Wednesday, August 5, 2009

On the mat again...

I went to Yoga today for the first time in over 2 years (June 2007). I used to do it regularily 3 hours a week (2 classes and some at home). But Shanon my favorite Yoga teacher left the Y so I stopped for a while and then just never went back. With all the injuries and the advice from others and what I'm reading. I decided it was time.

There's a 12:30 class Yoga for Athletes that's an hour. It's later than I'd like but I think I can work it in my schedule since wednesday is usally a rest day from running.

Sharon teaches the class and I liked it. It's an intermediate class, and I should probably start with a beginner class to get the basics back. I was a bit intemidated, since it had been so long. I didn't know if I could keep up. I was a bit behind at first but then came back to me. I could almost anticipate the next pose. I knew I had lost a lot of flexibility and balance, but wow, some of the poses we did, I used to be able to hold for a long time and balance. The room was hot and with my "Yoga fitness level" at a low, I was sweating a bit. Sharon made a point to ask me my name (guess the rest of the class were regulars) and was very good about helping me when I needed it and even complimented me a couple of times.

Before Yoga, I went to the Y at the normal time and did the bike and some weights before class.

I feel OK following my intervals yesterday. Definately needed a break today though. I need to stay active on the ice/massage and strecthing.

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