Thursday, March 5, 2009

Middle 3 Thursday

18:57 on the Middle 3 today. I felt kinda average, not fast, but not slow, wanted to break 18:30 but not to be today. Legs were still tight from Tuesday's track, but that is normal. It wasn't that long ago that breaking 19 would have made me ecstatic.

Craig C and Jay ran it also, we were all a little slower than last week. I noticed Jay did not have that hacking/gagging noise when he finished today, it's become a trademark for him at the end of a race or run.

I didn't have Craig M to push me today. He went for a Middle 4 to start training for Colfax.
We ran back together. I did pick it up a half mile from the Y to work on my Half Marathon kick.

Eric showed up when were were done with the middle 3 part. He was going to run it but didn't have a watch. Would have been fun to see where he was in relation to me. He can usually show up out of shape and run around 18, I think he might actually be in shape (he told me yesterday at the Y he logged 100 miles in February). He is one of the few of us that ran in College. He ran Cross Country for Tulsa. He weighs about 140 and runs without effort it seems.

Maybe next week, we can race, but with the running of green, I might skip next week's middle 3 and save it for the 4.7 mile race on Sunday.

Nice, windy, Sunny, 65 degrees.
I had a slight twinge in my right calf, probably nothing, but making a note just in case.

I noticed a lady reading a book on the porch at the start/finish of the middle 3. She was laying on a couch in the sun, looked so relaxed, she looked over at us briefly like "Oh those guys again". I often wonder what the people living on Franklin and 8th think of our weekly race ritual. This has been going on for years, I'm sure they think we are crazy.

Garmin Watch Data with HRM for Middle 3

I noticed Garmin added a Splits Tab to the web site, with a CSV export, nice feature.
Waiting for the Google Earth Export. Keep the new features coming Garmin.

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