Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Too Little Too Late - Tuesday

No workout today, didn't even go to the Y or even do anything at home after work. Felt very lethargic all day. Legs still hurt and fatigue I assume from Sunday's run. Maybe allergies kicked in, maybe overtrained.

I've had days like this before, just out of the blue, drained and usually bounce back the next day (unless it's the flu or something, yikes, do not want).

The cold (below 30) and the snow after such great weather lately did not help either. Plus work kept me busy. OK enough excuses.

I was planning on mixing up my running schedule this week anyway, so here it is.

Need to sign up for the Pikes Peak Marathon tomorrow. The way I feel today, it might as well be the "Run to the Moon Ultra-Marathon", it seem that implausible to run up Pikes Peak and back down the way I feel.

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