Sunday, August 23, 2009

Boulder Resevoir Run

Group Long Run at the Boulder Resevoir today, group met at Steve Canne's house at 8. For future reference, that is too late to start in August, it got very warm the last hour of the run.

7 of us. Steve C, Craig M, Pete M, Matt, Jay, Jeff and myself.

Pete M and I drove to the other side of 36 just after the trail tunnel, parked and waited for the group, that cut 2 miles off the front and end of the run. I wanted 13 miles and that's what I did. Most of the other guys were looking for 18-20 since it was there long run weekend, training for Marathons.

When the group met Pete and I, they were warmed up and we did a pretty good pace for a while on the back roads and into the resevoir. Matt led the way, setting the pace for his marathon goal of 3:10. At some points we were running 7:30. Some of the guys dropped back a bit, so there were a couple of points where the lead group circled back. I didn't circle back though wanting to limit my mileage this run.

A couple of dramatic points in the run. A couple of guys stopped at a bathroom and the rest of the group waited, then I looked up and about 4 guys were running ahead. I thought wow, what's up with that as they turned the corner, so I ran after them to bridge the gap between the two groups, turns out they all headed to the bushes for a pit stop, it was funny. Jay was in a ditch and Steve was at the side of the road. Then a lady came running by, so obvious what they were doing.

Another point when we were heading back on a dirt road, just beyond the Resevoir gate, we were running and chatting and some bikes were coming up ahead, when all of a sudden I hear bike brakes and cussing and Jeff starts yelling, I turn around and a bike rider almost took out Craig M, who had moved wide to let the bikes coming in front through, didn't think about there being a bike behind him. Jeff and Pete go off on this bike rider about not saying anything and almost taking Craig out, the bike rider was yelling back. Craig M says it's OK it was my fault, everyone calms down and the bike rider takes off.

Another kinda funny thing that happened was when we were at Steve's house waiting for the rest of the group (I picked up Craig M on my way). Steve was upstairs getting ready when a kid comes up to the door (it's 8 in the morning) and want's to see Steve's Son becasue he wants his money. Luckily Craig didn't let him in till Steve got down and then there was some discussion about the kid going away and not coming back and calling the cops and the parents. The kid got really mad and started screaming, but finally left. Made for a bizarre start.

The last hour got really hot, as you can see from the Garmin data it was uphill on trail for the most part, pace really slowed for everyone. Although Matt and Craig were ahead and looked pretty strong.

So when we got back to the parking lot, Pete M had to leave, I only had 12.25 miles on my Garmin, so I ran with Jay up to the start of the big hill back to Steve's and back to the parking lot. Then I drove back to Steve's house and waited in the shade tree for the group.

Jeff, Craig and Matt did another mile around the lake after stopping for water. Matt did 2 laps to get close to 19. Jay and Steve were done when they got back.

We sat around and talked about running and even had a beer in the shade, it was a good running day.

Garmin Watch Data from Run

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