Monday, March 16, 2009

Running of the Green - 7k

Ran the Running of the Green, the Downtown Denver St. Patrick's day race, Lucky 7k 4.3 Miles in 28:27. About a minute slower than my prediction from yesterday. As it turned out, I am surprised it was that close.

A little past 2 miles into the race my right calf popped, pulled something. It slowed my stride a bit and crushed my spirit. I was able to run through and finish the race, but I could feel it the rest of the way. All I could think about was Moab and how this was supposed to just be a tune up race and now it might impact my Moab race and time. Not sure how bad it is, I think it is similar to what I had in Early January, took about a week to heal and then I ran a pretty good 10 mile race a week after that. I only have 5 days though.

It was a really nice day. I wore a muscle shirt. I was really cold in the shadow's of Lodo waiting for the race to start. I rode with Jill and her boys (Brendon and Ryan) who also ran it. We got there a little late and had to park a ways away, one of Jill's friends followed us to the race, their first race ever. I knew it would be close to the start of the race if I picked up my packet and came back to the car, so I didn't take any extra clothes. By the time I got my packet and used the porta potti I only had 10 minutes before the start of the race, but it was a cold 10 minutes.

I started the race a bit slow, there were a lot of people there and I should have gotten closer to the start, the first few blocks I got caught behind packs of runners and had to dart and dodge to find a clearing. I finally got into a pace but was still slower than the 6:20 I was expecting. My legs were tight as usual. My right calf was tight, but I didn't think it would pop like it did. The first 2 miles have a lot of rolling hills and a pretty good uphill, it was right after the 2nd mile mark as you turn and back toward the start.

After my calf popped, I actually relaxed a bit in my legs. I held a decent pace 6:30. Steve Cavalli ran up beside me and we ran together for about a half mile. He pulled away from me and finished a couple of blocks ahead of me by the time we got to the end.

After the race it wasn't too bad for a while, I saw Jay S, Bob M and Bob ? at the end. I got some food, chocolate milk and of course a beer. Went back to the start and found Jay and Jill, hung out a bit, got my shirt and went back to Jill's car to drop off my stuff and get her camera and phone. When I got back about 30 minutes later, it was a total mob scene especially around the beer. I eventually found Jill and her boys and then we went to get a beer, which was really crazy. Somehow we saw Jay and his friends and one of them got Jill a beer.

So we hung out in the sun a bit and talked about running and stuff, Jill's other friend Jim and his family came by. Just as we were getting ready to leave, Jill's husband John and Abbey were there. Since I had to get back home, 12:30 by then. Jill let me take her car back home and she stayed with her family and friends and made a day of it.

Jill, Jay and Dennis on the edge of the Beer Mob after the Race.
Notice how Dennis does NOT have a beer. What's wrong with this picture?

Garmin Watch Data for Running of the Green

Overall, I'd have to say it was a "bad race" because of the calf injury (another one) and being so close to Moab. If I could have a "redo" on the day. I would have skipped the race, but that's running I guess and it was a fun day otherwise and the weather was really good for Mid March in Denver, got lots of sun today.

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  1. Sorry about the calf injury! Your Garmin had the course over a tenth of a mile short, I showed the same thing when I ran it in 2008.