Friday, July 31, 2009

City Park Golf Course 7

Ran the city park golf course 7 mile route today. Andre and Pete C ran it also. Craig and George joined us for part and ran the duck pond.

Was warmer today and some sun, but not too hot.
Nice route, haven't done it in a while.
My favorite part is the last mile and a half down 17th. We run past a lot of outdoor cafes where people are outside having lunch when it's nice out. We call them cafe people. Fun running past them, we joked about grabbing some food off their plates. I told Andre I'd go for a beer on the run.

Felt the hip the whole way, but not bad pain, just annoying. First back to back 7 mile days in a while.

Back at the Y Andre asked me about my stretching and the calfs and told me I should go see Mark Plaatjes, he's been telling me that since Denver Marathon last year. He was critiquing my stretching when Paul came back from his run. I told Paul Andre was having a stretching clinic. Andres going to Austria on vacation for a couple of weeks.

Off day tomorrow and then 20 on Sunday morning early because it's supposed to be hot again.

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