Tuesday, August 25, 2009

MHS Track Intevals

Went to the MHS track at lunch today for Intervals.

Jeff, Pete C and Craig C went also.

I had a 1:30 meeting, so we did 5 X 800 and then did a half mile interval on the way back (last half mile to the Y though it was short).

Felt good on the track again, it was a cool day, but humid, so lots of sweat. Like Craig said, it's a good day to weigh in when you get back.

Range was 249-256 average 254. The 249 was giving the guys a head start and then chasing them down.

Long Massage tonight and a cross train day tomorrow.

In response to Mark's comment.

I got legs 4,14, 24 again for the Relay. Guanella pass downhill. It's one of my favorite runs ever. 8 miles with 2000 elevation drop, a fast run for me. The vail run is OK (14) and then the Canyon run (24) is really pretty at sunrise if we hit it like we did last year. 18.8 miles total, which is perfect training for my Marathon.

But with Guanella closed, I'm afraid they will change the course and who knows what I'll end up running.

Our Two Teams with the leg assignments are posted here...

7.5 Miles with 3 Miles Speed work. 1 Hour

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