Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cheesman Intevals - 6 X 1/2 Mile

Ran Intervals at Cheesman Park today. 6 X 1/2 Mile with a range of 2:49-2:59.

Chose Cheesman over the MHS Track due to time constraints and other runners.

Pete, Tom, Scott, Craig and Myself. Pete, Scott and Craig did 3 intervals.
Tom Joined me for a 4th. I was solo on the last two and it showed in my splits.

On the way back it got real dark, cloudy, lightning and started to rain. It rained harder and harder the closer I got to the Y, mixed in with some hail. So I ran faster. Didn't time the last mile, but I was definately up tempo. I was soaked by the time I got to the Y. Lots of people in the lobby waiting for the rain to stop.

Today's relay news is Tom is back in the relay after a boy scout cancellation.

I had accupuncture at 2:30 with Allison. She worked on my calfs (which are starting to tighten up with the increased miles, long runs and speed work). She also worked on my right hip, which is doing much better, but could use some treatment. Asked her about my left heel and she said it is too sensitive to treat the bottom with needles, she recommends ultra sound to break up the scar tissue there. Good to know for people with Plantar issues, she did put some needles around there for the calf / achilees region. One of them really zapped me.

I felt the needles more today than I ever have, not sure if I'm more sensitive or the speed work brought it out of me. A few of them really zinged, especially in the right calf. Felt it in my hip too. She put one in my lower back around my kidney that hurt like I never felt before, but settled down after a bit. Then she applied the juice, just to the right for about 5 minutes then to both for about 30 minutes or so. I think I fell asleep twice.

So my calfs are sore from the treatment, but that's common and should feel great in about 24 hours.

7 Miles - 52 Minutes or so

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  1. No blog since Tuesday. Are you hurt? I hope not! Mark