Tuesday, March 3, 2009

MHS Intervals

Interval Workout today. Left the Y at 12:15. Jeff went with me.
We ran to the MHS Track and Jeff did a couple of 800's with me then took it up tempo back to the Y so he could get back to a seminar.

I stayed and did a total of 7X800 253-256 range (very consistent at 2:56 today 6 of 7).
It was warm, in the 70's and sunny. It was kinda windy, which is annoying on a track (tail wind, side wind, head wind). Nobody around, just me after Jeff left.

Found out later the other Moab guys were at Cheesman doing intervals at the normal time.

This makes 6 days in a row with 3 speed workouts and a long run, so my legs are dead. I was happy to get them all in under 3 minutes and did 7 instead of 6. I am ready for a massage tonight, a good nights sleep and a day off running.

18 Days to Moab, I have been working hard, I better see some results....


  1. Saw some of the others at Cheesman on my way back from the long loop around Wash Park. Great day! So where do you go for this massage? Sounds like something I should start doing as Craig C. told me it keeps getting tougher with age. Nice intervals....may have to join you in a few weeks!

  2. Elements Massage off of Parker and Orchard about 2 minutes from my house so it's convenient, but I also have a great masseuse, Tara, I would recommend. Tell her your a runner and your legs are sore and she will take it from there.

    Yeah, join us at the track on Tuesday and share the fun! 12:10 until the kids are out. Don't forget the Bannister Mile is around the corner.