Tuesday, September 28, 2010

EHS Track Intervals 6X800

I ran 6 X 800 Intervals at the EHS track at lunch today. It was hot, upper 80's, sunny with no wind. Kind of like August Intervals which was the last time I did 800's.

My times were slower, but I ran easy but up tempo, not wanting to stress my hamstring or glute which are feeling much better. Also my cough is almost gone, just a bit of congestion but did not impact my workout.

Splits were 258,303,305,302,308,257. I did a 400 recover lap in between with a 4-5 minute full recovery. I took water which I needed because it was so hot and dry.

Bob, Scott, Pete, Craig C and Tom were running at the track today, 400's, Pete did the first 800 with me. None of the Marathon training group but it's getting close to their marathons.

Speaking of Marathons, the Denver marathon is full and closed and I did not get registered so I guess I am out. I was leaning towards running it with low expectations, but now I can take it off my list. I do have a backup plan, but still thinking about it.

7.5 Miles with 3 Miles of Speed Work

Monday, September 27, 2010

Congress Park 5

Ran the Congress Park route today at lunch from the Y. We had a bigger group today, everyone did Congress. Bob was back after laying off from an injury for a week. It is still warm in Denver mid 80's and supposed to stay that way for a while. When will the cool fall temperatures come to stay. Straight to winter?

Anyway I did a recovery run, just running with the slowest person in the pack most of the way. I was tired but not really sore from yesterdays 20.

Hope to recover and run the track tomorrow.

5 Miles 42 Minutes

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Long Run 20.1

Ran a long run at CC Park today. Same route as my last 2 20's. Went much better today. I ran easier, left leg did well till the last couple of miles where I could feel it getting tight. Pace was much better today, even though I still had that cough and some congestion in my chest. I really only coughed when I stopped for water or to use the bathroom.

It was a good long run, about where I'd like to be for my first 20 miler, not my last 20 miler before a marathon. Comparing the pace to my last long run before Boston it was about 25 seconds per mile slower. It did get warm the last hour. I left at 7 am, should have left at 6:30. First couple of miles were chilly, then it was great till about mile 16 then it was hot but not brutal like previous long runs. It was a beautiful fall day. Blue Skies, leaves starting to turn. Calm Blue lake with a full moon setting over the clear mountains.

So, I'm not sure if I want to do the Denver Marathon. This workout was kind of in between and didn't really convince me either way. I will think about it, maybe run 15 or so at Marathon Pace next week and decide.

20.1 Miles 50.1 Miles for the week.

Garmin Watch Data for Long Run

Friday, September 24, 2010

City Park Golf Course - 7 Miles

Ran the city park golf course 7 mile route today. It was really nice, sunny clear, crisp fall day, 70's. The trees are starting to turn and the mountains in the background. Nice lunch run. Ran with Jeff and Jay, an easy pace. We came back on 23rd street. Felt better, less coughing today, but not 100%.

7 Miles 55 Minutes.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wash Park 7

Ran the Wash Park 7 today with Matt. With the cough still hanging on, I decided no middle 3. That and the lack of participation. Only Craig M did a tempo run today, a middle 5 around the lake. He's in great shape and is going to do well with his Marathon.

Hadn't run with Matt in a while. His wife is due tomorrow and he's been sticking close to the phone just in case. I joked with him about running by his house to check just in case.

I felt better running today and the cooler temperatures felt good. Pace was decent but not fast.

7 Miles 55 Minutes.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

3 Miles and Yoga

Ran 3 miles at lunch up to Cheeseman then came back for Susan's 12:30 Yoga Class.
Nice run today, very cool in the 70's with clouds, some rain on the way. Yay, we need it.

Ran with Pete, we did the lap around Cheeseman so he kept going when I turned back.

I still have a cough from the cold, but it felt good running, only realy coughed when I stopped. Felt like I could breath better.

Got dizzy a couple of times in Yoga, but I "toughed" it out.

3 Miles 22 Minutes.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

EHS Track - 6X400

I went to the track today. Still have this cold, coughing mainly. So I did a compromise track workout. 6 400's at 800 pace, so around 88 average. With a 400 easy recover betweeen. The temperature dropped to the low 80's today, so maybe finally fall is here. Coughed a lot after the workout back at my desk. Need to shake this stupid cold so I can get back to training.

6 Miles with 1.5 miles of speed.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Wash Park 7

I ran the wash park 7 mile route today.
I caught a cold at the end of last week and have not run for 3 days. I skipped my long run I was going to do Saturday morning. I felt better today, but still coughing a lot. It was hot, like 93 in the 3rd week of September. I ran the 7 with Andre, we stopped at Startbucks off of Alemeda and got some ice water, my throat was raw from the coughing. But then we ran back a bit faster,around a 7 min mile the last half mile thanks to Andre. It was hot, I was dying. Coughed my head off when we got done.

7 Miles 53 Minutes.

Zach ran a PR 17:15 at the Liberty Bell Meet on Friday. Way to go Zach. His team took 4th in Division 1 with 2 teams from out of state ahead of them.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Y - Alameda

I ran from the Y to Alameda and back today at lunch. 6.5 Miles.

I did not do a middle 3, decided to run easy. I did catch the group (Jay, Tom and Tim) and run from Alameda back to 6th with them at their pace (6:45) for 1 1/4 miles.

Warm day. Tim got a middle 3 PR of 21:04, he's 2 weeks out from his Twin Cities Marathon and in great shape. I think he will easily meet his 3:45 goal. Jeff ran a middle 3 and is 3 weeks out from Chicago, he's in great shape too. Jay ran a solid middle 3 and is 7 weeks out from NY Marathon.

I seem to be on the verge of a having a cold. Sore throat and a nagging cough. Out of the blue, but very light.

6.5 Miles 50 Minutes with 1 1/4 at tempo.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

7th Avenue Run

Ran from the Y down 7th Avenue to Colorado and then back through Congress park. Not sure of the distance without my Garmin, so I will call it 7.

One of the rare days, running at the Y downtown and nobody else showed up. So I ran solo, which is another reason I did the different route.

Also decided not to do Yoga, I was in a running mood with the nice weather we are having and just felt like hitting the road for some easy miles.

I had a hot stones massage last night with Tara.

7 Miles 56 Minutes

I'm 46 today, on the back side of the 40's now.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

CIty Park 6 Miles

I ran to the track at lunch, unlocked it for Craig Murray and then Chipman and I ran easy around city park, on the path, off our usual route. Nice day in the park, not too hot. We talked HS cross country a lot. Dave's son is top runner for his school. And Zach is #4 for 4th ranked Smoky, so interesting perspectives. The teams meet at Dave Saunders Meet in a few weeks.

I took yesterday off to recover from the long run, felt a lot better, but didn't want to push a track workout. So easy 6. My mind and body needed it, a lot of stress at work this week.

Congratulations to Alicia, who competed in the world Olympic Triathlaon Age Group Championships in Budapest, Hungary last weekend. She got 11th in her Age Group and 2nd American.

The Epic Relay Released a video, they took a lot of my pictures from relay I posted on line and included them, so there's lots of pictures of our team. Kinda cool, they didn't ask my permission or give me credit though, wonder if they asked the Black Eyed Peas. Just kidding of course...

6 Miles 47 Minutes

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Long Run 20

Got up this morning and did a long run - 20. My last long run was 2 weeks ago and I melted in the heat, so I got up real early and was running at 6:30 am. Just as the sun was coming up. Very nice morning, crisp like September should be. Partly cloudy, temperature around 50. I wore a singlet because it would warm up before I was done for sure.

I had a very slow run. Another one. And I can't blame the heat on this one. I was even slower than 2 weeks ago. I could never really get into that long run pace. At the start I was tight, I guess from the 5k the day before. But I hydrated and got a great nights sleep.

I ran the same route as last time. The Denver Half Marathon was scheduled to start at 9:00. I ended up running several miles of the course, usually in the opposite direction. I ran through the start and finish area by the Marina just as the runners were starting to arrive around 7:30.

So 20 Miles. Not sure if I am going to do a Marathon if I cannot have a decent 20 mile long run before the taper. I have 2 more shots. My left leg is a mess from my hip,glute,hamstring and down to my heel. I feel that leg dragging and slowing me down as I run. Not everyday but on speed workouts or today on the long run.

It was a tough week. I logged 53 miles with 2 races (10 mile and a 5k) and another 12 mile day with the 20 at the end of the week and only 1 rest day (Friday). Maybe that explains my results. I might go for an easy week coming up with another 20 on Saturday.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fitness Festival 5K

Ran the Fitness Festival 5K today. 21:04. My slowest 5k in about 5 years.
I ran pretty smooth, but never got into my race pace. I probably should have warmed up. Although mile 2 was my slowest.

At about 2 1/2 miles, Zach passed me without breaking a sweat. He had started in the back and was doing a tempo run. He said "Hi Dad" as he ran past. I remember a few years ago holding back to run with him, how time flies. The rest of the varsity and a couple of the JV guys were right behind Zach and said Hi as they passed me. When I got to the last turn about 2/10 of mile from the finish, I saw this guy in a blue singlet who looked to be about my age, I really wanted to pass him. So I kicked it in, had a smooth kick and did pass him just before the finish. On my way I passed several of the smoky kids who cheered for me to kick it, that was kind of cool for a change. Didn't quite catch Zach though.

A lot of Smoky parents and all the coaches run it. The Mills and Bliven beat me. Lisa passed me at about the mile mark and pulled away, pretty sure she won her age group. She is in great shape. Jeff started ahead and cruised to a 19:40. Fun race with some good food after. We hung out a while. It was a beautiful Saturday morning. Sunny but cool for the race and warmed up after.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Around Wash Park - 9.5 Miles

I ran 9.5 Miles around Wash Park on the path from the Y today. Been a while since I ran that route. It's a nice route. I went earlier, around 11:35 so I timed it where I would see the group running the first half of the middle 3 and run back with them to the Y. So I timed it about right.

I'm running the fitness festival 5k on Saturday, so no middle 3. I did want the extra miles without the speed so this run made sense. It was warm, 85 degrees.

Chipman ran a middle 3 with Jeff, we talked high school cross country on the way back.

9.5 Miles total, 1:18:32, an easy 8:10 pace.

My weight is back down to 149.. Which is good Marathon Running weight for me. Maybe I should push for 145.

Garmin Watch Data

I went to the City Meet at 4:00 at Aurora Sports park to watch Zach and the Smoky Hill Team.

They did well. They won the city meet both boys and girls. Zach ran 18:24, finished 10th overall (4th Smoky). He made all city 2nd team. Congrats Zach. Very exciting race. All 5 Smoky scorers were in the top 12, with a score of 33.

I ended up running a couple of extra miles at the meet. From the Start over to the bridge and back a couple of times, about a half mile each way, once for the boys and once for the girls. I ran easy but that's 2 more miles. 11.5 for the day.

Link to an Article on the meet.

2010 City Meet Champs - Smoky Hill

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

3 Easy and Yoga

Ran 3 Easy today, to the Cheeseman Porta Potti and back to the Y, then went to Susan's yoga class right after. Good Class Good recovery day.

Tuesday I ran to the track and did a couple of miles easy around the track while the other guys did intervals. I was recovering from the Park to Park 10 Miler so 5 Miles total, easy.

8 easy Miles the last couple of days.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Park to Park 10 MIle Race - 1:13:20

I ran the park to park 10 miler today, Labor Day. Ran it in 1:13:21. An average performance I'd have to say. I went into the race thinking I would like to break 1:15 but not push for the sub 7 pace, not that I could have anyway.

I rode to the race with Bob, leaving my car at wash park. Then saw Jeff B, the cross country coach warming up. We chatted a bit and jogged to the start with Jay S.

It was supposed to be a windy chilly morning, but turned out perfect with no wind, but cool temperatures. Not a cloud in the sky. A great crisp Denver September morning. Fun course than runs a lot of familiar territory, city, Cheeseman and wash park plus about 3/4 of a the middle 3 route to wash park. Fun.

I started easy with a nice downhill at the race start. Got into a 7 minute pace. Jeff came up behind me and we ran together through the first water stop at mile 2.5. We were both able to carry on a conversation so we weren't pushing too hard. We talked about the meet, Zach and the team and the logistics and some of the feedback of the meet. He wanted to run sub 7 so we separated at the water and I saw him pull away from me for a while through Cheeseman. It is a hilly course in sections, no tough hills but several little ones. Road all the way, usually we run the paths in the parks so a bit different running the roads.

I felt good most of the way, some left heel pain and a bit of glute/hip tightness. No hamstring issues, that was good. About mile 4 1/2 I saw Matt on his bike, he yelled out my name. Saw him again at the finish.

I finished pretty strong and passed a lot of people that last mile in Wash Park. When I finished the announcer called out "Daniel McConnel". I saw a lot of familiar faces at the finish. Jill, Matt, Bob and Jeff B. The Smoky Hill CC team was volunteering with food so I saw all those kids plus the Mills. Lisa was coordinating the food, Bill took some pictures. Saw him on the last turn before the park. Later on I saw Lonnie from the Anadarko team. He ran a 58 and was 18th overall. 11th in his age group though. Tough age group.

Jeff B hit his goal running a 1:09 and Bob did great running a 1:08 and getting 3rd in his age group.

I was 12th in my age group and 155 overall.

We hung out for a while talking with different runners and enjoyed the food. Great food at the finish and a good band. A well organized race. A bit pricey for 10 miler but it goes to a good cause, no post race beer garden and no awards ceremony. Which we waited for because Bob placed. Then we drove back to the start where I dropped Bob at his car. It was a nice day and it was only 10:30, so plenty of time to enjoy Labor Day.

Garmin Watch Data for Race

Park to Park Race Results

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Lori Fitzgerald Pre-State Meet

The Pre-State Meet was today. I was course Marshal and was at mile 2 reading off splits mainly and trying to coordinate the other marshals and medical and keep the course clear and look for runners in trouble. Coordinated the start gun with Lisa who was on Mile 1 but ran back to see/hear the start. We could have used more people on the course and a person near the finish to better coordinate with medical but overall we did it. The meet was a success. I put Brittany and Gina at the Start of the course where the course crosses twice in two different spots, one before the finish. Also the main access for spectators so that was a very busy spot and hard to work. Coach Blivens helped them, but they had their hands full and did a great job. Could have used more people there or a better design for entering the course.

The traffic and the dust were probably the two biggest complaints. The open division was rather brutal with a 15 minute delay and so many runners in the heat and dust. We had a lot of medical calls and runners dropping out, nothing serious but it was tough on some of them. It's a tough course. It was impressive from my vantage point on mile two to see the wave starts and the runners coming down the hill in the distance, like a herd of buffalo on the plains.

The Smoky Hill Boys did well. They finished 4th with 41 schools in their division. Exceeding expectations. Zach ran very strong. He ran a PR 18:16 and finished 4th for Smoky. 67th overall. He passed a lot of people on the last 1/2 mile and finished really strong. I am very proud of him.

Zach coming down from Powerline Hill Climb, 2.5 Miles into the Race

I didn't really run today. Jogged to my position on mile 2 and a little here and there, mainly standing for about 4 hours at mile 2. Very proud of the Smoky Hill coaches and parents and what they did, with so few people. Lot of lessons learned and things we can do different next time, but overall great job. After the meet we cleared the course and left the fairgrounds clean. Lot of work but fun.

Gina, Dennis, Brittany and Zach
In the Tent after the meet, Marshall Shirts

Lori Fitzgerald Pre-State Cross Country Meet Results

Aurora Sentinel Article on Meet

Friday, September 3, 2010

Pre State Course - 5 Miles

I ran 5 Miles on the Pre-State Cross Country Course today. Did the course once then tacked on another couple of miles. The course is at the Arapahoe County Fairgrounds. I worked a half day at home, then went out and ran the course then stayed till about 5:30 to help them mark the course for the pre-state meet tomorrow.

It's a tough course. I ran it in 24:24. Not racing or tempo, but faster than normal pace. Some tough hills including the powerline hills. I ran it before it was marked so when I helped mark it I knew some places too cone or rope off to keep the runners from going astray.

It was hot, mid 80's. Interesting and kind of fun setting up the course with fencing, cones, flags.

The meet tomorrow is huge for Colorado Cross Country. 130 Schools, 2000 runners. 6 Varsity waves and 2 open waves. 9:30 - 12:35. Zach runs at 11:30 in the 5A Boys Heat.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Middle 3

Ran the Middle 3 at lunch today. 18:53.
It was a cool day with temperatures in the 60's and clouds. Feeling very fall-like or is it fall-ish.

Had a good race today with Jeff, I got a slight lead but he hung with me and caught me at the lights, the second half we ran together with him leading a bit the last 1/2 mile and then finishing together. It was fun, Jeff is back in shape and it did not take him long. Reminded me of the old days. Glad Jeff pushed me today or I might have ended my sub 19 streak. I would say I ran comfortably hard with a couple of tweaks in the hamstring. Ran a negative split 9:38 out and 9;15 back.

Jay did a middle 3 also, he was right with us half way and then faded back a bit, running around a 21 (analog time).

Craig M did a middle 4.8, he's looking good for the Denver Marathon next month.

I also signed up for the Park to Park on Monday - Labor Day. 10 Mile Race

Garmin Watch Data for Middle 3

7 Miles with 3 at Tempo 50:38 Total