Monday, August 24, 2009

Wash Park 7

Ran the wash park route today. Cloudy, cooler but humid.
Ran with Andre, Bob B, Pete C and Craig C.
Jeff, Matt, Jay and Craig M did Cheesman, but they get a pass due to the long run yesterday.

Good run, not as fast as last week for sure, and did not fall for the South African Slip.

I was a bit sore from yesterday, but not bad and no injury soreness (Yes!).

Garmin Data from Today's run

Jeff sent out the relay leg assignments last night, so there was a lot of relay buzz in the group.

Less than 3 weeks away.

Mapping out my schedule for the week, looks like I'm doing my big downhill Mountain run on Sunday. Trying to decide between 23 and 25... From Loveland Ski area or the Herman's Gulch Trail head. From 10,500 down to 7,500, about 300 more feet tha st george over a shorter distance. Of course the start/end Altitude is hugely different.

Weighed in at 155 at the Y today. First time in a while, need to drop down to be around 150 for the marathon. 5 pounds in 5 weeks. Tough.


  1. So what do those leg assignments look like? What short straw did you pull? I still have one advantage on you ...... 135 lbs.

  2. I just posted our team lineups and leg assignents on the pickled prostates web site.

    135? Really?

    Do you have to put rocks in your pockets when you run on a windy day?