kid going away and not coming back and calling the cops and the parents. The kid got really mad and started screaming, but finally left. Made for a bizarre start.

The last hour got really hot, as you can see from the Garmin data it was uphill on trail for the most part, pace really slowed for everyone. Although Matt and Craig were ahead and looked pretty strong.

So when we got back to the parking lot, Pete M had to leave, I only had 12.25 miles on my Garmin, so I ran with Jay up to the start of the big hill back to Steve's and back to the parking lot. Then I drove back to Steve's house and waited in the shade tree for the group.

Jeff, Craig and Matt did another mile around the lake after stopping for water. Matt did 2 laps to get close to 19. Jay and Steve were done when they got back.

We sat around and talked about running and even had a beer in the shade, it was a good running day.

Garmin Watch Data from Run

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Blog Catch Up

OK, Mark's right I haven't blogged since Tuesday and it's Saturday.

No, thank god, I'm not hurt again, in fact I am starting to feel pretty good and like I am getting in shape (knock on wood).

Here's a recap.

Wednesday. Rest Day, Went to the Y, rowed, did some weights and a pretty intense yoga session with a substitute teacher.

Thursday: Took the day off work to take Brittany to UNC. Good Luck Brittany, miss you!
Got up early before we left and did a 7:00 tempo run from the house through CC Park. 1 1/2 Easy, 5 at tempo and 1 1/2 easy. Had to slow down through part of the tempo because of construction on the trail. Didn't go quite as fast as I had planned.

Friday: City Park Golf Course Loop with Pete C, Craig(s) went the duck pond. Pete picked up the pace for a bit for about a mile and a half or so. Good Run, nice day. Sunny but not too hot.

Garmin Data from Friday's Run

Saturday: Rest day, Stretching and did yoga for a bit around the house.

Tomorrow we have a group run at Bolder Reservoir, I'm picking up Craig Murray about 5 till 7 just off I25 and Yale, meeting at Steve Cannes house.

Congratulations to some friends...

Alicia placed 10th at the Triathlon Nationals in Tuscaloosa Alabama today. She qualifies for worlds in Budapest, Hungary next year. Congratulations Alicia. It was a tough race with a fierce river current, dead catfish and swimmers going nowhere fast.

Jill ran the Park City Utah Marathon today. In the last 3 weeks she's done Georgetown, Pikes Peak and now a Marathon, her 2nd Marathon this year with 1 more in about 6 weeks. Great Job Jill.

OK, I think I'm caught up now....

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cheesman Intevals - 6 X 1/2 Mile

Ran Intervals at Cheesman Park today. 6 X 1/2 Mile with a range of 2:49-2:59.

Chose Cheesman over the MHS Track due to time constraints and other runners.

Pete, Tom, Scott, Craig and Myself. Pete, Scott and Craig did 3 intervals.
Tom Joined me for a 4th. I was solo on the last two and it showed in my splits.

On the way back it got real dark, cloudy, lightning and started to rain. It rained harder and harder the closer I got to the Y, mixed in with some hail. So I ran faster. Didn't time the last mile, but I was definately up tempo. I was soaked by the time I got to the Y. Lots of people in the lobby waiting for the rain to stop.

Today's relay news is Tom is back in the relay after a boy scout cancellation.

I had accupuncture at 2:30 with Allison. She worked on my calfs (which are starting to tighten up with the increased miles, long runs and speed work). She also worked on my right hip, which is doing much better, but could use some treatment. Asked her about my left heel and she said it is too sensitive to treat the bottom with needles, she recommends ultra sound to break up the scar tissue there. Good to know for people with Plantar issues, she did put some needles around there for the calf / achilees region. One of them really zapped me.

I felt the needles more today than I ever have, not sure if I'm more sensitive or the speed work brought it out of me. A few of them really zinged, especially in the right calf. Felt it in my hip too. She put one in my lower back around my kidney that hurt like I never felt before, but settled down after a bit. Then she applied the juice, just to the right for about 5 minutes then to both for about 30 minutes or so. I think I fell asleep twice.

So my calfs are sore from the treatment, but that's common and should feel great in about 24 hours.

7 Miles - 52 Minutes or so

Monday, August 17, 2009

Wash Park 7

Ran the Wash Park 7 Mile run today

Big group today. Due to the Pikes Peak Runners and stories, people back from vacation and Jeff sending out the word to the relay team members to meet on Mondays if you want to meet your teammates.

Matt, Craig, Bob B, Howard and Abby were their today from the 2nd team. I met Howard for the first time, although I've seen him at the Y for years. Abby met us at Cheesman. Jeff introduced everyone and then we split up going 4, 5 and 7 mile groups.

Jay, Jeff, Andre, Tom and Myself make 10. Still not sure if Tom's on our relay team or not.

Andre, Bob and myself went the Wash Park 7. Coming off a day of rest I felt good and I knew Bob likes to push the pace so I was up for it today. Also wanted to give Andre some 7 mile up tempo smack to pay him back, since he was coming off a 2 week vacation in Austria...:)

So at the middle 3 point we picked it up to about a 7:30 pace. Andre started to fade. Bob and I kept on to about a 7:15 going uphill. Andre fell back some, Bob said he wanted to circle back to him, so he did. Then surged ahead of me just at the turn around. Then Circled around again to "check on Andre" who was not that far behind. I pushed it on the downhills training for the relay and st george and the last I saw them they were behind me headed down the hill toward Speer.

I finished at the middle 3 point and waited for them (as is our courtesy). I thought maybe a minute back depending on the Speer light. Waited 5 minutes and didn't see them. I thought, either they took the bike path back to the Y or they are hurt. Thought about running back to Speer, but decided they probably took the bike path.

I kept up the pace back to the Y and was streching outside when I saw Tom and he said Andre was inside in the locker room. So I found him and said where did you go? He said where did you go, you took off fast. I said I waited at 6th and Franklin and he started laughing and said, "oh yeah, we missed the turn so we came back a block early - Humboldt. "

We laughed about it, I told him I was going to think of a name for that trick and I came up with the South African Slip. I might have to put up a prostates post warning the other guys about that move, using Bob as a rabbit decoy.

Garmin Data for Run

7 Miles 51:49

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday - A rest day

I feel really good today. I feel like running, but I didn't. I took the dogs to the dog park, walked probably about 4 miles or so, easy. The dogs ran like crazy, but not me.

I slept in till 9:30 also. I have no soreness or stiffness from yesterday's run, which is rare for a 20. I woke up at 5 am, looked at the clock and though how I would be driving to Colorado Springs for the Pikes Peak Marathon now if things had turned out differently. It's still a goal of mine to finish that race some day, maybe a couple of years from now. Another missed goal for 2009 though. See my goals on the right, I've only met 1 1/2 so far and missed 2 for sure. Evans and PP

45 Miles this week., 5 days

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Long Run - 20

Ran 20 through CC Park around the Dam and Over to the CC Bike Path to almost Illif, same route as 2 weeks ago.

Good Run, I felt better and my pace was about 20 seconds per mile on average faster than 2 weeks ago on the same route. It was cooler, I ran about the same time of day.

Averaged 8:25, about 45 seconds over Marathon goal pace. Mile 19 was over 9 because of the huge hill and fatigue, the rest were pretty much between 8:15 - 8:45, with a couple of fast downhill ones. This route is pretty hilly, which is good.

No problems with hips or Calfs. Took an Ice bath after.

Nice day for a run. I could see pikes peak several places during the run and I thought of my friends running the Ascent today. Jill, Jay, Matt, Craig and Bob. I said a little runners prayer for them. I'm sure they did great. I'll look up and post their results on the web site.

A wee bit of regret I wasn't running with them, but feel good about my long run and think I will recover quick.

20 Miles 2:48:26

Friday, August 14, 2009

Duck Pond Run

Did an easy duck pond run today with Jay and Pete. Went back and forth in my mind on if I should run today or not. With a long 20 miler scheculed for tomorrow, is it better to take the day off and rest after the tempo run yesterday, or do an easy run and clear out the soreness and stiffness. I was leaning toward a rest day, when I got to the Y I saw Jay dressing out and he's doing Pikes Peak tomorrow so that swayed me the other way. So I ran.

Cooled down some and we went easy, so I think I made the right call on the run...

5 Miles 41 Minutes

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Middle 3

Ran the Middle 3 today. First middle 3 since mid-june.

18:51. Happy to finish under 19. No problems with hip or calfs. Had a couple of long traffic stops on the way back which helped.

Jeff ran it too, his first one since before Moab.

Garmin Watch Data

7 Miles 51 Minutes

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Rest Day - Yoga

Went to the Y and did some weights, then went to the 12:30 Yoga class with Susan. It was good, we did a lot of balance and standing poses. My arms were fatigued from the weights so it was hard to hold the poses like plank and warrior 2, I remember this from when I did yoga before. Also my legs were kinda tight from yesterdays intervals so the balance poses were tougher to hold on the legs.

I stretched out again when I got home at night.

Lots of Relay activity this week, 1 month away. Hope I can get in better shape over the next 4 weeks.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cheesman Intervals 2 X 2 Miles

Ran 2 - 2 Mile Intervals at Cheesman. With a 5 minute recovery between.

Jeff, Jay, Alicia, Chuck and I ran them. Alicia's coach Eric picked the workout. It was about 90 degrees out, we picked Cheesman over city park because of the shade, about a half mile closer and the footing. The downside was the rolling hills at Cheesman which makes it a bit harder to hold the pace.

Craig and George did 1/2 mile intervals and Scott did the same workout but way ahead of our 7:30 target pace.

First Interval was 14:26 with a fast start Garmin Data

2nd Interval was 14:58 with a negative split (7:40,718) Garmin Data

7 Miles 53 Minutes with 4 at tempo

Good workout, Jeff and Jay were running good for guys coming off 2 weeks of vacation.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Wash Park 7

Ran the wash park 7 mile run today.
Most of the group (craig(s), Jeff, Scott, Pete) did Congress.

Bob B and I did the Wash Park 7. We took up the pace a notch from 6th and Franklin.
Bob is a quality over quantity guy. Usually only runs 3 days a week but quality workouts, speed, tempo, long runs. Will run 4 sometimes but never 5 or more. He runs with our group ocaisionally because our group pace is a bit slow for his quality workout.

He told me a good story about his PR marathon which was in Denver last year (my nightmare marathon). He did it at the last minute and just showed up and ran it care free. He had done a poor Boulder back roads two weeks before.

I messed up my Garmin on the way back at Colfax, so it's about a mile off.

Garmin Watch Data

7 Miles 53 minues

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Recover Day - A walk in the park

Gina and I and Lisa and Greg took our dogs for a walk this morning. 5 Dogs. Levi, Lucy, Foster, Rosie and Hercules.

They picked walk #13 from Lisa's Colorado Dog walk book (which is from 2001). When Gina described the walk to me, my response was "Why do I get to go on the lame one?". She called me a pessimist. She sat out to prove that I was wrong and this would not be a lame dog walk...

The walk was from the Aurora Botanical Flower Garden along the Aurora portion of the Highline Canal near 225 and 6th avenue just off Potomac. I was right, it was very lame. The Garden was tiny and filled with weeds. The walk was boring scenery, next to swamp water and hot with no shade or running water lakes or ponds.

We probably walked about 3 miles, to Delmar Park and back (also lame). The most exciting part was some of the strange things people had in their back yards as we walked past. Very North Aurora-ish. I was thinking how lucky I am to have some of the places to run near my home, if I had to run out there, I would probably lose interest quick.

Still you don't know what something is going to be until you do it, so that one is checked off their list. It was nice to stretch the legs and spend some time with them. They usually do these walks when I'm either at work or running.

After the walk we took a picture in the "garden" with the dogs, next to the Edward Scissor Hands Reindeer.

Dennis, Lucy, Gina, Roxie,Levi (hidden), Hercules, Greg and Foster
Lisa taking picture.

Afterwards, we finished the landscape project and we had a dog party for friends and neighbors, Gina's idea. At 3, we had about 9 dogs over and 31 people and had hot dogs and beer and wine. It was fun.

Quads felt good for the day after gtown and no blisters, hip was a bit sore...
Good rest day.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Georgetown - Idaho Springs Half Marathon

Ran the Georgetown-Idaho Springs half marathon today. It was a nice day for it. As usual it was cold at the start of the race (in the 50's) because the sun had not peaked out onto the start yet. But it warmed up quick and was sunny on the course. Not as hot as in previous years though. There was even a cool breeze running into Idaho Springs the last mile (with is in the sun).

Went with Jill and her client Ann, who is training for a September Utah Marathon. We got there early and parked and I did a race day registration, which was faster than the packet pick up line. We got on the bus and got there early, it was cold at the lake.

My hip was tight and I wasn't sure I really wanted to race. Jill's Garmin was dead (I had charged it for her), so she was watchless. I charged it for her the night before, but it was dead at the race start. I felt bad so I offered her my watch and was going to just run it for a training run. She declined the offer and tried to use her ipod timer.

So the race started at 8 and I started off easy, hoping my hip would relax and I could into a 7 minute pace. I started off at about 8 minute miles, then sped up some at the first turn to about 7:30. The altitude there gets you as you run the first 2 miles in Georgetown. I never did get into a race mentality, just held the 7:30 pace and tried to relax. I held a pretty steady 7:30 pace all the way through looking back at my Garmin. The mile marks were off, so it looked like I was up and down based on my mile splits.

About 10 miles in, I started having some real pain in my hip, but I held the pace through to the end. There was a lady about my age, we were running together most of the 2nd half, passing each other back and forth. I passed her in the last half mile and finished just ahead of her. After the race she came up to me and said thanks for the "great job pacing".

So I did 1:39:05. A 7:31 pace. A terrible "race time". But I think of it more as a training run for my Marathon. I haven't run a half marathon that slow in a long time (probably since I started running with the downtown group on a regular basis).

Jill did well, 1:44, and got 4th in her age group. Ann accomplished her goal of under 2 hours. We hung out at football field till the awards, so Jill could see how she placed, not having a watch she wasn't sure of her time.

I don't feel really bad about my peformance since I didn't push it, not sure why I didn't unless it was the fear of injury hurting my relay and Marathon chances. So I paid $55 for a nice training run in the mountains. I didn't have any blisters and my quads were not sore the next day.

Garmin Data from Georgetown Idaho Springs

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wash Park 7

Ran the wash park 7 mile route at lunch today.

Matt, Pete and George ran to Cheesman, then Pete did some tempo work at Cheesman. Matt and I continued on. Matt wanted to take it up a notch, but I wanted an easy run in case I do Georgetown Idaho Springs this saturday. So we kind of met in the middle around a 7:40 pace with a few tempo bursts here and there but nothing major. Did the middle 3 part in around 22. It was cloudy, in the upper 80's

My hip was a bit tight the last 2 miles coming back and also at work after. Need to ice and stretch it. I think the speed work from Tuesday made it tight, maybe the Yoga stretched it a bit too much yesterday.

Not sure about Georgetown with the hip and I have some logistic and scheduling issues. I might do a race day sign up. I'll see how it feelts tomorrow.

7 Miles 54 minutes.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

On the mat again...

I went to Yoga today for the first time in over 2 years (June 2007). I used to do it regularily 3 hours a week (2 classes and some at home). But Shanon my favorite Yoga teacher left the Y so I stopped for a while and then just never went back. With all the injuries and the advice from others and what I'm reading. I decided it was time.

There's a 12:30 class Yoga for Athletes that's an hour. It's later than I'd like but I think I can work it in my schedule since wednesday is usally a rest day from running.

Sharon teaches the class and I liked it. It's an intermediate class, and I should probably start with a beginner class to get the basics back. I was a bit intemidated, since it had been so long. I didn't know if I could keep up. I was a bit behind at first but then came back to me. I could almost anticipate the next pose. I knew I had lost a lot of flexibility and balance, but wow, some of the poses we did, I used to be able to hold for a long time and balance. The room was hot and with my "Yoga fitness level" at a low, I was sweating a bit. Sharon made a point to ask me my name (guess the rest of the class were regulars) and was very good about helping me when I needed it and even complimented me a couple of times.

Before Yoga, I went to the Y at the normal time and did the bike and some weights before class.

I feel OK following my intervals yesterday. Definately needed a break today though. I need to stay active on the ice/massage and strecthing.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Track Intervals

Went to the track tonight. 6x800 (254-305) 1 X 400 @84

Went after work around 8. Ran an easy mile from my house through the Laredo Middle school track and then over to smoky high school track for a lap. Smoky was crowded and the sprinklers were spraying the track, so I ran back over to laredo which only had a couple of people on the track, although it picked up a bit before dark.

Felt good to be back on the track, but not so good actually running the intervals. I've lost a lot of conditioning over the last two months. Last time on the track was 6/30 for intervals. I was able to run under 3 for most of the 800's but took a longer recover time, lost focus a couple of times and when it got dark I couldn't see my watch and was tanked anyway so had a couple just over 3. The one 400 was because I started an 800 too soon, so I cut it off. That was on the 2nd one.

Total Miles 5.5 3.25 at speed and then a lot of walking after.

On the way home, I accidently scared my neighbor Karen who was watering her plants at 9:45 at night. She screamed and almost sprayed me with the hose. We had a good laugh.

Earlier in the day, I went to the Y at lunch and did some cross training Bike, Row, Stretch and Abs. Felt good, not hard on anthing wanted to save myself for the track.

After the track workout, Jill ran over and we walked around talking about her vacation and our training and upcoming schedules. She's just back from a vacation to Michigan for 2 weeks. Where she did a lot of running. She had a 64 mile week and ran the Bix 7 race with a PR. Way to go Jill.

We might run Georgetown together this weekend if it works out for me. Depending on how I recover from this workout and if I can clear my Saturday morning.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Congress Park 5

Recover run today. The day after a 20. I felt like I could run (easy). Was not going to let the fresh leg Monday guys sweep me in.

We did Congress Park 5, which is about what I wanted. It was hot 95 on the way out 96 on the way back (according to Colfax).

Tom, Pete C and Craig M started out, then About 7th and York Mark Brown was with us for the rest of the way.

Mark had done the Evergreen Town Race the day before and did a sub 40 minute 10k (a goal of mine). He did 39:58, got second in his age group and 19th overall. He is really tearing it up this year, he's ready for a 60 mile week this week too. Way to go Mark, good job, keep it up.

Marks looking for 3 runners on his realy team, if you know of anyone interested let me know. Looks like our 2 teams are out of alternates also...

5 Miles 41:17

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Long Run 20

Got up early and ran a long run. Left the house about 6:15. Wish I would have made it by 6 cause it got hot when I finished about 3 hours later.

I felt good today,no hip issues and no calf issues. Hardly noticed the hip (yes), calfs were good too. I started slow and stayed there. I used my Garmin to stay between an 8:30 and 9:00 pace the whole way. About a minute over my goal marathon pace. 8:44 overall.

It got up to 90 today, but only around 75 when I finished my run. The last 2 miles were a death march in the sun, hot, uphill and fatigued. Good training.

The Tri for the cure race was going on when I ran through the park over by the Marina. It just started at 7, so everyone was in the water or waiting for their wave to start when I went through. Just had to dodge a lot of spectators on the path walking down from the parking areas.

I ran on the other side of the Dam over to Kennedy, then down the trail toward downtown. I figured the turn around point for 20 was at 12 (actually it was 11.93 so I ended up 20.15). I took a Gu every 5 miles about, and an extra one with 2 miles to go. I needed it.

Good run, nice to get a 20 in, need a few more before the Marathon. Encouraged by the way I felt after.

Garmin Watch Data