Tuesday, September 1, 2009

MHS Track Intevals 7X800

Did 6 X 800 on the Manual High School track at lunch. Then did another interval on the last 1/2 mile back to the Y.

Range was 2:55 - 2:57 on the 800's. I was still sore from Sunday's run, I was able to hit the time I wanted, but my recovery between intervals got longer and longer. Jeff did the same workout and his recover was about 2 minutes where mine was reaching 4 between each 800.

Craig M was there and did 5 800's at a bit faster pace. Pete C and Craig C were there too. Tom did a couple of 800's and left. Scott went to the track and back. So it was a good group at the start. I was the last one back by myself, felt good on the last 1/2 mile interval, but I was spent when I was done. Need a rest day for sure.

No excuses, but it was really smoky / hazy today due to the California wild fires smoke reaching Denver. Made for a pretty sunrise, but I'm sure it impacts the oxygen flow somewhat.

8 Miles, 3.5 Speed Work.

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