Saturday, March 28, 2009

3 Easy Crestline Loop

Ran 3 easy around Piney Creek, the Cresline Loop route. I stretched before and started out slow and kept it easy. No pain or stiffness where I pulled my calf last week (7 days ago today at Moab). But that leg was sore around my ankle/heel and also on the other side of the calf. I am guessing it is from running 6.8 miles after pulling my calf, since I altered my gait.

Feels good to be running again, we'll see how I feel tomorrow, I might go to every other day until it is 100% or might do another short easy run

3 Miles 24:55

After my run I took the dogs for a 2 mile walk to the fields on the other side of the high school and then back home the long way. Felt good to walk after.
Still some snow on the fields, dogs had fun, I let them run a bit.

Garmin Watch data for today's run

Garmin Watch data for Dog Walk

Levi and Lucy overlooking the SHHS fields during today's post run - walk.

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