Thursday, August 27, 2009

Middle 3

Ran the middle 3 today. 18:50. Not much improvement over 2 weeks ago.
Started out good, the 3rd half mile split was slow, 3:22, not sure what happened, lost focus or the fast climb up the hill took it out of me. 3:09 for the 4th split. I found myself lose focus a couple of times. 1 traffic stop. It was 80 and sunny, warm but not too hot.

Craig M ran it and beat me by about 20 seconds. Jeff, Jay and Pete ran it also. Craig C was late so he ran a middle 2.

I took the pace up a notch the last 3/4 mile back to the Y. Downhill, ran about a 6:35 pace with a strong finish.

Legs feel good, but my goal was under 18:30 for today.

Garmin Watch Data for Middle 3

7 Miles 50 Minutes

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