Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Track Intervals

Went to the track tonight. 6x800 (254-305) 1 X 400 @84

Went after work around 8. Ran an easy mile from my house through the Laredo Middle school track and then over to smoky high school track for a lap. Smoky was crowded and the sprinklers were spraying the track, so I ran back over to laredo which only had a couple of people on the track, although it picked up a bit before dark.

Felt good to be back on the track, but not so good actually running the intervals. I've lost a lot of conditioning over the last two months. Last time on the track was 6/30 for intervals. I was able to run under 3 for most of the 800's but took a longer recover time, lost focus a couple of times and when it got dark I couldn't see my watch and was tanked anyway so had a couple just over 3. The one 400 was because I started an 800 too soon, so I cut it off. That was on the 2nd one.

Total Miles 5.5 3.25 at speed and then a lot of walking after.

On the way home, I accidently scared my neighbor Karen who was watering her plants at 9:45 at night. She screamed and almost sprayed me with the hose. We had a good laugh.

Earlier in the day, I went to the Y at lunch and did some cross training Bike, Row, Stretch and Abs. Felt good, not hard on anthing wanted to save myself for the track.

After the track workout, Jill ran over and we walked around talking about her vacation and our training and upcoming schedules. She's just back from a vacation to Michigan for 2 weeks. Where she did a lot of running. She had a 64 mile week and ran the Bix 7 race with a PR. Way to go Jill.

We might run Georgetown together this weekend if it works out for me. Depending on how I recover from this workout and if I can clear my Saturday morning.

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