Sunday, August 2, 2009

Long Run 20

Got up early and ran a long run. Left the house about 6:15. Wish I would have made it by 6 cause it got hot when I finished about 3 hours later.

I felt good today,no hip issues and no calf issues. Hardly noticed the hip (yes), calfs were good too. I started slow and stayed there. I used my Garmin to stay between an 8:30 and 9:00 pace the whole way. About a minute over my goal marathon pace. 8:44 overall.

It got up to 90 today, but only around 75 when I finished my run. The last 2 miles were a death march in the sun, hot, uphill and fatigued. Good training.

The Tri for the cure race was going on when I ran through the park over by the Marina. It just started at 7, so everyone was in the water or waiting for their wave to start when I went through. Just had to dodge a lot of spectators on the path walking down from the parking areas.

I ran on the other side of the Dam over to Kennedy, then down the trail toward downtown. I figured the turn around point for 20 was at 12 (actually it was 11.93 so I ended up 20.15). I took a Gu every 5 miles about, and an extra one with 2 miles to go. I needed it.

Good run, nice to get a 20 in, need a few more before the Marathon. Encouraged by the way I felt after.

Garmin Watch Data

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