Monday, April 6, 2009

Wash Park 7

Ran to Wash Park with the group, good pace, picked it up in spots, but slowed down in spots. Th group was spread out with some fresh legs wanting to go faster and some in no hurry and me in the middle of those 2 groups. Calf did good but can still feel something there.
Warmed up today and the Sun came out. Mid 40's with no wind.

7 Miles 53:19

Big group today Matt, Andre, Craig C, Tom, Dave C, Chipman, Dan and myself.

Dan says it's been since September since he ran. He stayed with us to Cheesman then turned off. He said he made it ok but he won't be ready to run til May.

Haven't seen Chipman in a while. He holds the Middle 3 record of 15:45 set 10 years ago. He doesn't run with the group much except when he wants to get in shape, lose weight or train for a race and then he gets shape really quick. Former BYU Mile'r with a sub 4:00 minute mile. Talked to him about joining our Super Relay team.

Dave C. turned off at Colfax, I guess he stopped to talk to his wife and we never saw him again. I must have ran right past her and didn't realize, still haven't met her or seen her. I didn't know until later that's what happened.

We picked up the pace the last mile back to the Y, led by Tom. I held back some, but couldn't resist hanging on. 6:51 last mile, Calf did OK.

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