Monday, August 17, 2009

Wash Park 7

Ran the Wash Park 7 Mile run today

Big group today. Due to the Pikes Peak Runners and stories, people back from vacation and Jeff sending out the word to the relay team members to meet on Mondays if you want to meet your teammates.

Matt, Craig, Bob B, Howard and Abby were their today from the 2nd team. I met Howard for the first time, although I've seen him at the Y for years. Abby met us at Cheesman. Jeff introduced everyone and then we split up going 4, 5 and 7 mile groups.

Jay, Jeff, Andre, Tom and Myself make 10. Still not sure if Tom's on our relay team or not.

Andre, Bob and myself went the Wash Park 7. Coming off a day of rest I felt good and I knew Bob likes to push the pace so I was up for it today. Also wanted to give Andre some 7 mile up tempo smack to pay him back, since he was coming off a 2 week vacation in Austria...:)

So at the middle 3 point we picked it up to about a 7:30 pace. Andre started to fade. Bob and I kept on to about a 7:15 going uphill. Andre fell back some, Bob said he wanted to circle back to him, so he did. Then surged ahead of me just at the turn around. Then Circled around again to "check on Andre" who was not that far behind. I pushed it on the downhills training for the relay and st george and the last I saw them they were behind me headed down the hill toward Speer.

I finished at the middle 3 point and waited for them (as is our courtesy). I thought maybe a minute back depending on the Speer light. Waited 5 minutes and didn't see them. I thought, either they took the bike path back to the Y or they are hurt. Thought about running back to Speer, but decided they probably took the bike path.

I kept up the pace back to the Y and was streching outside when I saw Tom and he said Andre was inside in the locker room. So I found him and said where did you go? He said where did you go, you took off fast. I said I waited at 6th and Franklin and he started laughing and said, "oh yeah, we missed the turn so we came back a block early - Humboldt. "

We laughed about it, I told him I was going to think of a name for that trick and I came up with the South African Slip. I might have to put up a prostates post warning the other guys about that move, using Bob as a rabbit decoy.

Garmin Data for Run

7 Miles 51:49

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