Friday, March 27, 2009

Thawing Out

It snowed all night, probably got about 12 inches at my house. I worked at home again. The sun came out and it got nice in the afternoon and everything started melting quick. I took the dogs out for a long walk and let them run in the fields. I walked around but there were some big drifts still.

I also did another round of shoveling for 30 minutes this morning. But it looks like the sun would have melted the pavement in the front any way. At least it's some excercise and got more moisture on the lawn..

I'm ready to test my calf tomorrow, I'll go for a 3 mile easy run and if it hurts or tightens up, I will stop and stretch and walk if need be. I've gone 6 days without running since Moab. I can feel myself getting fat, although I haven't weighed. One thing about working at home, I noticed I don't eat as much as in the office. Out of my routine and not a bag of lunch and snacks next to me all day...

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