Saturday, August 22, 2009

Blog Catch Up

OK, Mark's right I haven't blogged since Tuesday and it's Saturday.

No, thank god, I'm not hurt again, in fact I am starting to feel pretty good and like I am getting in shape (knock on wood).

Here's a recap.

Wednesday. Rest Day, Went to the Y, rowed, did some weights and a pretty intense yoga session with a substitute teacher.

Thursday: Took the day off work to take Brittany to UNC. Good Luck Brittany, miss you!
Got up early before we left and did a 7:00 tempo run from the house through CC Park. 1 1/2 Easy, 5 at tempo and 1 1/2 easy. Had to slow down through part of the tempo because of construction on the trail. Didn't go quite as fast as I had planned.

Friday: City Park Golf Course Loop with Pete C, Craig(s) went the duck pond. Pete picked up the pace for a bit for about a mile and a half or so. Good Run, nice day. Sunny but not too hot.

Garmin Data from Friday's Run

Saturday: Rest day, Stretching and did yoga for a bit around the house.

Tomorrow we have a group run at Bolder Reservoir, I'm picking up Craig Murray about 5 till 7 just off I25 and Yale, meeting at Steve Cannes house.

Congratulations to some friends...

Alicia placed 10th at the Triathlon Nationals in Tuscaloosa Alabama today. She qualifies for worlds in Budapest, Hungary next year. Congratulations Alicia. It was a tough race with a fierce river current, dead catfish and swimmers going nowhere fast.

Jill ran the Park City Utah Marathon today. In the last 3 weeks she's done Georgetown, Pikes Peak and now a Marathon, her 2nd Marathon this year with 1 more in about 6 weeks. Great Job Jill.

OK, I think I'm caught up now....

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