Monday, August 10, 2009

Wash Park 7

Ran the wash park 7 mile run today.
Most of the group (craig(s), Jeff, Scott, Pete) did Congress.

Bob B and I did the Wash Park 7. We took up the pace a notch from 6th and Franklin.
Bob is a quality over quantity guy. Usually only runs 3 days a week but quality workouts, speed, tempo, long runs. Will run 4 sometimes but never 5 or more. He runs with our group ocaisionally because our group pace is a bit slow for his quality workout.

He told me a good story about his PR marathon which was in Denver last year (my nightmare marathon). He did it at the last minute and just showed up and ran it care free. He had done a poor Boulder back roads two weeks before.

I messed up my Garmin on the way back at Colfax, so it's about a mile off.

Garmin Watch Data

7 Miles 53 minues

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