Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patricks Day - Another Rest Day

No run today. Went to the Y and did a quick stretch, abs weights workout because I had to be back at work for a 1:00 meeting. My calf feels better, massage tonight and we'll see how it is tomorrow. Frustrating, instead of enjoying my taper, I am fixated on my calf. On the upside my legs are feeling fresh for the first time in a while.

Jeff sent out an email to a bunch of runners on our relay team, past present and future. Giving the options for forming 2 relay teams, 1 super team and 1 normal team. Or 1 traditional team (last years team) and 1 team of whoever else is interested. Asking everyone to vote. I get 4 votes, 1 for each year. Interesting to see how it will turn out. Jeff said he would captain both teams.

Happy St. Patricks day, no drinking for me today, I am off Alcohol the week before Moab. Not sure if it makes a difference, this far from a half marathon. Some people I know don't drink for like a month before a Marathon (I've done that) and some even take it to the extreme 6 months. Alcohol and running don't mix well for a lot of reasons, dehydration, weight gain, energy depletion and slowing recovery, but I think as long has you hydrate and do not go to extremes it will not impact your race (unless it's the night before). Most runners I know drink beer (carbos) and the post race beer is the best, I find wine, really dehydrates me and gives me dead legs the next day. Craig C. even drinks beer during the Colorado Relay. He's old school.

I am Irish by the way, so it's not like I'm sterotyping the Irish for drinking on St. Patrick's day.

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