Thursday, April 2, 2009

5.5 - Off Course

Did an off course route today, something rare when you run with the Y group...

Started out with Eric, Matt, Craig M and myself. My allergies are raging so on top of my calf worries I can't breath normally and have to spit a lot. Anyway we got to Cheesman and Craig M stopped to do a middle 4. We got to the middle 3 start point and discussed the options, I was out for a middle 3 but would like to do the 7 easy. Matt and Eric decided to pick it up tempo for small bursts over the middle 3 route starting at the country club. I told them I wasn't going to push it and would just run the 6.

As they pulled ahead of me on the hill, I saw Craig C running down the hill, we got a late start today and apperently he left before us and was on his way back with Charles B. Hadn't seen him in a while. The new guys don't even know who Charles is or vice versa although they've heard of him and his legendary battles with Scott.

So I turned around with Craig and Charles 3/4 of the way up the hill. We chatted about running and injuries (of course) and recent races and all the usual catch-up-running-talk. Charles is on his way to China for a year, he works in Boulder now, but will be leaving for China in June.

Off course today because we turned down 12th and went to Sherman to drop Charles off at work. With Craig C this is unheard of, but we did it for Charles. I felt lost in my own back yard on those streets, although 12th brough back memories of the Denver Marathon and how good I felt at the point of the race.

Charles might do Mt. Evans and I think Scott is doing it so we could have 1 last Charles vs Scott before he goes to China.

5.5 Miles 42:11

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