Monday, August 3, 2009

Congress Park 5

Recover run today. The day after a 20. I felt like I could run (easy). Was not going to let the fresh leg Monday guys sweep me in.

We did Congress Park 5, which is about what I wanted. It was hot 95 on the way out 96 on the way back (according to Colfax).

Tom, Pete C and Craig M started out, then About 7th and York Mark Brown was with us for the rest of the way.

Mark had done the Evergreen Town Race the day before and did a sub 40 minute 10k (a goal of mine). He did 39:58, got second in his age group and 19th overall. He is really tearing it up this year, he's ready for a 60 mile week this week too. Way to go Mark, good job, keep it up.

Marks looking for 3 runners on his realy team, if you know of anyone interested let me know. Looks like our 2 teams are out of alternates also...

5 Miles 41:17

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