Monday, March 16, 2009

Rest Day - Recover???

No run today. Needed to rest my calf, hope that it heals as much as possible before Saturday's race. I went to the Y to stretch and do some abs and weights. I got there about the time the group was gathering for the lunch run. I enjoy the group runs after a race, hearing or telling the stories or excuses, one of my funnest days to run. Especially when Craig C is there, he never lets anyone slide away from a bad race. As Carlos used to say, "You gotta show up to defend yourself" It really stung not being able to go along today and join in. The good weather just added insult #2 to injury.

I talked to Scott H a bit while stretching, he told me he had a really bad behind the knee type tear last week, that turned black and blue and was swollen. He thought he was done for Moab but it cleared up in a couple of days and he's fine now. I think he has miracle healing powers though, maybe a fountain of youth somewhere.

When I walked from the Y back to my office it felt better. I will stretch some more tonight, maybe ice and heat and evaluate tomorrow. Would like to get 2 runs in before Moab in the next 3 days. I have a massage scheduled tomorrow night.

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