Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Yoga - Rest Day

Took a rest day today, but I did go to Yoga. It was a good class. She changed the class name to something else but I forget what she called it. It was intense. That class has thinned out and I think it's because the intensity has increased since I first started it 8 weeks ago. 3 People walked out during class. Sharon was a bit upset about that.

I held back on some of the poses and wasn't as agressive as I usually would have been, I did not want to stress or strain anything that would impact my running on Saturday, but did want to get some Yoga benifit.

I feel like I'm on the verge of a cold, but maybe I am just hypersensitive. Felt that before Dallas last year and felt bad the morning of the marathon and through the first 5 miles of the marathon. I got sick the day after. I took Gina to the Rockies game tonight, it was nice at the start and then got cold, the front moved in and the wind was really bad. We were on the club level so we were shielded some, but I should have known Colorado in late September at night. I was sitting there in shorts and a sweatshirt, half shivering, with my nose running thinking, I don't want to get sick just before the marathon. I went upstairs to the bathroom and one of the ushers opened the doors looked at me and said "You must be freezing, I hope you don't catch cold". Just what I needed to hear. It was good game though, Rockies won 10 -5, 1 game away from winning the wild card.

The worse thing about a marathon for me is the anxiety and concerns leading up to it.
2 days to go...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Light Track Workout - 4 400's

Went to MHS track at lunch with the group, did 4X400 at 77-80. With a 2-3 minute recovery for each. 2 miles easy to the track and then 2 miles back. It was hot, around 80. Reminded me of summer. Most marathon training plans have you do some 400's the week before the marathon. I felt good and held back on them during the first 200.

Good group today. Jay, Pete, Alicia, Matt, Scott. Jay and Pete did 800's. Nobody did an intense workout though except Jeff who stayed and the Y and did Yasso's on the treadmill. 10 800's at 3:15. So put Jeff down for a 3:15 marathon.

This will be my last run in Denver, and maybe my last run period before the marathon. I might do a couple of easy miles on Friday when I get there.

I peeked at the St. George forecast, looks like a high in the low 80's for Saturday, this cold front is moving through there too. I hope that holds or maybe the front will hang around a bit and it will be even cooler.

5 Miles 41 minutes 4X400 at 77-80

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Marathon Tempo Run - 6.5

I saw in the paper where St. George, Utah was suppopsed to be 100 degrees today. That concerns me. If it gets anywhere near that hot during my Marathon, I am dead.

I decided to do a familiar route my house short loop into CC Park and back through Bellview to home. There are some decent hills there. I waited till it got pretty warm at 11. Wanted to run at or below race pace in the heat.

I wore my garmin and tried to steady my pace around 7:45. Would speed up if it got above 8 and slow down if it got below 7:30. My strategy for the actual race.

The heat got to me a bit around 4 miles. That and the hills and the uphill. My stomach started hurting again (like last week). That really concerns me too.

I finshed the 6.5 miles in 49:55, a 7:40 pace, a bit faster than I wanted. There was one mile on the uphill coming out of the park where I had an 8:05 mile, that was the one with 2 big up hills. Last year before Denver, I did that same run in 50:31, so I feel good about it time wise, the other effects, not so good.

Garmin Watch Data for Run

6.5 Miles 49:55

Friday, September 25, 2009

Duck Pond and Needles

Ran the city park duck pond route. 5 Easy with the guys today. Big group today, nice day.

Later in the afternoon I had acupuncture with Allison at her new office over by Colorado I-25. It was an intense session. She treated my left heel, both calfs and right hip. On needle in paticular in my right thigh/outer leg was very intense. She hooked up the electricity to my calfs, they were pulsing pretty good.
When she took the needle out of my right thigh, it really zapped me, I came off the table for a sec. I was sore after. Hopefully this will help with my calf problems for next week.

5 Miles 41 Minutes

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wash Park 7

Ran the Wash Park 7 Mile route. No middle 3 and No uptempo.
Ran with Scott and Dave Chipman, which was a bit uptempo with those 2 a couple of 7:30 miles in there. Jeff and Craig M did a middle 5.

Matt joined us at 6th on the way back. He thinks he got H1N1 during the relay, discussed with his doctor but didn't get tested. Had all the symptoms 5 days of fever.

I had some left heel pain today, while running even. 9 days till St. George, I need to get that in check. Looking at my 2008 running log before Denver Marathon last year, I had that the same heel pain also and I ended up tearing my calf muscle in that leg.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Yoga and Wts

Went to the Y at lunch. It was cold and rainy, it was an off day for me anyway and I was glad. Matt and Pete hit the treadmill in the Y. Tom and Scott went outside, not sure who else.

I did some stretching and then some weights and went to the 12:30 Yoga class with Sharon. She asked what we wanted to do and some lady said sun salutations, so that's what we did. Lots of them for about 45 minutes with no break. It was a challenging workout. I looked over at the lady who asked to do them a few times and she was breaking the poses quite a bit. She was recovering from a collar bone break also, did she know what she was asking for? Oh yeah, no judging in Yoga.

I like Sharon, she has a lot of energy and a good attitude about Yoga and working out in general and she finally knows my name. The class was smaller today so she was able to give more individual correction, especially to those that need it like me. At one point she was trying to get us to do this difficult triangle twist pose with a bind and using straps and the whole class was off and confused and everyone doing different things. I was just kinda kneeling looking at her and she says, "Well this isn't working out like I thought, what a cluster Ff..., what a CF this is". I started laughing so hard because that's exactly what it looked like with everyone twisted around and confused and going in different directions.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cheesman Intervals

Ran 4 1/2 mile intervals at Cheesman today. 4 of them.
It was cold and rainy at the start, didn't want to add the additional time and miles for a track workout, so chose Cheesman. I ran them all under 3 easily, held back a bit. The footing was a bit rough and muddy with the rain, don't want any injuries this close to game day.

Alicia ran with us today, she ran easy around Cheesman, recovering from her race. She brought me back a neat ITU World Championships hat from Australia. Thanks for the hat Alicia, that was nice, it's even an Asics brand.

Craig C caught up to us at Colfax and ran the intervals with me. He's starting to get healthy again, first time in a while.

Had an 80 minute massage after work. It felt great. Tara found a few spots in my legs I didn't know were sore. She worked out some knots. Worked on my back and neck, which helps me relax and run. Last massage before the marathon.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Cross Train

Weather Change in Denver today, cold and wet in the 40's, snow in the mountains. Good day to stay in at the Y and cross train. Rowed, Biked, did some Weights and stretching.

Feeling better. Needed more rest I think. St. George is getting closer.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Weekend Wrap up

Got behind on my blog again, so here's the weekend re-cap.

Friday, ran the duck pond easy with Andre and Craig. Nice day, nice easy run.

That afternoon went to the Liberty Bell CC Meet.
Zach ran varsity, he PR'd with a 19:11. Way to go Zach, you beat my 5k PR and took almost a minute off your PR.
Also saw my nephew Dan run for Eagle Crest JV, he did 19:33, also a PR for him.
Then I watched Jack and Jill run in another JV wave, that was fun. Jill did a great job pacing Jack.

Saturday, I was really tired and congested and thought maybe I was getting sick. I took 3 naps during the day and still was falling asleep at dinner and after dinner.

Sunday woke up with a stomach ache and still had the congestion and was groggy from the benadryl I took the night before. So I got a late start on my run. it was hot, too.

I started getting dizzy from the running and heat and the stomach ache did not fade away, I meant to do 14 at marathon pace (sub 8) but cut off the run at the 5.25 mile mark and ran back home through the dog park entrance to give me 9. I did hold the pace, but it was not fun.

I need to rest, hydrate and taper next week, if the marathon were today, I would have been in trouble.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Middle 3 - 7

Ran the Middle 3 today. Pete, Jay and Tom ran it also.
Scott, Craig M, Craig C and Dave took it easy today.

It was cooler, but I wasn't really in a middle 3 mood, but knew I should do a tempo run this week, plus wanted to see where I was. I felt flat actually, legs were a little tired and not much energy or enthusiasm to run hard.

So I was suprised when I ran 18:21. I was thinking closer to 19. So I feel pretty good that I did that when I was feeling flat.

Garmin Watch Data for Middle 3

When Jay finished, he did his usual hack and cough, sounded like he was going to throw up. Then Pete and Tom sprinted the finish, Pete edged Tom and then grabbed his knees and threw up twice. A rare occurrence on the middle 3. We all applauded, that he ran hard enough to throw up at the end. I told Pete that deserved a picture of him on my blog today. Nice work Pete!

Pete ran his guts out today at the Middle 3.

Found out that Jay threw up at the end of the relay at the finish. He finished really strong, didn't know it was that strong though. So Jay gets a half a picture (above) since I didn't actually see it.

I felt like throwing up after my last 2 relay legs, but didn't quite get there. I feel like I shortchanged the team.

7 Miles - 18:21 on the Middle 3.

We also had an incident with a lady and a dog on the sidewalk as we were running up 16th. She looked over her shoulder at us running toward her (6 of us) and panicked and yelled "wait let me get out of the way" and pulled her dog to the side. She then gave us a piece of her mind as we stood at the light, telling us how it wasn't safe to walk your dog and we almost ran her and her dog over. She said we should have said something like skiers do when they are passing. We just looked at her and smiled, of course Dave said something. Total overreaction. We run past hundreds of people and have yet to crush anyone or their dog. We run around not through. Funny, like she never saw runners on the sidewalk before.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rest Day - Yoga, Wts

Took a rest day from Running, I am "tapering" after all. Went to the Y and did some weights and then went to the 12:30 Yoga class. Kelly substituted today, she is really good, probably the most flexible yoga teacher I've every had. She is very energetic and kept us moving the whole time, which is what I like. I was sweating some today (and I didn't run first). I might try to take her morning classes, but they are so early.

Jay's wife Gina was in the class too. She does a lot of Yoga but has missed that class since I started doing it. We chatted a bit, she got some bad scrapes on her elboys from a different Yoga class from doing Dolphin on the Matt. Anyway we talked about getting Jay to join us, she said after he runs Chicago.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wash Park 7 - Easy

The Monday after the relay is always a fun run. Lots of relay stories and a lot of people show up. So much fun that I let Andre twist my arm and I ran 7 easy. More than I should have probably, still being sore from the relay (calfs, quads). But it was easy and a nice day and lots of relay stories to share. About 10 runners, but we split into cheesman, congress and wash park groups. Jeff, Andre, Jay and I ran the Wash Park.

I put up more info on the relay on the pickled prostates site with a web photo album.

7 miles, 58 minutes

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Colorado Relay 2009

The Colorado Relay was this weekend. As usual it was a blast. Extra fun this year because we had two teams racing , Pickled Prostates v5 and Somewhat Pickled. The Somewhat Pickled was a team of first timers. It was fun watching them put the team together and run and also interact with them on the course and watch them finish.

This is my 5th relay, and I love it. Each won is different in it's own way and an experience with memories I will always cherish. Both teams did really well this year. The Pickled Prostates finished in 22:07, 1st in Masters Division (Yes!) and 4th overall. We have won the masters 4 out of the 5 years I've run it and finished in the top 8 every year. The Somewhat Pickled finished in 23:30 ?? , 2nd in the Mixed Division and finished 11?? overall. I need to get there numbers from someone and update, but that was close

Official results are not posted yet, but I will update my blog when they are.

I will also update the pickled prostates site with team information later.

The weather was really nice this year. Mostly Sunny, cool running weather and not too cold at night.

Below are Posts for each of my legs with the time/date stamp of when I ran them (not when I wrote them). If you want the whole story beginningto end, use these links.

Leg 3

Leg 13

Leg 23

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Colorado Relay Leg 23

After we finished the Vail exchanges. Jeff, Steve and I went back to the Vail house to rest before our final legs. We figured 2:30 would be when we needed to leave based on our current time and predictions we were about an hour ahead.

I took a shower and went straight to bed when I got back. My stomach was really hurting. I could not sleep but it did feel better to lay down and rest. I ate all the rolaids I had in my bag and lay there thinking about the 6 miles in my final leg. From Blair Ranch to the Shoshonee power plant rest area. This is the only one of the Gleenwood canyon legs I have not run.

When we got the call from Van B that Steve R was on Course at 2:00, Steve C and I got everyone up at 2:15 and out of the house by 2:30 and at Eagle High school by 3:15. It was cold and dark and the middle of the night. These are the legs where you don't want to run, but you do because you are on a team and you have to give it your best. My calf's were very tight and felt like each had a knot. My stomach hurt , but there was not question that I was going to run as hard as I could. The only good thing about leg 3 is it's your last leg.

I took the exchange from Andre and took off. It was 5:00 am, still dark and cold. I decided to start my watch, but not look at it. Just run hard and not agonize over every mile and pace. I started good, but then the stomach pain came back about 5 minutes later. I grabbed my side and just ran. There were several runners to pick off, probably 6 total, which felt good, took my mind off the pain and passed the time. I did not want to know how much further I had. I passed the last runner on the leg (as it turned out) and said good job. He said "you too, we are half way there". I was mad he said that, because I though we were over half way there. I didn't see any other runners the rest of the way. There are several places near the end of that leg that make you think you are approaching the finish. It is so dark most of it that any light looks like the exchange point is ahead.

I finished and looked at my watch as Steve ran off. 47 minutes for 6.1 miles. What? I had to be running faster than that. Then I looked at the mileage. 6.5 miles and my Garmin had cut out several times, so it was even longer than that. Jeff said he heard a lady say her Garmin had it at 7. I don't think it was that much over, maybe 6.7.

I was so glad to be finished, more than I can ever remember in previous years.

Garmin Watch Data for Leg 23

Friday, September 11, 2009

Colorado Relay Leg 13

Vail Pass. 8.8 Miles. Downhill, 10,600 - 8,800 Feet

I have run this leg twice before. It is a fast downhill, but a long leg and hard to see the path at times. It starts at the Vail Pass rest area at the top of the stairs and goes down the frontage road to the bike path, follows the bike path and then goes under the highway and up to the old frontage road to East Vail. I've run it in nice conditions, full moon warm weather and in bad conditions, snow and rain and cold. Both times I've run this leg, I had done 8 miles down Guanella in my previous leg which made me sore before even starting this leg. I thought I would do really well on this leg this year.

The weather was great, temp was around 45 at the top of the pass with 55 in Vail. No wind, clear skies with stars and a half moon a rising.

Steve Drove me to the top around 8:30. We figured Andre might be there as early as 9. Always a guessing game as to when the previous runner will come in. It was not as cold up top as in previous years. Seems like I'm always up there either running or doing the exchange and it is always cold. Parking lot up top is dark and crowded. The previous runner runs up Vail pass from Copper, takes a while to see who it is in the parking lot, if it's your team or not. Every year it seems like I would see Mark Brown up there with his team. One year he loaned me a jacket while I was waiting for a runner to come in. Missed you up there this year Mark.

I felt good after a nice long rest in Vail. I had a bowl of Chili and Rice around 5:30 and was well rested and stretched. I didn't sleep any, but I felt good and ready to run. I wore shorts and a short sleeve shirt with gloves. I checked in and went back to the Van with Steve to stay warm. We saw the other team's van and then Jill check in. I went over and said hi to Jill and walked back to the other van, first I'd seen of them since Silverthorne. Jill was a bit nervous about the route.

I took the exchange from Andre and headed through the parking lot. The route was familiar as I remembered it and headed toward the bike path. I found the road a bit rough, there were some glow sticks but they were smaller Orange ones instead of the larger green ones.

Several runners had left the exchange while we were waiting, so I had some runners on the course most of the way to chase down and pass, they were runners from earlier waves and not competition. I passed 8 runners on the leg. 1 runner was difficult to catch. She (as it turned out to be) was passing runners ahead and we seemed to stay about the same pace. I encouraged the runners as I passed them and most wished me luck as well. At 5 miles I passed the difficult runner, she said "I was wondering if you would pass me", she could see my headlamp gleaming ahead of her most of the way. I gained a lot of ground on the 1 uphill section when you cross under I-70.

I felt good until about mile 6. I got a serious stomach ache. I should not have eaten the Chili, I know I can't eat something like than and then run after. I was grabbing my side most of the way. I ran through it, but it was not pleasant. Not sure if it impacted my time, but it sure made the experience less pleasant and I did quit looking at my watch, just running in the zone I was in. I passed the last person at mile 6 and ran the rest of the way hard. I finished at 1:00:47. I was disappointed I thought I would run a 58 or faster, at least under 1 hour. Steve took off and I was very relieved to be finished, wondering if I would recover and how I would do on my 3rd leg.

Garmin Watch Data for Leg 13

Colorado Relay Leg 3

Leg 3 - 9/11/2009 10:30 am
Bakerville to Loveland Pass 5.1 Miles, Uphill, Elevation 9,800 ft to 10,500 ft

What a great morning for the relay start in Georgetown. Nice crisp weather. It was fun watching the two teams start (Matt vs Pete) in the fast wave and watching them come in very close to each other at Silver Plume a short but steep leg with fast teams in the wave. They came in 7th and 8th . Then off to Bakerville where I got ready for my leg 3, while Andre was running. I had done this leg last week up and down, so I was very familiar and confident in it. I was predicted to run it in 45, but wasn't sure I could do that since I did 47 the week before.

I waited at the exchange where Matt's parents were working as volunteers. Jill was running this leg also for the other team so I gave her a description of the route, she was her usual bundle of nerves but excited. The fast teams came in and then someone yelled here comes Andre, we tagged hands and I took off at the gate. The first 1/2 mile is flat so I took off fast. Our Nemesis team Old Fartleks (#57) who beat us last year had just came through and were about 1 minute ahead of us. I wanted to hang with their runner until the last half mile and then kick past him when it got to the downhill and flat part.

I quickly gained on their runner and decided to not slow my pace but pass him, even though we were about to go uphill. I said hi as I passed and he said nice pace, I said yeah but we're just starting and it's not uphill yet. He said yeah that's why I'm going easy "Hitting Range balls before teeing off" is what I think he said. So I passed him and built a bit of lead before the uphill just past the bridge, I expected he might pass me uphill but wanted to hang close.

This route is on trail, I had my trail shoes since it is rocky in spots. It rolls uphill, gaining 1000 feet. None if the hills are too steep not to run at a decent pace, about the time it starts to get too steep, it will flatten out and even dip downhill for a while. Also lots of trees and curves so you never see that huge uphill stretch ahead. I got in a good uphill pace (for me) and just stayed focused. I did not want to look back at the 57 runner. I passed two ladies on the hill, which helped to keep me focused. The last hill is the longest about 3/4 mile uphill at mile 4 with no break until the top. I saw one more runner ahead, a guy and wanted to pass him before the finish. I was slowly gaining on him on the hill and about 200 yards from him as we hit the downhill. He took off and I wanted to catch him. We rounded the corner into loveland ski area and he was about 100 yards ahead. I had the advantage of him not knowing I was there and my teammates (from both our teams), cheering for me to pass him before the exchange. I pushed really hard and passed him just before the exchange and tagged Steve's hand.

The route was a bit short of the 5.1 miles posted. It was 4.91 Miles

I felt really good. I had beat the prediction by 2 1/2 minutes (although the course was short) with an 8:50 pace, passed 4 runners including our rivals (#57) and had finished what I though was my hardest leg. Putting us in 4th place overall. Had teammates cheering for me and it was such a nice day on Loveland Pass. This is what makes this race so fun and so special, legs like that.

We watched the other team (Jill finish). She also beat the prediction by 2 minutes and had a good run.

Steve Cann ran a great 4th leg (which was really tough up and back) and we finished 4th for the first 4 legs with a time of 2:07, 2 minutes ahead of our prediction and a 2 1/2 minute lead over our rival (#57).

Abbey for the other team was awesome on this leg, she finished a couple minutes faster than Steve and passed another team on the way up. She was flying coming down that steep hill to the exchange finish with reckless abandon . They also finished a couple of minutes ahead of prediction.

Steve Cann and I split from the Van and headed to Vail in his car, on the way we stopped with the other team in Silverthorne and had lunch at the Sunrise Cafe. Our van with Steve R, Pete M and Jay went on to Bob's place in Breckenridge.

I had 10 hours to rest before my next leg. About 6 hours of it in the Vail house. That was nice. Steve made Chili and rice for the group then rested, while I stretched out and rested. I could not sleep though, I tried for a bit, but my mind is always too active thinking about the race and my next leg . I was a bit concerned about eating Chili for dinner and running after. Last year he made chicken chili and I ate it without problems.

Garmin Watch Data for Leg 3

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

3 Miles and Yoga

Ran with the Y group to the Cheesman Porta Potti. 1.5 Miles then back to the Y and ran into the 12:30 Yoga Class room. Barely made it, had to run the last mile kinda fast.

All relay guys running today, of course that's what we talked about. I was torn between staying with the group and talking relay or doing Yoga but went with Yoga.

Running before Yoga is good because it loosens you up and relaxes you. However, I was still sweating when class started and not sure I smelled the best, but hey. it's Yoga, they will not judge me right? One thing to be careful about is over stretching though when you are warmed up and cooling down fast.

Good class, I got a nice place up front, so I got lots of Suggestions from Sharon today. I nailed a headstand today. Not sure where that came from, haven't done one in 2 years. Even put my feet together and bent my knees.

I feel myself improving and gaining some flexibility. Massage last night helped too.

Lots of relay emails and activity. I think we have about 5 van plans floating around now and 6 or 7 different pick up locations.

3 Miles 22 Minutes.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Cheesman 4 Miles Easy

Ran Cheesman today, 4 miles easy.
Good group, we talked about relay stuff mostly.
We thought about the track, but then all decided we needed fresh legs for our relay on Friday, so let the taper begin. This will be an easy week till Friday then 3 tempo legs totaling 20 miles.

My left heel was a bit sore from yesterdays trail run up and down the pass.

Massage tonight, I will have Tara work on my calf's and hip.

4 Miles 34 minutes

Monday, September 7, 2009

Bakerville to Loveland and Back

Ran leg 3 of the relay today for a training run and for fun. From Bakerville up to Loveland Ski Area. Looked familiar since I had run down most of that 8 days ago. Got to the loveland ski area, to the 5.1 mile mark. Took a break and had some water and soaked up the sun and checked out the view. The leaves are just starting to turn on the aspens. Then I headed back down, missed my turn so slightly longer on the way back because I had to back track near the ski area.

I predicted I could run the 5.1 miles at a 9 minute pace. I was wrong. It's not that steep but a continual uphill grind and you start at 9700 ft altitude and climb to 10,300 spending a lot of time around 10,000 feet. I wasn't racing it though, so we will see what I can do for the relay. Maybe take a couple of minutes off, charge the downhill and flats a bit. The last 4/10 of a mile are downhill and then flat (at 10,700 feet, running flat feels like running uphill though).

I was surprised I did not run down faster too, but I did not push too hard, tried to hold around an 8 minute pace. I felt good and it was really nice in the mountains. The trees are just starting to turn and it has that crisp fall feel in the morning. I started at 8 and was done by 10. Soaked my feet in the stream for a bit after. The water was so cold, I could only take a few seconds. I splashed some water on my knees and calfs too.

Garmin Watch Data for today's run

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Medium Long Run at a slow Pace

15 Miles today at a slow pace, around 9.
Got up early and drove to Kennedy Park and ran from there toward downtown right at sunup - 7.
Jill was parked there, she had been running since 5:30 am.
There was a really cool moon.

Thought I'd see Jill on the way back and would do a few miles with her, but I got to CC Mall (7 miles) and didn't see her. I hung out across from the car wash a bit to see if I'd catch her there, She usually stops there for water. After stretching, I figured I'd missed her so I ran back.

Felt some twinges in my right calf. I have put in a lot of miles this last week going back to Sunday. So I slowed down again.

When I got back to the parking lot I saw Jill was still parked there, that meant she was still running. I got a bit worried so I went back down the hill and ran back about a mile and found her. She had done 24 and was fine, but done. We walked a bit talking about the relay to the cars.

I messed up my Garmin at the car wash. Of note it is 7 miles from the Kennedy Park top of the hill to CC Mall before you turn west.

15 Miles about 2:15.
64 Miles for the week.

Friday, September 4, 2009

City Park Golf Course 7

Ran the golf course today with Andre, Matt and Pete. Dave and George went around the lake.

Was a good run on a nice day. We slowly increased the pace until we were doing 7 minute miles at the end.

Zach had his first CC Meet at Fairview HS in Bolder today. He had a great run. 20:06 with a strong finished and looked good throughout. Another PR by 1:09. . 3rd on JV for his team, but they were close. He took 4 minutes off his time for the same race last year. Way to go Zach! That was a fun race to watch.

7 Miles 52:53

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wash Park 7

Ran the wash park 7 miles today.

No middle 3, felt like my legs were dead. Pete, Jay and I went easy. Tom did a middle 3, saw Patrick briefly as he did a middle 3 also. Craig M did a middle 5 through the park. Jeff and Matt left early and did a tempo 7.

Alicia ran with us to Cheesman, she was doing an easy run today. She leaves for Australia for the World Age Group championships on Saturday for 2 weeks. Good Luck Alicia.

Usually the last middle 3 before the relay has a good turnout and everyone goes hard, but not this year.

Pete, Tom and I turned it up a bit the last mile and really pushed the last 1/2 mile to a 6:05 pace.

Garmin Watch Data from Today's Run

Maybe Andre will do a tempo golf course run with me tomorrow?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Rest Day - Yoga

Took a rest day from running. I needed one, was really sore last night from the intervals but not as much today. Not sure why I'm not as sore today, I guess the long run sorness wore off.

I had a good month in August, 194 miles. Most in 2009, so that's a positive.

Went to the Y at lunch and did some weights, then went to the 12:30 Yoga class for an hour. It was a good class. I notice a slight improvement in my flexibility and balance and stamina over the last month of doing Yoga. But since it's Yoga, you're not supposed to notice that stuff, just be.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

MHS Track Intevals 7X800

Did 6 X 800 on the Manual High School track at lunch. Then did another interval on the last 1/2 mile back to the Y.

Range was 2:55 - 2:57 on the 800's. I was still sore from Sunday's run, I was able to hit the time I wanted, but my recovery between intervals got longer and longer. Jeff did the same workout and his recover was about 2 minutes where mine was reaching 4 between each 800.

Craig M was there and did 5 800's at a bit faster pace. Pete C and Craig C were there too. Tom did a couple of 800's and left. Scott went to the track and back. So it was a good group at the start. I was the last one back by myself, felt good on the last 1/2 mile interval, but I was spent when I was done. Need a rest day for sure.

No excuses, but it was really smoky / hazy today due to the California wild fires smoke reaching Denver. Made for a pretty sunrise, but I'm sure it impacts the oxygen flow somewhat.

8 Miles, 3.5 Speed Work.