Saturday, March 7, 2009

Rest Day

Rest Day from running. I did get out and walk the dogs for about a mile and a half. Gina had to work today, so I did a bunch of stuff around the house (10 items on my to do list).

I took Zach over to Runners Roost to get some new running trainer shoes and some spikes for the track. They have a package special for high school track, where if you buy trainers and spikes you get half off the spikes, 3 pack of running socks and a bag. Zach talked him into trading the bag for more socks. Zach also wears down under inserts. I used my 3rd place in my division award coupon from last weeks race to get $5 off of those and some Gu. Not bad for $175, probably saved about $40 total. Zach is running the mile and maybe a relay for JV, he's in 9th grade at Smoky Hill High School.

When we got home, Zach went for a 4 mile run around the neighborhood with a friend of his who is also in track. I let him use the Garmin and the HRM. His Max heart rate jumped to 209 at the finish. Oh to be young again...

Garmin watch data for Zach's Run

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