Saturday, January 31, 2009

CC Park Run with the Dogs

Went for a run later in the day (2:30)with the Dogs, Levi and Lucy. Got new leashes for them which were a bit long. Lucy got tangled up a few times. One time I stopped and yanked on Levi's leash because he was going for a dog behind the fence and Lucy was tangled and did a flip onto her back. Wish I had a picture of the dogs to post, maybe later.

Nice day, warm, a little windy. Went out 3 miles and back, some on trail in the park. Lot's of people out walking or riding bikes on the bike path in the park. Easy casual run with the dogs.

Lots of stuff to do to get ready for the Super bowl party tomorrow. Plan to run early.

6 Miles 53 Minutes.

120.5 Miles for January, only 17 days running (thanks to my Calf's).
Compare to 145 with 22 days last January.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Funny line of the night

Funniest line of the night at happy hour. John Henry "Would you consider CSI a reality show?". Matt and I howled.
From Dennis via BlackBerry

Duck Pond 5

Nice easy Duck Pond Run today. Warmed up again, up to 55 with sun for the lunch time run. Nice easy pace, Calf felt good, everything felt good. Encouraging. Ran with Eric, Matt, Andre, Jay and Craig M. Andre did the Golf Course, that's why he's "7 mile Andre". Jay ran 5 days in a row and gets the Cal Ripken award for January...

5 Miles 38:16

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wash Park 7 on a Cold but Sunny January Day

Still cold but Sunny. In the 30's but I wore shorts and it was the right call, 2 longsleeve shirts and gloves. In case I need to look back on this for future reference. It was windy again though from the norhtwest.

Had a good group today for the lunch time run. 8 of us, with 3 going short and 5 doing the wash park 7 mile route. Myself, Craig M, Matt, Tom and Jay. Jay was the only middle 3er today. Although Matt and I took it up a notch and ran some 7 minute miles in there. My right calf is better but not 100%, some pain and stiffness, but I'd say better than yesterday. No real speed work until everything heals is my current plan, but log the miles to keep the base. Still going for 5 days this week should be warmer the next coulple of days.

7 Miles 53:30

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Congress Park - Windy

It warmed up today, but was really Windy from the West. Felt good to be out running, the sun was out. I ran with Matt, Andre, Bob Besse and Jay. Matt, Bob and I ran the Congress Park route. I had a 1:00 meeting and leaving from the Y at 12, the 42 minute Congress Park run is about as far as I can go. Even with that I have to rush to the locker, take a 3 minute shower and jog back to work. Anyway it felt good to run again, after taking 3 days off it really seems like I haven't run much. My right calf/achillees started to bug at about the 2 mile mark, but I was able to maintain a decent pace.

Hadn't seen Matt M in a while, turns out he just took a job as diving coach for Regis. Also found out he was a collegiate diver for Wyoming and has coached diving before. So he's coaching at Regis High School from February to May. He was also telling me about a 1/2 marathon in Deadwood SD this summer that sounds like fun. And he's going to sign up for Chicago Marathon which is one of the ones I was thinking about, says registration starts on Sunday.

Here's a link for the Deadwoon half marathon

First time I really talked to Bob Basse (Andre's friend), he's done a lot of races and runs a lot, a member of Road Runers. He's doing Moab also.

5.5 Miles 42:30

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cross Train - Still Cold in Denver

It's still cold today, but the sun's out and it's not snowing any more. 13 Degress at lunch. I was on the fence about running, on the way to the Y I had a sore spot on my right calf so I decided one more day of rest and nice weather the rest of the week were good enough reasons to just cross train today. I saw several of the regulars running today, Scott, Jeff, Craig and Jay. Some of the others stayed in.

Weights, Abs, Stretch, Row, Bike, Elptical.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Cold and Snowy Monday - Rest Day

It was really cold in Denver with a wind chill below zero and dumping snow. A lot of things going on at work and plenty of excuses, so I skipped working out today, didn't even leave the office. I'll call it a rest day. Supposed to warm up later in the week so maybe I can get some quality running in. My legs were a bit sore today, mainly from snowboarding yesterday in all that powder.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Snowboarding with Brittany and Zach

Got up early (5 am) today and went snowboarding with Brittany and Zach. We went to Winterpark/Mary Jane. There was so much snow, it snowed yesterday and then they got another 8 inches last night. Tons of powder.

We did about 15 runs from MaryJane over to Vasquez and back.

Brittany has improved her toe turning a lot, it was her idea to go snowboarding.
Zach is really good and I can no longer keep up with him on a snowboard (skis maybe).
I didn't ski today because we were having too much fun on the powder on snowboards and I was away from the car.

Zach took us through a little terrain park and Brittany and I did some jumps and a rail and a rainbow without crashing. Too fun.

The last run of the day we came down Sleeper back to the car. By that time Brittany and my legs were trashed from snowboarding in the powder all day Sleeper hit me hard, I hit so many bumps and icy spots and jarred my back and neck. I know I will feel that tomorrow. Zach went on yet another run after that despite having a full day yesterday. He's a snowboarding machine.

On the way home we stopped at the 99 cent hamburger hippie place in empire, where the hamburgers are really $4. We ate there and had a great time. I am tired but had a full weekend for sure.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Waterton Canyon

Went for a long run today through Waterton Canyon (Southwest Denver). Wanted to get in 16 to meet my Moab running schedule (which I still haven't layed out due to injuries and inconsistencies). Anyway 16 seemed about right. Jill is training for Boston and wanted to run 22 and suggested Waterton Canyon and then a run to Chatfield (sight of last weeks race) and back. I told her I'd try to run 16 of that with her, but wasn't sure after my right calf/Achilles problems I had on Thursday.

It was a nice January day for a run through the canyon. A bit cold at the start (30) but also a wet cold. at 8:30 am and no sun. So we both layered up. The canyon is 6 miles up to the dam (actually 6.2 according to my GPS from where we parked). It is basically flat but has a gradual incline up and then downhill back. It runs along a creek (as most canyons do I suppose). I told Jill it would be a great Moab training run out and back at tempo because I think it is similar to the course along the river.

I decided to run Jill's long run pace and go for the endurance on the legs and calfs and try to go the 16. Within the first mile we saw some bighorn sheep on the rocks beside the road/trail

The canyon was beautiful with ice crystals in the sun and snow beside the creek and frozen in spots, frozen waterfalls along the way and blue skies with patches of clouds rolling by.

I'd love to blog mile by mile but will just summarize that it was a fun run through the first 6.2 to the turn around point. I was running good with no pain and was having fun with the friends along with me. Jill had a ton of accessories that kept coming off or having problems with so we had a few stops along the way. As usual the conversation was lively and interesting and helped pass the miles.

Anyway, at the turn around we stopped and snapped some pictures at the damn and frozen falls, that's me with the layers on standing next to one. We had the traditional runners picnic of Gu and water and used the bathroom and headed back. My GPS watch went into sleep mode so as I was syncing it back up, the others went ahead. After a couple of minutes the watch was functioning and I ran to catch the others. Well I ran too fast got up to about a 7:30 and then the pain kicked in. It was downhill so it could have been that instead of the pace, but I think it was the pace (although that is not that fast). So from that point on it was running with and through pain. It got increasing worse. By mile 10 it was really bad, but I was able to run. I kept thinking about all the running stories, books and movies and how really good runners learn to embrace the pain and I tried to do that. I also altered my stride to minimize the pain. We were running Jill's long run pace (9:20) and I was having problems keeping it up. I really just wanted to stop and walk. I kept looking at the mileage on my pace watch, counting down the miles, like it was a marathon. Jill picked up a rock in her shoe and I asked if she wanted to stop and get it out, hoping she'd say yeah (so I could stop and stretch - pride goes before a fall), unfortunately she said no. About a mile later she mentioned the rock again and I said if you want to stop and get it out, I could really use a stretch. We were about 1 mile from the car at that point. I stretched it out and after she got the rock out and her shoe back on we ran back. I practically limped to the trail head. Only 12.4 into a 16 mile run and I was ready to quit. I would wait an hour and a half for Jill to finish at the car, no problem. She asked me if I was going on, I said I don't think so.

Then something funny happened. I went to the car and starting peeling off wet layers and the sun came out and my calf relaxed. I was watching Jill getting ready to continue on for another 10 miles and I thought maybe one more mile and I'll walk back. I switched to shorts and put a leg wrap on my calf/Achilles part to keep it warm and reduce the swelling.

We ran down the path toward Chatfiield on a dirt trail. The first mile I was OK with some pain but better. I decided to go for the 16, which meant another 0.8 then turn around and head back. About that point the pain returned but I was so close and I knew I could take my time coming back. There was a long sustained hill just before the turn around point according to my GPS, Jill laughed at me because I was so precise at where I turned around to finish right at 16.

As I turned around, Jill continued another 3 miles before she turned around. I really admire her dedication to running and commitment to training and long runs, she has inspired me many times and continues to do so. I stopped every 1/2 mile on the way back to stretch out my leg and try to reduce the pain. It didn't feel like I was injuring or tearing anything worse, just painful to run. At one point I told Jill maybe I was training myself to run through pain.

Anyway I finished and then laid in the sun for a while in back of my 4 runner waiting for the others to finish. I honestly could have fallen asleep, I was so relaxed and there was no longer any pain. Pain is a funny thing, why is it there? To warn us not do something, like continue to run when you are injured. Yet my mind was telling my body to keep running and ignore the pain, so why can't it block it out and compromise. Maybe it was to warn me from running fast until it is healed. Mission Accomplished there.

Anyway, all in all it was a memorable run and a nice day and neat route and great company. I am sorry about the rambling but I just felt I needed to express the pain with the pleasure.

Garmin Watch Data for Run

Rest day tomorrow, going to get up early again and take the kids snowboarding.

Friday, January 23, 2009

More Rest

My Achilles felt OK today. I could have run the easy duck pond 5 mile run as planned, but I want to do a long run tomorrow, maybe around 16, so thought it better to rest it (the change in weather for the colder helped me decide). I had some soreness in the area, but not like the calf issues I've had. I had soreness in other leg muscles too. I hoped to get in 5 running days this week, but not to be. It's been since early December that I ran more than 4 days in a week. I am losing some of my base from when I was consistently going over 40 miles every week running 5 or 6 days.

I didn't do any kind of workout today, just went to the Y and packed up my bag and left.

I'm going to run with Jill part of my long run tomorrow, she's doing 22. Probably go to Waterton Canyon but not sure yet.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

More Frustration

The plan was to do a middle 3 today.
Just Jay and myself, the others did Congress Park, Tom went through wash park and left early.
After the two mile warmup, Jay and I were stretching a bit and I told him I was tight, I felt it in my RIGHT Achilles/calf area. All my problems recently have been on my left side (except my right knee).
Jay started the middle 3 and I stretched a bit longer. I started off good and then started tightening up on my right Achilles. It gradually got worse and started to have some pain at the half mile mark. Given my recent experiences, I stopped at the half mile and stretched it. Then ran at a slower pace to the Speer light, stretched some more and continued to the 1 mile mark. I did the 1st Mile in 6:27. Then ran easy to Alameda to wait for Jay and really stretched it out. I ran easy to the 2 mile point and then ran back with Jay at his pace around 7:10.

We stopped at the finish and Tom joined us (he had gone around the park). Tom took off at a good pace, but Jay and I started back easy, then picked it up a tad at Colfax to keep up with Tom the last mile.

Not sure what to think, too much too soon? Another Setback? Just a cramp? De-hydrated? Diet/Nutrition related. Very frustrated. Hopefully this won't interfere with my training and my run schedule. I was feeling so good after the race on Sunday and the track day on Tuesday.

6.5 Miles with 1 mile tempo (6:27).

Garmin Watch Data for the Middle 2.5

BTW, another really nice day but cold on the way and maybe some snow.

I had to adjust my weekend run schedule because Brittany want me to take her snowboarding so she can show her stuff. How could I refuse?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rest Day

Nice day to run (65, sunny, no wind), but it's my rest day.
Went to the Y, rode the bike, did a full weight circuit, abs and stretching.
Feel good from the massage and the good nights sleep on the new matress.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

First Track Day 2009

Went to the Manual High School Track. Really nice day. I sent an email to a bunch of the track people and asked if they wanted to meet for the track. We meet later so we get at the track at 12:30 after the kids are back in class. However today the kids were still out, not sure why.

It was a really nice day, like April instead of January. I had not been back to that track since September 30, 2008 where I did 10X800 under 2:50. Wow, hard to believe I did that workout now.

Pete and Craig C. were the only ones to take me up on my offer. Craig got there early.

I did 4X400 (80,80,82,78) with an 800 @ 2:51 in the middle. My Calf's felt good. I had a good stride going and was breathing easy for the most part. On the way back, my right knee was sore, need to ice it tonight. It was so nice running back to the Y (2 miles), near 70 and sunny. Made me want spring to be here and not to go back to work.

Sitting at my desk working all afternoon, my lower back is sore, so I took some Advil. I knew I shouldn't have come back to work. Actually it was sore from when I woke up this morning and got worse.

Massage tonight and easy day tomorrow. Whoo Hoo.

Also got a new Sleep Number bed (I'm a 40) to sleep on tonight after my massage, I can't wait.

6 Miles total including Track Intervals.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Cheeseman Recovery Run

Did an easy Cheeseman 4 Mile Recovery run today with Craig and Scott. Andre tried to talk me into an easy 7 mile recovery run vs the 4. Scott talked me out of it.
All he had to say was, I think you should stick with us if you want to recover from the 10 mile race and run the track tomorrow. That's why he's king Scott.

I was sore from yesterday's race which means I pushed my threshold. My Calf's and Right Knee are the most sore. Should have iced yesterday and massaged but didn't. Maybe tonight.

Hope for a track workout tomorrow with the nice weather.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Frosty's Freeze 10 Mile Race

Had a good race today. 1:11:00 even. 7:06 pace. Felt Great most of the race. Challenging course with hills, but great weather and Sun. A 10 Mile Race PR, but I can't recall every doing a 10 mile race before.

I woke up this morning when Gina got up to close the curtains as daylight crept in our bedroom, about 6:55 (5 minutes before the alarm was going to blare). I almost rolled over and went back to sleep. Instead I remembered it's a race day and for a second I regretted I was racing and wanted to go back to sleep despite a good nights sleep. I got out of bed and turned off the alarm and as I walked to the bathroom I noted that my calfs were tight and my back was sore (using the guest bed till the new matress arrives next week). I am telling you this not to bore you with every detail, but to remind myself that how you feel when you get out of bed is not always indicative of how you will run that day. As I was brushing my teeth I thought about how all the recent races I had done had pressure on them to do well either because that was a target race, racing friends or PRs and it was good to have a non pressure race and I would just take it easy and not push and risk injury. 1:15 would be great but anything longer I would not beat myself up for, unless I ijured myself again.

Jill picked me up and we rode to the race together. She was not feeling good. She was doing a training technique knows as "cut week" to lose weight in a week and she has been drained. She said she was dizzy and was probably just going to run it easy. You hate to pay $45 to run a race and then take it easy, but sometimes that's what you need to do to race another day. We got there in plenty of time and registered and walked around a bit. It was a small race for Denver's standards but the porta-potti lines were long. It was getting warmer and warmer, it was turning into a nice day. The resevior is frozen solid everywhere you look. I told Jill I was going to start slow and try to take a few seconds off each mile and hope for about 1:15 but not beat myself up if I was slower. I saw Jay Survil and talked briefly, he won the 10k run in December for the 40-49 age group. It's a 3 race series. Turns out even Jay wears his shirt in January.

As we got to the race start I got a burst of energy and my body kicked into race mode despite it being January. We wedged up to the front the music was playing (some of the worst pre-race music ever, the DJ was killing me. Macorana is still playing in my head). Most of the racers were doing the 5 mile and most were way over dressed for a day like today.

As the race started, I felt good. Worked my way through the group and settled into my pace group. First Mile was pretty flat and easy. 7:00 pace, I thought it was too fast and I will surely crash in a few miles. I smiled as I thought what I told jill about starting slow and taking a few seconds off each mile. Hard for me to do that when my first mile was that fast.

Mile 2 curves around the lake, I remember seeing the 8 mile marker on the path coming back and thought, wish I was there. I settled into around a 7:05 pace and felt good, my biggest concern was my calf locking up like Denver or the training run on 1/2. I felt like pushing but wanted to sttay comfortable, that pace was perfect for me on this day and this race. Won't bore you with every spllit and every mile, you can check my Garmin data if you want!

A few things of note.

  • Saw Steve Cavali at mile 2.5, 8 and at the finish. He was a volunteer.
  • Saw Steve Fossel at mile 4.5 at a turn around, he was running strong and I thought he was 3rd, but he said there was another pack I didn't see. He finished 8th.
  • Saw Jay Survil on the course a few times, he finished around 1:06.
  • Was talking to Steve Fossel and he was talking to a guy and introduced me, the guy and I both looked at each other like "do I know you". Turns out he was Dave with the Golders running with Sisscors relay team. He had a funny smile on his face when I told him I was with the Pickled Prostates. Told him we missed his team last year.
  • Saw Jill's friend Jim who I met at her Boston Party, he ran about 1:18. He was way overdressed, but said he felt good.
  • My last mile was the fastest, 6:33. I reeled in quite a few runners in the last 3 miles which felt good. I heard some runners gaining on me near the finish.
  • I think only one female was ahead of me and one right behind me but I haven's seen the final results yet. Several in my age group were ahead of me I'm sure. Including Steve F.
  • Jill was a bit down after the race, she ran good, but not as strong as I'm sure she wanted to run, she is on a mission to Boston, but running a race during a "cut week" is very hard. Read about it in her blog entry...
  • Thanks to Jill for talking me into doing this race and for driving and for commiting to the race despite her hell week, so I didn't turn off the alarm and go back to sleep instead of having a great day racing.
First race with my Garmin GPS watch and I must say I loved it. It was pretty much dead on with the mile markers and allowed me to monitor my pace the whole way. I just wished I had my heart rate monitor for even more data, not during the race but after. Curious how my heart rate was for that pace and where it peaked. The mile marks were pretty much dead on and the current pace was not as frustrating as I thought it would be during the race. It helped to control me and keep me close to a 7 minute pace. Final mileage on the watch was 10.05 which is probably due to curves in the road and trail over 10 miles.

I am encouraged by my results, especially considering where I was 10 days ago after the thursday run where I could hardly stay with the group. I have a long way to go, I need to take about 11 seconds a mile off my pace and go 13.1 go meet my Moab goal, I think it is achievable but it will take some hard work, smart training and staying healthy to get there. Stay tuned...

I will post a link to the final results when they are posted and do a prostate post later. For now it's watching football and drinking beer and basking in the post-race glow of the day.


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday - Rest for Race

Had a good week of running and planning to run the 10 mile Frosty Freeze tomorrow, so taking it easy today. Doing stuff around the house and took the dogs for a long walk with Gina. It's nice out and should be nice for the race tomorrow. 10 Miles is an odd distance for a race. Between a 10k and a half marathon, so not sure how I'll do.

Friday, January 16, 2009

City Park - Duck Pond

Did the City Park Duck Pond with Andre and Pete C today. Nice day 50's sunshine.
Easy pace. Felt good after yesterday. Discussed injuries with Andre and Pete. Andre recommends using the yellow pages to create your own inserts with masking tape. He's really old school. Pete's having lower back problems when he does speed work.

Craig C and Tom did a 10 miler through wash park. Tom is training hard.

Rest day tomorrow, weather looks good for the weekend.

5 Miles 39:55.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

First Middle 3 of 2009

I ran my first middle 3 of 2009 today. 18:43. I felt really good, what a difference a week has made with my calf. Same route last week and I was really in a lot of pain and disappointed. See my blog entry from 1/9/2009 the day after. Hopefully only normal soreness and stiffness today.

My mile splits were 6:13, 6:23, 6:07. First Middle 3 since 11/21/08. I looked back at last year and I was running around 20 for the middle 3, so speed wise I'm ahead. Mileage wise, I'm about 20 miles short, but the year is young. I am feeling encouraged again and starting to think about my goals and races, I added some to the blog on the right.

Ran with Jeff, Craig C, Andre, Tom and Jay today. Nobody else wanted to do the Middle 3. Some said next week. Tom and Andre picked it up the last mile back to the Y, but I had done my speed work for the day so I let them go and hung back with Craig C and Jay.

Hoping for an easy duck pond tomorrow, a rest day on Saturday and the Frosty 10 Mile on Sunday. Weather is supoosed to be good.

Garmin Watch Data for the Middle 3

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Easy SAW Day

Wanted to rest my legs and recover today, so I just did Stretching, Weights and Abs at the Y about 45 minutes. No cardio today and no leg work (other than walking to the Y). Calf and Knee feel OK, a bit sore from yesterday's up tempo run and massage.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Wash Park 7

Ran with the Y group today. Wash Park 7 mile run. Nice day, nice pace. 53:47. Calf felt good.

Andre, Tom and I split from the group at Speer. They wanted to go easy and take the path back.
It was a really sloppy day, lots of puddles at the intersections from the warm temps and the melting snow.

Andre was really pushing the pace as Andre does. Especially the 2nd half and the last mile. Coming from Colfax to the Y, when Andre is in his zone, he just pins his ears back and runs hard. We did the last mile in 7:05. Fastest and hardest 7 miles I've done since before the Dallas Marathon in December. Tom was running strong too, you can tell he is taking the Moab training seriously.

Got a massage last night from Tara. It went well. I told her I was starting to run well again and her massage from last week must have cured me, well almost. She focused on my legs and running muscles which were a bit sore and sensitive from the days run. Then really dug into my back and neck. It felt so good. I went home and slept for like 9 hours before I had to get up for work. Wish I could do that every day.

Monday, January 12, 2009

On the Mend?

I felt pretty good today considering the 12 miler yesterday. Only a little soreness and stiffness in my left calf and right kneee. Should have iced my knee yesterday but never got to it.

I was going to take a recovery day anyway, but the snow storm, cold weather and slushy streets sealed the deal. I am going to run every other day for a week and see how it goes.

I might do the Frosty Frozen 10 miler on Sunday...

So cross trained at the Y today. 12 Minutes each rowing, biking and elyptical. No time for weights or abs or stretching due to work.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

12 Miler - Yes!

Yes, finally a good run in 2009. 12 Miles in 1:42:59. 8:34 Pace.

Jill and I did 12 miles on the Highline Canal Trail going south from Orchard. We ran her pace which was good for me, because of the injuries. My goal/hope was to do the 12 without a lot of pain or tightness. I took 2 advil about an hour before the run and wore my calf wrap on my right calf to keep it warm and snug. Not sure if either of those impacted the run. I also got a good nights sleep, massaged my calf and iced my knees the night before.

The weather was great, cloudy but in the upper 30's will light wind. On the way back the temperature dropped the last couple of miles and there was even a few snow flakes, but not much.

We started off slow and easy. It is a cinder/dirt path most of the way, that is mainly flat. It is a beutifully maintained trail that runs along a canal in the heart of Denver. Some beautiful homes and property along the trail. Lots of interesting trees and rural landscape in the middle of Denver. I kept waiting for the tightness to come in my calf. I looked at my Garmin GPS distance, each 1/2 mile was a releif, made it through about 4 miles before it started to get really tight. I asked Jill to stop for a water break at a bench with a great view of the Rockies so I could stretch and get some water. The stretching helped, because when we started again it felt better.

We turned around at a mile marker that is the 6.0 Mile mark on the green markers, which also happened to be 6 miles from where we started (hard to explain, but there are different markers and the green ones started counting downward from about 10 to 6). Anyway we stopped and stretched and had some water and GU. The breakfast of distance runners. Probably about 5 minutes total. Then headed back. We did the first half in about an 8:45 pace.

Jill said she wanted to pick up the pace, on the way back, especially at the end. So we started back with a tailwind and held about an 8:20 pace. My calf really actually loosened up miles 6-10, I was so happy to be on the mend. My knee also was behaving with only some slight discomfort here and there. What a relief to know my running days are not over (okay maybe that was a bit dramatic). When we got to about 1 1/2 miles to go, we stopped and stretched and Jill wanted to do an 8:05, close to her half marathon goal pace. I told her I would try to keep us on that pace with my Garmin GPS and hope my calf behaved at the faster pace. Jill bolted out to about a 7:45 pace for the next mile. At one point we were at a 7:00 pace, she was really running strong.
Overall we ran 12 at 1:42:59, far off what I want to do at Moab, but 12 miles is 12 miles when you come back from an injury. Conditioning wise (aerobic) I felt great, like I could have done 20, but my legs were probably at about the limit and don't want to push it.

Jill and I celebrated with Chocolate milk (her idea, great recovery drink according to her) and Donuts (my idea). Convenience store donuts, not so good for you but, fun to eat.

I am very encouraged by this run and hope that I can build on it and start running and training the way I want to, Moab is getting closer.

Garmin Watch Data for Run

Here's a Link to Jill's Running Blog entry describing the run with a couple of pics.

Thanks Jill for suggesting this run and for running with me, it was fun.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday - Rest Day

I decided to rest today. No running, no cross training. Just take the dogs for a about a mile and a half walk, let them run loose a bit in the fields behind Smoky Hill High School.

My calf is still sore. I want to try to run on Sunday maybe try to do 12 with Jill, but now sure how my calf will respond. After Thursday's 7 mile, I was wore on Friday but feel better today, but not like running. Depressing, but I have a lot of things on my to do list around the house (14 items) so it will be a good day to knock some of those off.

Friday, January 9, 2009


It's Friday, but no duck pond run for me today.

I woke up and my calf was tight and sore, felt like a golf ball was inside my calf muscles. Hurt to walk. I knew as soon as I woke up and walked to the bathroom this morning there would be no running today. It was sore after yestedays run so I massaged it (with the machine), iced it and slept with a double wrap on it.

One reason for doing this blog is so I can look back and learn from my previous experiences and or mistakes. Was running 7 yesterday a mistake? It feels that way today, since it hurts more and it is tighter than it's been since my massage. But yesterday was great for conditioning and my mental well being so if I can run again soon, maybe not. Time will tell.

Really didn't feel like working out today, but went to the Y anyway, did some weights and some cross training. 10 minutes each on the bike, elyptical and rowing machine.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thursday - Middle 3?

No Middle 3 for me, or anyone else today for that matter. Nice day, in the 60's with sun, a little windy but not bad especially for January.

My calf and knee both felt good when I woke up this morning and up to when I left for the Y for my lunchtime run. I jumped on the bike for about 5 minutes before stretching for my run, hoping to loosen things up and warm up a bit. Then stretched my calfs before the run. Good group today, Tom, Pete C, Craig M, Matt and Scott (well Scott passed us from behind after a late start and did a lap around the park). Anyway what just a couple of months ago would have been a sure fire middle 3 showdown, was an easy January run on a nice day.

The first mile was fine and I was feeling great, then I felt some tightness in my calf about 1 1/2 miles which got gradually worse. I stretched at the lights and at the turn around at the park 3 1/2 miles. By that time the pain had begun and was steadily increasing. Especially on the uphills, I found myself counting how many uphills I had on the way back to the Y. I was determined to run the 7, but was concerned something would pop and I'd be set back from recovering.

On the way back, Matt and Tom pushed the pace and we started doing 7:15 minute miles. I hung back a bit with Pete C, not wanting to take any additional risks, but got sucked into a fast finish down the hill. Last mile was 7:20. The guys showed no mercy which is good. I will pay them back some day soon. :) I told Pete C it was frustrating because I have the conditioning (lungs / aerobic) but because of injuries I can't get my legs to push myself. I was breathing easy through the run (except for the pain).

Lots of talk about Moab, the guys who are not going to Moab are going to be sick of hearing of it by the time it gets here (I know I usually am). Scott is going for a 1:18 (a 5:55 pace). My goal is a 1:30 (a 6:52 pace). Seems impossible now with the injuries.

After the run, I stretched out both calfs at the Y for a long time and then stretched some more in the shower. Walking back to work, I had a bit of a limp and some pain. Took some Advil and put on my calf wrap. Hopefully I didn't do more damage than good. I'll massage it tonight with the machine and see how it feels tommorrow.

On the bright side, my knee felt much better with only some minor tightness and irratation so perhaps it is on the mend.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

More Cross Training

Massage went well last night, maybe the best I've ever had, but haven't had a lot of massages. Scott, the king of our running group gets massages on a regular basis and he runs pretty good, so maybe there is something to it. Tara was the masseur, I was tempted to make a Tara Misu joke but refrained.

Anyway, she worked my calf's and found a knot where it has been tight. Also worked on the other calf, I was surprised how sore it was. Worked up and down my legs, it felt good then went to work on my back and neck which were a mess. She found a lot of tight spots and pressure points. I'd like to do a massage a week. I went home, ate and slept really good, probably got 9 hours sleep, which is great for a week day.

I took the day off from running and went to the Y and cross trained at lunch, an extra long workout to try to burn off some energy and calories. 13 Minutes rowing (2500 meters), 10 minutes on the bike and 12 on the elliptical.

Hope to run tomorrow and see if the calf and knee are better. Icing the knee tonight.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tuesday Jan 6th - Cross Train

No Run today, Right Calf feels like it has a knot in it, even walking around the office. Right knee is sore too. Got home late last night so all I did was run the massager on the calf muscles, felt good, there is definately a spot there that is sore and tender where the tightness originates.

I wanted to ice my Right Knee but didn't get too it. I looked at some info on line about Runners Knee and everything says to not run. Same thing with calf strains...

So I went to the Y, stayed in and did 15 minutes on the bike at an easy level 100+ rpm's (heart rate barely about 100), stretched, abs (300), weights (6 Machines) and rowed for 2000 meters (10 minutes) easy pace. Pete C. came by when I was rowing and said I didn't look like I was working very hard and he was right. I did some calf raises also, need to do more of those.

Finally got on the scales. 157 gained 4 pounds since Dallas Marathon. Goal is 150 for Moab, a pound a week, I gotta get back to running again to get there, god forbid I change my diet.

I really need to concentrate on hydrating, I got out of me hydration pattern over the holidays and I know I'm dehydrated. Peeing Apple Juice instead of Lemonade. :)

Got a massage scheduled for 7 tonight, hope that works the kinks out and I am running again soon.

George sent me this link for a supplement he has been taking that he says has cured all his problems...


Here is the link for the Glucosamine MSM joint
comfort. Good luck.


Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday, Jan 5 - More Calf Problems

So I ran with the group, was hoping for 7 but will take what I can get type of attitude. It was warmer today 40 partly cloudy no wind. Better than yesterday for sure.
I felt ok starting out and then about a mile into it, my left calf started tightening and at 1 1/2 miles it was tight as a drum with some pain, affected my stride, but I kept up with the 4 mile group and finished it. 5 of us did the Cheesman Loop, 3 others did the 7 Mile wash park.
Tom was pleading me to go the 7, talking about it being the first Moab training run, which is what I wanted, but the body said no. Also had some right knee pain which seems to be nagging me.

Garmin Watch Data for Run

After I stretched a lot, did some calf raises and got on the bike for 10 minutes of easy cycling, that felt good actually to stretch it out without the pounding. So frustrating.
It hurt walking back from the Y too, had a bit of a limp.

I forgot to weigh myself at the Y again, maybe it's intentional.

Did not want this blog to be a "whine festival", but that's where I am now and it is depressing. All I want to do is run like I was in August-September and into October, that is starting to seem like a distant memory.

Many people have suggested massage or physical thereapy. I have 3 massage sessions that Gina gave me for Christmas, perhaps I should use one for my calf. I will try anything except to stop running, which will be the last resort but probably what I need. I don't want to lose any more conditioning. So, on to the bike, maybe some rowing to compensate.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Jan 4, Sunday - Rest Day

Wanted to go run today, but my calf is still tight and sore. Plus it was very cold in the 20's. Decided to rest and do some stuff around the house and on the computer. Took the dogs for a short walk and that was about it.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to get on schedule with my running. Plan on running with the group and see how it goes.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Jan 3rd - Snowboard/Ski with Zach at WP/MJ

No run today, calf was very sore last night. Massaged it with foot massager. Worried that snowbarding and or skiing would suffer as a result, but it was fine with both due to limited motion and no pounding.

Zach and I had fun. It snowed about 10 inches when we were there, but about 12 from the night before. It was a total powder day or "fresh pow" as Zach calls it. Zach is really good and leaves me in the dust on both the board and on skiis.

I snowboarded in the morning on the powder, did about 8 runs (had a loose binding that caused some problems). I did ok despite being a bit rusty. Switched to Skis at about 1 and skiied for a couple of hours. Did about 5 runs, deep powder and moguls. Finished on a mogul run (rifle notch) which really burned my quads. Wrenched my back on a couple of hard falls on the board and one on skiis.

Came home and massaged everything and tried to strech out my back. Very tired but fun day.

I took my GPS Watch and turned it on for most of the day including lifts and runs. Missed a couple of runs but kinda cool to see it on a map. Especially in the Player with the Elevation on the map, you can really tell the runs vs the lifts and how slow I was on the mogul run.

Garmin Watch Data

Friday, January 2, 2009

Jan 2, 2009 - Bad Run

Went to run my 7 mile CC Park loop, wanted to do a decent pace, but didn't feel that good all day. I spent the morning taking down the Christmas lights and stuff. Weather was great 68, sunny. Waited till about 3:00, walked the dogs earlier in the day.

My right knee started hurting after about 2 miles, which has been common since around mid November when I was training for Dallas WhiteRock, it hurts but is runnable, mild pain. Then my calves started cramping and stiffening up like they did the day before with the dogs. I thought I could just run through it. Then at about the 4 mile mark, my left lower calf cramped really bad and was so tight and stiff. I stopped and massaged it a couple of times and tried to run through it. It helped some, but not much.

I started thinking about the Denver Marathon and how it felt similar to the way it did before it popped and how it took me a couple of weeks to recover before I could run again. I did not want that to happen so I walked the last couple of miles. I ran a couple of times for brief periods but it would tighten up again. I ended up with 5 miles running out of the 7 mile distance.

Very disappointed and confused as to why this happened. Just like Denver. I hope it's just dehydration and pushing it from the previous day. I will take a day or two off and see how it goes.

I am ready to start training for Moab mentally, but need to be healthy / recovered before I push it.

Here's a Link to the Run Data, I stopped the watch for the walking parts, which you can tell from the graphs.

Garmin Watch Run Data

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Day Run

Ran with the dogs. Levi and Lucy. Lucy's 3rd run.
Ran from Home to the Dog Park at Cherry Creek, then up to the Jordan Road Trail Entrance and back home. About 7 1/2 total

I let the dogs run off lead for a couple of miles at the dog park (loop up to the parking lot and back). The dogs did good, Lucy needs a bit more training in learning to come when I call and not follow other dogs and people. Levi was great as always. Levi got in the creek, Lucy did not.

I ran an easy pace, temperature was in the 50's with sun. On the way home I got some cramps in my calf's and started feeling a bit of fatigue despite the easy pace. I think it was from too much New Year's Eve alcohol dehydrating me (mixing martinis, wine, beer and champagne) although no hangover.

Here's a link to the run: I messed up the watch a couple of times.

Garmin Watch Run Data

2008 Running Summary

These are the highs and Lows from 2008, overall a great year of running...


Miles in a Year: 1924
Miles in a Week: 65.5 9/30/2008
Miles in a Month: 210 7/31/2008

1Mile - 5:40 9/9/2008
3 Miles - 17:38 - Middle 3 on 10/9/2008
5K - 19:31 - 9/6/2008 (Fitness Festival)
4 Miles - Turkey Trot - 25:27 11/27/2008
1/2 Marathon - 1:31:32 6/28/2008 (Slacker)
Marathon - 3:33:07 12/14/2008 (Dallas White Rock)

Mount Evans: 14.5 - 2:47:52 6/21/2008 (15 Minutes off 2006 time)
Pikes Peak: 13.3 - 4:07:45 8/16/2008 (Goal to run / finish)

Missed Goal for #of days running 243 vs 265 (66 %)
Disappointed Cherry Creek Sneak
Disappointed Bannister Mile
Disappointed Bolder Boulder
Denver Marathon Injury MIle 17
Did not qualify for Boston