Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wash Park - 7

Ran the wash park 7 today. Tom, Jay and I did not do the Middle 3 due to the Cherry Creek sneak on Sunday. Craig pushed through a middle 3 of sorts, he is still struggling with running and conditioning in general. Scott did an uptempo 5 or so to catch the group after a late start.

As a group we did around 22:15 for the middle 3 part, easy pace for me, i did charge the country club hill though. I felt good after yesterdays track work.

It was hot, 80 with sun. Took off my shirt running for the first time this year.

As we were getting ready to run, I was talking to one of ladies at the Y who was out for a walk with a weight "flak jacket" on. I asked her how much weight, she said 10 pounds. Craig grabbed my Stomach and said. "Dennis has his own built-in weight he carries around". Carver... never changes. I guess I will have to get down to 140 like him before he's happy. Nahh, not even then.

Matt told me today the Chicago Marathon is full, so I can take that on off the list. My gamble for waiting till the St. George lottery did not work out. I Looked and Marine Corps is full/closed too. I Hope St. George comes through. I should register for the NYC lottery too.

7 Miles 53:31

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