Thursday, April 30, 2009

Middle 3 - 7

Ran the middle 3 today. 18:47. A little slower than 2 weeks ago.
3 out of 5 days of speed work took their toll, but under 19 so I'm happy with it.
I felt good too, good pace, rythm, no injuries or tightness. Negative split.
Craig M, Jay and Tom also ran it. Craig was just behind me, he's recovering from an ankle sprain and a cold.

As I was aproaching the two mile mark, just before the country club. A lady runner came flying down the road from my right and got about 100 meters ahead of me. She was moving good. This is my favorite part of the course and she was a good target to pass before speer. I pushed it and passed her about 3/4 way down. That help push me for a negative split, I did 2:45 on that route.

We ran easy on the way back and then Tom picked it up from Colfax. I took the bait and we did 6:20 the last mile. I felt good at the finish too.

7 Miles total 50:47.

Garmin Watch Data for Middle 3

Congratulations to Zach who ran his first sub-6 mile today and had a PR at the Cherry Creek JV championships today. He ran a 5:54. It was very exciting because he wanted to go sub 6 and had to run under 90 seconds the last lap to get there. I left work early and got to see it.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Congress Park - 5

Ran the Congress Park route today with Matt. Andre and Bob B went on to wash park so we split from them at 7th and Franklin. Matt and I both had dead legs from the sneak on sunday and then track work yesterday. I at least took Monday off, but he ran Cheesman with Scott at a fast pace so he was really due an easy day. It was sunny/70's, nice and really felt like spring again. Allergies are kicking up again. I really like the back part of Cheesman after the hill, we got into a good pace there. Overall we ran an OK pace for having dead legs and picked it up a bit near the Y.

Should run a middle 3 tomorrow

5 Miles 39 minutes

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

MHS Track Work - Intevals

Went to the track today for some Interval work.
Did 3X800, 1200 and a 400.

800 @ 247-250
1200 @ 430
400 @ 80

Good group today. Scott, Matt, Jay, Tom, Pete C. Everyone tuning up for Bannister Mile next week.

Ran back slow with Jay and Pete.

Sore this afternoon back at the office, have a massage scheduled for tonight so good timing.

7 Miles

Monday, April 27, 2009

Rest/Recover Day

Took a rest day today. Went to the Y stretched and did some weights. I felt good, my legs were a little tight and I felt a bit dehydrated from the race yesterday. I think that might contribute to my recent injuries, running on days like today. So I took the day off. Also, Denver got hit by another snow storm and temps in the 30's so that helped stay inside.

Chatted with some of the guys about the race and what's comming up on the race calendars.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Cherry Creek Sneak - 5 Mile Race

Ran the Cherry Creek Sneak today 33:27. Which is a PR for the Sneak, but I really thought I could get in under 33.

It was really nice out. Sunny with no wind and temp's in the 30's overnight. I thought it might be perfect if the temps stayed low. The race starts at 9:15 and by then it had warmed up quite a bit probably around 60. I went with a muscle shirt and it was the right call.

My son Zach ran it also, his first 5 mile race. He had just run a PR mile - 6:10 on Friday and hasn't done a lot of distance work. We discussed it before the race and I told him he should probably shoot for an 8 minute pace.

We got there early as I usually do and parked in the garage off of Bayoud just after the 5k race had started about 8:15. We had an hour to kill, so Zach and I walked around and I showed him the start and finish and we picked a meeting point for after the race (just outside the Beer Garden). We watched some 5k finishers and then sat near the start and watched the Student 1 mile race start. It had warmed up so we went to the car to dress out for the race and grab his ipod. We got to the Start area around 9:00 with plenty of time. They split the walkers from the runners this year on different sides of the road. A good idea.

We made our way up near the front. We saw Tom and Matt talking on the median near the start we stood there with them till the race started. I saw Jay (bsg) and Paul from the Y near the front. I told Zach not to get pulled in too the fast start and just stay in a good zone near 8 minutes if he can hold it. We worked our way to the middle of the road because there was a funnel on our side of the street around the starter area. Tom's idea. Nice catch.

The gun goes off and about 4 seconds later we cross the start line. I was following Matt through the crowd but got caught in a group and also lost site of Zach and Tom. I caught up to Matt and felt good at the start, it was in the shade some and cool. I thought about my calf problems and hoped today would be a good day. Matt pulled away from me some, which I expected. He was going for a 6:15 pace and I was looking for 6:30. At about a half mile I look over and there is Zach a few feet ahead of me. We were doing about a 6 minute mile pace and he was holding it. Despite my advice he had gotten pulled in. I waved as I passed him, he looked like he was slowing into his zone as he was surprised to see me too.

I felt good through the first mile and thought I could pick it up later in the race since I had held back some although I had a 6:20 split. I was thirsty though and it was in the sun, I grabbed some water at 1.5 miles and could tell I had backed off my pace, my Garmin was showing 6:44 or so. When you turn on university it goes up a hill at the 2 mile marker (6:39). It's a short but steep climb with a turn around at the top.

Going downhill from the top feels good, but you hit the sun with no shade the whole way. You can see Cherry Creek Mall on your right and the Country Club wall on your left. Seems like a long way to Speer. You can see the runners in front of you and behind you. I saw Zach behind me. I saw Matt at the turn around he was looking strong and on his 6:15 goal.

When I finally got to Speer, it's very flat there but I know this is a long stretch up and back. Mile 3 is about 1/3 of the way up 6:52 on that split. Uggg I was bonking again just like I do every year, I tried to kick it in but my quads were screaming and my lungs were too. It was getting hot.

You can see the front runners coming down speer about half way. It's neat to see who's winning, first women, any faster friends etc. I noticed Paul and Jay were running right next to each other. I don't think they know each other, much less that they are in the same age group I thought.

When you turn around before Downing, you can see people behind you. I heard Tom yell Denny, looked for Zach but didn't see him. This is the longest hottest stretch of the race and where I usually fade. This year was no exception. It takes forever to get to the left turn off 1st street to the back streets of cherry creek north. I hit the 4th mile split in 6:53. I could tell I was on a PR pace if I could run the last mile in under 7. That encouraged me.

As I was past the 4th mile just before the turn, I caught up to Matt, he saw me over his shoulder and picked it up. I couldn't tell what happened but he seemed to be running fine now. I thought maybe I could catch him and finish with him but he pulled ahead again. When you get to the side streets, it feels good because you finally get some shade and you know you are on the home stretch. Pretty flat but a little bit uphill on that stretch. I was trying to pick people off and get my pace back to 6:30 for the last mile. I was struggling though. Just before the turn back to the finish I caught up to Matt again. I asked him what was wrong and he said bad cramps. I told him I was bonking and he said me too, that's why I'm cramping. We ran a few blocks together as it twists back to the finish. About 3 blocks from the finish he starting surging and I tried to stay with him. I really kicked it about a block from the finish but so did he. He finished 33:21, 6 seconds ahead of me.

After the race a guy came up to me and said "Good race you outkicked me at the end." I didn't recall seeing him, I was focusing on Matt, I talked with him a bit he was a nice guy, he's doing Colfax next month. Matt and I were both pretty wasted at the end, but we did improve our times from last year. 50 seconds for me, 20 seconds for him.

After the race Matt and I walked back to the goody area. The food this year was not very good, not a lot of trinkets either. We went to the beer garden and had a beer then saw Tom. He did about 36 he said, but felt good the whole way. We had a beer together and talked about the race. Matt' wife and friends met us there and we talked to them a bit. Matt's wife and her friend ran the 5k. I looked over and saw Zach by the fence so I went over and talked to him. He was happy with his race but didn't have his times. He said he was 22 at the 3 mile mark which would be a great pace for him if he held it. When the results were posted later we found out that Zach did 39:48 and got 2nd in his age group / division. Way to go Zach!

It started to cloud up and the wind picked up after the race. Paul joined us and we talked to him about his race. He didn't know Jay or if he finished ahead or behind. Looking at the results later they finished 1,2 in the Division with Paul beating him by about 15 seconds. I finished my beer said goodbye to everyone and finally found Zach again and we walked back to the car.

Zach really enjoyed the race and it was a good day for us to do this together. On the way home we talked about his running and upcoming races, Boulder Bolder and Cross Country season. He would like to do a half marathon this year. Maybe Denver after Cross Country Season in October would be good.

Fun Event, Fun Day

Race Results

Garmin Watch Data for Race

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Rest Day

Rest Day, Race tomorrow.
Cloudy and cool day, would be good racing weather. More of the same tomorrow with maybe some rain tonight.
Worked on Brittany's video and took the dogs for a long walk with Gina.

Friday, April 24, 2009

CIty Park - Duck Pond -5

Did the duck pond 5 mile route today with Matt, nobody else showed up to run today.

Matt told me he could run on the Colfax Relay team in place of Steve.
We talked about the legs and the relay in general. Easy but steady pace.
We are both running the Sneak on Sunday too.

5 Miles 38:05

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wash Park - 7

Ran the wash park 7 today. Tom, Jay and I did not do the Middle 3 due to the Cherry Creek sneak on Sunday. Craig pushed through a middle 3 of sorts, he is still struggling with running and conditioning in general. Scott did an uptempo 5 or so to catch the group after a late start.

As a group we did around 22:15 for the middle 3 part, easy pace for me, i did charge the country club hill though. I felt good after yesterdays track work.

It was hot, 80 with sun. Took off my shirt running for the first time this year.

As we were getting ready to run, I was talking to one of ladies at the Y who was out for a walk with a weight "flak jacket" on. I asked her how much weight, she said 10 pounds. Craig grabbed my Stomach and said. "Dennis has his own built-in weight he carries around". Carver... never changes. I guess I will have to get down to 140 like him before he's happy. Nahh, not even then.

Matt told me today the Chicago Marathon is full, so I can take that on off the list. My gamble for waiting till the St. George lottery did not work out. I Looked and Marine Corps is full/closed too. I Hope St. George comes through. I should register for the NYC lottery too.

7 Miles 53:31

Fallen Lady

Something happened yesterday on our way to the track I forgot to blog about.

As we were running up 16th on our way out to the track, we started to pass a lady on the sidewalk just before the Logan intersection. As Matt and I were about to pass the lady on the left she caught her toe on a crack in the sidewalk and went down face first right in front of us. She was an older heavy set lady in business clothes with a big purse and a notebook. She fell hard and just laid there face first sprawled on the sidewalk. Matt and I stopped to see if she was OK. We asked how she was and she didn't say anything. I thought of my co-worker Sandy who had fallen similarly before Christmas and ended up with a broken wrist and some cracked ribs.

I felt guilty because I thought maybe we had startled her as we came up from behind. As most of you know I'm a loud runner and sometimes when I come up behind people running they get a bit startled. After a few seconds she started moving and said she thought she was OK. I said I hope we didn't cause you to trip and she said no she hit something on the sidewalk. I pointed to the raised crack and said your foot caught on that. Just then another runner came up and said he'd tripped on the crack before also. I told the lady that among us we had probably hit every crack on the sidewalk which is a lot in that neighborhood.

We stayed with her for a couple of minutes till she was on her feet and helped gather her stuff. She had some pretty bad sidewalk burns on the palms of her hands and was shaken up but seemed OK. She thanked us several times for stopping. As we ran on up 16th Matt and I talked about how it happened in slow motion right in front of us and there was nothing either of us could do. I told him if you run up and down 16th enough times, eventually you will see it all.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Track Work - Ladder

Did intervals at the MHS track today with Matt.

We did a ladder workout which Zach told me he was doing for mile training. With Bannister coming up in 2 weeks, I thought this would be a good workout.

4oo, 800, 1200, 800, 400. The idea is to match your times on the way back down the ladder after the 1200.

I did 76,77 on the 400's. 2:47,2:52 on the 800's and 4:25 on the 1200.

Matt did the same workout but was faster on all intervals. He is in good shape.

Steve R had to drop out of my Colfax Marathon relay team with a stress facture in his ankle, so I asked Matt if he wanted in as a replacement, he's supposed to get back to me.

I had not been to the track since March 3rd (where I did 7X800) and it showed in my recovery. I was encouraged by todays workout and how good I felt before, during and after. I think switching rest and track days this week was the right decision.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rest Day

Switch my rest day and my track day since I was so tight yesterday I felt I needed a rest day. With the Sneak on Sunday I wasn't going to run the Middle 3 this week anyway and Wednesday track still gives time to recover for a race.. Matt is going to meet me for the track tomorrow instead of today.

Went to the Y and did weights, abs and stretched some. Hamstrings were tight too. Saw some of the guys went to the track today.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Wash Park 7

Ran Wash Park 7 with the group today. Matt, Andre, Craig C, Jay, Tom and myself.

It was nice (Around 70 with Sun). We ran at an easy pace most of the route. Matt was sore from a weekend training run so he didn't push it, Andre did a little. The last mile Tom took off from Colfax like a rabbit. My calf's were tight/sore from yesterday and I didn't want to push it, but I got sucked in to a faster pace. Tom was about a block ahead when Matt decided to chase him down and caught him. They finished together. I was having none of that and finished with Andre and Jay. This rabbit finish is starting to be a habbit for some of the people in the group, a rabbit habbit that can get me hurt.

I'm thinking about switching around my track day because I was sore today and my calf's were tight, a warning signal for something. Not sure what caused it maybe from running on odd terrain (snow, mud, water) the last couple of runs. I'll evaluate tomorrow and see how I feel, might do a later track workout instead of the noon one.

Congratulations to Jill for running a 3:51:55 Boston Marathon today. This was a major goal for her when we started running together last year and I have so happy for her that she realized it today. She qualified for Boston at Boston (sub 4 hour) and has now done 4 Marathons in a little over a year.

Way to go Jill!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

5.5 With Zach - 10 Total

Zach and I had a great run together today. We left at 4:00. The sun has been out and the temperatures near 60, so it was melting fast, but there was a lot to melt. So we put the run off till the heat of the day before the afternoon shadows take over.

Zach's been training for the mile JV team at SHHS, but only for the last month or so due to snowboarding. He's signed up for the Sneak next week (5 miles) so I wanted to take him out at least 5 miles. Training for the mile they give you shorter distances with more speed work, so 5 could be a stretch in a race for him now.

He has been wanting to run a loop around the outside of Piney Creek (Chambers to Smoky) so we started out that way and then the Sidwalks on Chambers had too much snow and you can't run in the road there, so we turned back at Bellview. I took us back down through the neigborhood and we came out by the old library at the creek. The Creek was roaring like I haven't seen in a long time. Since they built the new bridges probably. When we got to the first bridge we stopped and looked around a bit. Then at the second bridge it was near the top, Zach said it looked like white water. I thought Zach might want to turn around there, he was breathing kinda hard but we were holding an 8 minute pace after a slow start. He said, I want to see what the next bridge is like so we ran on. When we got to 3rd bridge it was flowing good, this is the one where it crosses Cherry Creek (vs Piney Creek for the other 2). We stopped and looked and talked a bit. We were at 3 miles at this point. I was thinking we'd slow down on the way back. To my surprise he took the lead and decreased the pace some. I was surprised how well he took the hill coming up Memphis. He was running strong and we both sprinted the last block to the house. We did the last 2 1/2 miles in under 20 minutes - uphill. We both enjoyed the run.

As we were running, I noticed a shift. Previous runs it was always him trying to stay with me, follow my foosteps and pace. Now we were equals. We were like two kids running just to run. Dodging puddles, running through puddles. splashing water, jumping snow, plowing through snow. Stepping in mud, flinging mud on each other and laughing. It was so much fun. I had the proud look of a father as we ran past people walking on the trail and a couple of other runners. A few times on the way back I thought it won't be long and he will run away from me and I won't catch him unless he wants me to. It reminded me of skiing together before he switched to snowboarding. In fact at one point we were running along a row of pine trees with snow all around the bike path at a good pace. I told him it reminded me of skiing down a catwalk at the end of the day with the shadows on you and the sun hitting between the branches and on the snow. Now he snowboards and I do too, but I can't catch him, unless he lets me.

We got back to the house at 5.5 miles in about 44 minutes. Just under an 8 minute pace. He said I guess I'm ready for the sneak next week. Later he told me it was a "great run dad, I really enjoyed that". Music to my ears Zach, music to my ears.

I dranks some gatorade, changed into a muscles shirt from short sleves shirt that was wet with sweat (yes it was that nice). Then I went around the neighborhood for another 4.5 miles to get 10 miles in today. I slowed down and took it easy just wanted the miles. I had planned 12 today, but 10 seemed about right and the first 5.5 were perfect.

Garmin Watch Data for today's run. I pretty much covered the neighborhood.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Rest Day - Snow in Denver

Big Snow Storm in Denver. I had a rest day planned anyway, but could not run outside in this even if I wanted to.

We probably got 18 inches total with rain before during and after the snow. It's going to be a slushy mess. It's supposed to warm up tomorrow and the sun comes out, so I hope it melts quick so I can go run.

Gina and I walked the dogs around the block and that was an adventure.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Slushy Run with the Dogs

Worked at home today. Big Snow Storm moved in this morning.

I took the dogs for a run around my neighborhood Piney Creek. At that time the snow had turned to rain. I put on my wet gear and trail shoes. Lots of snow/slush and puddles everywhere on top of the steady rain coming down. We just went through the side streets, up and down hills at an easy pace. Stopped at the park with the pond. Lucy pointed at the ducks. We were all soaked by the time we got home, but it was OK. Dogs are tired and sleeping.

4.5 Miles in 40 minutes.

Middle 3

Cold and rain for today's middle 3.

Tom, Jay and myself ran it. Scott ran with us for a while and then picked up the pace and ran the route ahead of us.

18:41 for the middle 3 20 seconds slower than last week. It was nice and cool but wet. My allergies were bad which effected my breathing. Also did some leg presses yesterday and I could feel that in my quads. I faded the last mile, which makes me think I'm going to have to slow down my target pace at the sneak in 10 days.

Snow Storm headed this way might have to adjust my running schedule over the weekend.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rest Day - Short Workout

Rest day from Running today.

Had a late, short workout at the Y due to work meetings.
Got a good weight workout in though, some stretching and abs too.

Had a good massage last night, Tara said my calf's were both really tight.

My allergies have been really bad, Upgraded from Claratin to Claratin-D yesterday. Might have to go to the doctor if this doesn't clear up.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Congress Park - 5.5

Tom and I ran the wash park route. Met Jay for the last half.
Scott did a couple of Intervals and ran back with us.

Matt did 6 1/2 mile intervals at Cheesman, he is the man.

Temps in the 60's but humid, nice breeze coming back. We had a good pace going

5.5 Miles 40:34

Massage tonight, rest day tomorrow.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Wash Park - 7

Great spring day for a run. Temps in the 60's, no wind and some sun.

Big group today 9 runners, most of us went to wash park and back. 7 Miles.

Eric and Matt set a good pace, when most of us were looking for an easy 7. They pulled ahead a few times but we closed the gap and finished together for the most part.

Good to see Jay and Pete back

7 Miles 51:39 (21:55 on the middle 3 miles).

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter - Rest Day

No run today. It was cold and rainy all day.
Zach and I were going to do 3 miles or so, but we were too busy between church and Easter Dinner at a friends house (Janice and Billy).

I could use another rest day anyway.

Hope to get back on track with my running next week.

Logged 34 miles this week and my calf feels good.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cherry Creek Park 10.5 Miles

Went 10 1/2 miles out to CC Park back a ways and then through the dog run area and up the big hill to the house.

I went a real easy pace the first 1/2 and then slowed down even more the second half.

It was really windy and in the 40's. The sun came out some. The wind was out of the south so running back across the park was no fun. Calf felt good.

I changed my "long run" from sunday to saturday because of plans we have on the weekend with easter and Cortney visiting from NYC. Hope to get a short one in tomorrow, but a rest day wouldn't kill me either.

10 1/2 Miles 1:31:28

Garmin Watch Data for Run

Friday, April 10, 2009

Rest Day - 100 days in

I took a rest day today. Went to the Y and did some weights, abs and stretching.
Calf felt good after speed workout yesterday. I stretched it a lot.

Hope to get a longer slow run in tomorrow and something easy on Sunday.

It's the 100th day of the year - 2009
442 Miles and 62 days of running
Fastest Middle 3 18:20

Compared to 2008 100 days
450 Miles and 69 days of running.
Fastest Midde 3 19:03

More races this year, but more injuries and down days too.

Zach had a JV track meet today. I left work early and got to see him run.
PR 6:24. Nice job Zach

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Middle 3

It's been 5 weeks since I did a Middle 3. I did have a couple of races since the last one on March 5, but I haven't done much speed work beyond that. Usually when I miss a couple of speed workouts or middle 3's I am slower the next time I go fast. Not Today. 18:20, my best of 2009.

I had a work meeting till 12:15, it was 12:30 before I was ready to run so I missed the group run. Saw lots of runner from the Y out to the Middle 3 start, it turned out to be a nice day in the 50's with sun.

I saw the group at the start of the middle 3 as they were finishing. Matt did a sub 18 today. I knew he was in good shape. Tom keeping fit with a 20. Craig C did a middle 2, funny I remember when he used to say "there's no such thing as a middle 2"..

Running back, my right calf was tight, I even walked a block to let it relax. Might take a rest day tomorrow and run saturday instead.

On Second Thought Some Hills

Got home last night and decided to go run some hills in Piney Creek.

Had a lot of stress from work and stuff and Gina had a bunch of ladies coming over for her Bunco Group for the evening.

I decided to go run, Jill was doing a hill workout at Norfolk & Crestline so I joined her for a few.

I did 3 full and 3 1/2 hills, including the run to and from my house about 4 Miles total. Ran at an easy pace. My calf felt good, but I stopped and stretched and really took it easy.

Hope to get out for all or part of a middle 3 today.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Rest Day - Cross Train

No Run today, went to the Y at lunch and had a nice long workout though.

Wts, Abs, Legs, Stretching and some Rowing.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Congress Park 5

Ran Congress Park today with Tom. Matt went with us to Cheesman and then did some intervals, we caught him recovering and then went back to the Y together. Dave and George turn around at the park.

It was really nice today, I wore a tank top and was warm in the sun. 68 Degrees with sun and no wind. My calf was a bit tight, 3 days in a row so I'm due for a rest day with cross training tomorrow.

Rough day at work, even the lunch run didn't help break the tension, but made me want to stay outside.

Dave C set the date for this year's Bannister Mile, I put a post up on the group site.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Wash Park 7

Ran to Wash Park with the group, good pace, picked it up in spots, but slowed down in spots. Th group was spread out with some fresh legs wanting to go faster and some in no hurry and me in the middle of those 2 groups. Calf did good but can still feel something there.
Warmed up today and the Sun came out. Mid 40's with no wind.

7 Miles 53:19

Big group today Matt, Andre, Craig C, Tom, Dave C, Chipman, Dan and myself.

Dan says it's been since September since he ran. He stayed with us to Cheesman then turned off. He said he made it ok but he won't be ready to run til May.

Haven't seen Chipman in a while. He holds the Middle 3 record of 15:45 set 10 years ago. He doesn't run with the group much except when he wants to get in shape, lose weight or train for a race and then he gets shape really quick. Former BYU Mile'r with a sub 4:00 minute mile. Talked to him about joining our Super Relay team.

Dave C. turned off at Colfax, I guess he stopped to talk to his wife and we never saw him again. I must have ran right past her and didn't realize, still haven't met her or seen her. I didn't know until later that's what happened.

We picked up the pace the last mile back to the Y, led by Tom. I held back some, but couldn't resist hanging on. 6:51 last mile, Calf did OK.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

8 Mile CC Park Loop

I ran one of my favorite and oldest routes today. A loop through CC Park, through the "everglades" area and back along Parker Road. I've been running that route since we moved to Denver 12+ years ago. First time with my Garmin though. I had figured it was 8 miles and that's what the Garmin shows. It's been a while since I've run it though.

I went around 10:30 when it was sunny, warming up a bit and before the wind got up. There was some wind from the Southeast, but not like yesterday.

My calf was good, just a little tightness on the side opposite the tear. I did an easy pace between my normal pace and a long run pace. 8:17

Garmin Watch Data for Run

8 Miles 1:05:47

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Rest on a Nasty Weather Day

The weather was really nasty out today. Cold, wind, snow. The wind was the worst of the 3. Just miserable. Luckily I had a rest day planned anyway. Looks like most of the storm missed us, but still it would not be a good day to run outside.

I registered for the CC Sneak today, Sports Athority has a deal if you spend more than $100 you get a free CC Sneak registration. I was due for new shoes anyway and got a couple summer running shirts too. Gina registered Zach while we were there, his first 5 mile race, good stepping stone for Bolder Boulder.

Got some Blue GT 2140 shoes, they were out of red. Right at 400 on my current shoes so I have time to break them in.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Duck Pond - Not So Easy

Ran the Duck Pond today, supposed to be an easy day right?
Matt and I took off for whatever reason about a half mile in and did the first part in 20 minutes, we both felt good and the weather was great. Andre and Craig M went the normal pace and I'm sure were saying what's up with those guys. They went around the golf course anyway.
About a 7:15 pace there with a slow start.

We eased up coming back (OK I eased up and Matt stayed with me).

My calf felt a lot better, but it did tighten a bit the last mile. I should take tomorrow off, but depending on the weather and how I feel I might get an early Saturday run in and take Sunday off.

5 Miles 36:28

Thursday, April 2, 2009

5.5 - Off Course

Did an off course route today, something rare when you run with the Y group...

Started out with Eric, Matt, Craig M and myself. My allergies are raging so on top of my calf worries I can't breath normally and have to spit a lot. Anyway we got to Cheesman and Craig M stopped to do a middle 4. We got to the middle 3 start point and discussed the options, I was out for a middle 3 but would like to do the 7 easy. Matt and Eric decided to pick it up tempo for small bursts over the middle 3 route starting at the country club. I told them I wasn't going to push it and would just run the 6.

As they pulled ahead of me on the hill, I saw Craig C running down the hill, we got a late start today and apperently he left before us and was on his way back with Charles B. Hadn't seen him in a while. The new guys don't even know who Charles is or vice versa although they've heard of him and his legendary battles with Scott.

So I turned around with Craig and Charles 3/4 of the way up the hill. We chatted about running and injuries (of course) and recent races and all the usual catch-up-running-talk. Charles is on his way to China for a year, he works in Boulder now, but will be leaving for China in June.

Off course today because we turned down 12th and went to Sherman to drop Charles off at work. With Craig C this is unheard of, but we did it for Charles. I felt lost in my own back yard on those streets, although 12th brough back memories of the Denver Marathon and how good I felt at the point of the race.

Charles might do Mt. Evans and I think Scott is doing it so we could have 1 last Charles vs Scott before he goes to China.

5.5 Miles 42:11

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Cross Train at the Y

Went to the Y a bit late because of work, but had a good workout. Did some weights, abs, stretching and the bike for some cardio. Felt good on the bike and really stretched out my legs.

When I was on the bike, Deena, one of the trainers at the Y came by and we chatted. She broke her wrist really bad last year in a mt. bike accident. She was training for the X-terra triathalon. She says she is just now ready to start running again and is forbidden from biking till her wrist is stronger. Anyway I talked to her about maybe running with the group and training for Bolder Boulder in 8 weeks. She seemed interested but needs to get in shape to stay up with our group. We talked about my calf problems and my history. She suggested stretching the plantar faciatis more with tennis ball rolling and picking up stuff with your toes.

Calf feels good, it's healing quick. I think I'm ready for 7 easy tomorrow. No middle 3 for sure. Weather should be better.