Sunday, August 9, 2009

Recover Day - A walk in the park

Gina and I and Lisa and Greg took our dogs for a walk this morning. 5 Dogs. Levi, Lucy, Foster, Rosie and Hercules.

They picked walk #13 from Lisa's Colorado Dog walk book (which is from 2001). When Gina described the walk to me, my response was "Why do I get to go on the lame one?". She called me a pessimist. She sat out to prove that I was wrong and this would not be a lame dog walk...

The walk was from the Aurora Botanical Flower Garden along the Aurora portion of the Highline Canal near 225 and 6th avenue just off Potomac. I was right, it was very lame. The Garden was tiny and filled with weeds. The walk was boring scenery, next to swamp water and hot with no shade or running water lakes or ponds.

We probably walked about 3 miles, to Delmar Park and back (also lame). The most exciting part was some of the strange things people had in their back yards as we walked past. Very North Aurora-ish. I was thinking how lucky I am to have some of the places to run near my home, if I had to run out there, I would probably lose interest quick.

Still you don't know what something is going to be until you do it, so that one is checked off their list. It was nice to stretch the legs and spend some time with them. They usually do these walks when I'm either at work or running.

After the walk we took a picture in the "garden" with the dogs, next to the Edward Scissor Hands Reindeer.

Dennis, Lucy, Gina, Roxie,Levi (hidden), Hercules, Greg and Foster
Lisa taking picture.

Afterwards, we finished the landscape project and we had a dog party for friends and neighbors, Gina's idea. At 3, we had about 9 dogs over and 31 people and had hot dogs and beer and wine. It was fun.

Quads felt good for the day after gtown and no blisters, hip was a bit sore...
Good rest day.

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