Saturday, August 15, 2009

Long Run - 20

Ran 20 through CC Park around the Dam and Over to the CC Bike Path to almost Illif, same route as 2 weeks ago.

Good Run, I felt better and my pace was about 20 seconds per mile on average faster than 2 weeks ago on the same route. It was cooler, I ran about the same time of day.

Averaged 8:25, about 45 seconds over Marathon goal pace. Mile 19 was over 9 because of the huge hill and fatigue, the rest were pretty much between 8:15 - 8:45, with a couple of fast downhill ones. This route is pretty hilly, which is good.

No problems with hips or Calfs. Took an Ice bath after.

Nice day for a run. I could see pikes peak several places during the run and I thought of my friends running the Ascent today. Jill, Jay, Matt, Craig and Bob. I said a little runners prayer for them. I'm sure they did great. I'll look up and post their results on the web site.

A wee bit of regret I wasn't running with them, but feel good about my long run and think I will recover quick.

20 Miles 2:48:26

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  1. Great job on your long run, Dennis. You gotta be reaping in relief about that and finally ready to concentrate on StG!

    I thought about you not running with us, too...but remembered you crazily sigining up for the full and would be out there right now and really not with us yesterday ;). Ha. I'm glad you opted not to run and potentially mess up your leg more.

    I am anxious to see how every's fall marathons go. I didn't realize Jay has never done one. Busy fall for you Prostates!