Monday, August 31, 2009

Cheesman 4

Ran the Cheesman 4 mile with the group today. Dave, Craig, Jay and Andy. The other half the group went on to Wash Park.

I was sore from yesterday, but not too sore and just wanted something to loosen up and get some miles, plus talk some relay stuff with the guys.

Met one of the guys on the 2nd relay team, Andy who is at the Y, but I had never met him before.

Funny story about that. I ran with Andy and we talked a bit and then afterwards some, he went into the Y and I stayed out to stretch some. Then after my shower I was talking to Lamar and this other guy who I didn't know as we were dressing. Then as I was leaving this other guy says something about running in the Colorado relay in a couple of weeks. I said "oh your running the relay what's your team name?" He looks at me funny and says "Somewhat Pickled". I said really, I'm Dennis on the pickled team what's your name? "Andy". Turns out it was the same Andy I had just run 4 miles with and talked to, didn't recognize him in work clothes without a hat and with glasses. How embarassing...

4 Miles - 32:55

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