Sunday, August 30, 2009

Long Run - 23 Miles

Ran 23 today. Trying to simulate St. George.

Ran from Mile Marker 218 off I-70 down to Idaho Springs. 2800 elevation drop from 10,300 down to 7,500.

Felt good most of the way. Real cool and nice thrrough about 15 miles, then the sun got out and the miles started adding up. At 20, everything started hurting, but I pushed through for 23.

Garmin Watch Data from Run

Nice course if you like downhill.

Thanks to JIll for dropping me off and the support. She run an out and back 13 up the frontage road while I was running down.

23 Miles 3:09:47, 8:15 pace


  1. Great run, Dennis. Very happy your injuries are remaining silent as of late!